Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 19

Palm Springs Weekend (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 23, 1991 on NBC

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  • This episode concludes the Palm Springs two-parter having to do with Jessie protesting (not literally) her dads wedding, Zack and Kelly heating things back up, and Slater dealing with dating a real life Princess.

    The episode starts off with Zack asking Jessie if she was serious about stopping her dads wedding which she replies that she was just a little upset and frustrated at the time and didnt really mean it. Within seconds after telling Zack she was over it, she sabotages her fathers date with Leslie. She does this by planting a fake note to Leslie from her "dad" (really Jessie) saying he had to cancel their dinner that night. Meanwhile Slater gets asked out to dinner by the Princess and she tells him that her father, The King will be there. At the dinner Slater gets nervous and intimidated and starts making up lies about what his parents do. He overexaggerates about his dads position in the Army and then says his mom was a US Senator. The next day the Princess asks Slater if he wants to play tennis with her family and Slater gets her upset by stating that he doesnt think its going to work out between them because of the cultural differences they both have.

    The next poolside scene has Jessie, her father, and Leslie having a race across the pool. During the race Jessie pulls a trick move and dunks Leslies head under the water obviously to both cheat and piss her off. On the reals Jessie really got on my nerves from the first second she started disliking Leslie. I wouldve trick slapped that trick by now if i was Leslie.

    They all go to dinner that night where Slater and the Princess make up. Another interesting revelation was that both Kelly and Zack decided that they wanted to just be friends even though they both had a fantastic weekend together, to my dismay as i love those two together.

    Fast foward to the rehearsal pictures between Jessie and Leslie and to say they didnt go well would be an understatement. The little baby Jessie throws more immature insults at Leslie. Jessies father confronts her about her disgusting behavior prompting Jessie to say that she wont be attenting the wedding in yet another spectacular move by the Queen of the buzzkill. The gang finds out that Jessie is ditching the wedding and Zack takes a golf cart and vows to find her before the ceremony starts. Luckily he finds her and gives her a wake-up call about how nieve and stuck up she had been acting and that she needs to take a chill pill, relax, and give Leslie a chance. They both get to the ceremony just in time. Jessie finally apologizes for the way she had treated Leslie and all is forgiven.
  • Zach and Kelly decide not to get back together and Jessie copes with her father's marrige.

    this episode was very good too. I really liked watching it and watching in this episode Jessie go after her fathers soon to be bride.I also liked that Slater realized that it didn't matter what his backround was to the princess or how rich he was. I like as usual the happy ending to it.