Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 20, 1990 on NBC

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  • Zacks excited about the upcoming school ski-trip but when its shown that his grades are failing, Zack might not be attending the trip after all. With the help of a new Max waiter/actor he tries to pull some slick maneuvering but in the end it backfires.

    The episode starts off with everyone excited about the upcoming school ski trip but theres only one problem. They have no funding and need to find a way to get some money. Zack suggests holding a carnival which would raise enough money for them to go. Right after that meeting Zack gets called into Beldings office. Belding shows him that his grades are pathetic and its about time he meets his father. Zack knows his fathers a tight-ass and would never allow him to attend the trip so he comes up with a different idea. Theres a new waiter at The Max named James who is a part-time actor. Zack casts him to play his father so when the meeting with Belding comes up, itll be really James posing as Zacks father and not actually his real dad. It ends up working smoothly and Zack thinks hes in the clear. Unfortunately Belding hit it off with "Zacks father" so well that he invited him for another meeting. This time Zack has James pose as Belding and brings his real father in. Once again it works to perfection even though there was a close call with Belding almost catching them all in the act.

    Fast foward to the carnival where everyones having a great time and Zack couldnt be happier. In his mind the whole Belding/his father fiasco is long gone and now he can go to the ski trip and everythings normal. All of a sudden he sees his real dad enter the carnival wanting to talk to the fake James Belding about computer sales. Just as Zack is about to kick his father out, the douchebag Slater gives Zacks pops first dibs at dunking the real Belding into the dunk tank by throwing baseballs at a target. When the target gets hit, Belding goes down and starts swimming in the tank...LOL. After a few misses and playful barbs back and forth between the two, he finally hits the target and Belding gets dunked. Belding asks for the guys name and just when hes about to reveal it Zack dunks Belding again. Belding goes into heat mode saying hes gonna call Zacks father when he realizes that Zacks father is already there and that he was the guy that just dunked him. They both finally figure out that theyve been duped and man did Zack look both depressed and exhausted.

    The episode ends with Zacks father forbidding him from going onto the ski trip in which Zack gives the wackest "wanna-be pouty but turns out cornall" look. The constant cell phone calls from work Zacks pops constantly gets finally forces Zack to confront him about it and say either choose your job or family. His pops proceeds to cancel an upcoming work meeting so they can go out fishing together. They reconcile and all is good in the wonderful town of Bayside, California.