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  • THis was a childhood favorite!

    THis was a childhood favorite!

    I hope I can be able to see this show again. This is one of those shows I watched during my childhood wherein I'd really look forward to the day it shows on TV.

    One of the few characters that I remember distinctively is Screech. I don't really remember all the other guys, but I do hope they could get together again so that we may be able to see this show again. I don't know if that's even possible, but I'm still hoping!

    This was a raelly great show, and I hope someday I might be able to buy DVD's of this show so that I could watch them over and over again.
  • i love save by the bell

    i love save by the bell. its is the best tv show i have ever seen.i love all the characters. i use to love zack and A.C. Slater. i think that they were very cute and sexy.i love that zack and kelly finally get married in the end and i did want A.C. Slater and jessy to also get married but i love the girl ac slater get anyways.
  • Its one of those shows that i though that were alright.

    The show was kinda dumb to me and the theme song needed a lot of work but all in all in was an okay show. But i don't know why everyone makes a big deal about it. To me it just wasn't that great. I mean some of the stars of the show did look pretty good and added some years probably to the show. The show was about a group of people who were all friends in high school dealing with normal high school things in there time. Out of all the stars my favorite was that enpanol dude.
  • loved it

    I still remember watching this show when i was in elementary school. I can't believe they still play reruns of it. I think it's great that this show is still avalible for kids to watch. This was one of few teenage shows that didn't focus on "trying to get to bed" with a girl or boy. This was just a good humored show that focused on a group of high school friends and all the trails and tribulations that a teenager goes through in high school. Like pimples, a first date or first crush, a huge exam or trying to apply to a college. They don't make shows like this anymore.
  • Saved By the Bell was a teen show mixing in comedy with moral issues of the day.

    A guilty pleasure at best. I remember this show being popular when I was in high school, however, looking back at it ten, fourteen years later it's clear that Saved By The Bell wasn't as realistic or great like other classic teen dramas.

    The best comparison to Saved By the Bell is "Degrassi High" and "Degrassi Junior High". Saved By the Bell is best billed as a comedy, a teen comedy. The acting was average at best and the characters while likeable were at times annoying and unoriginal.

    Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski are definitely modeled after rich California teens which I have no problem with, however, relating to them is often times more funny than real. I like Zach for being a troublemaker but Kelly and Lisa Turtle reminded me very much of the popular girls in school who thought they were all that but really were nothing more than pinup models whose novelty would eventually were off.

    I'll give credit though where credit is giving the comradery between the actors and characters did seem authentic, however, the situations and endings they wrote were not. Again, it's a teen comedy and although the show could at times be serious (like the episode where Zach falls for a girl that's homeless) more often than not characters (like the stereotypical nerd or wannabee cheerleader) were the butt of jokes and not much development.

    On the bright side, Mr. Belding is a definite classic example of what more principals should be like, tough on the outside but could also be approachable and understanding.

    In the end, it is a classic show but a show that if you're looking for great acting and drama you probably won't find. However, if you're looking for a fun time to relieve your youth you'd probably watch over and over again.
  • Good...weird show. A great trendsetter

    This show was originally the teen drama of the 1980s, with many teenagers, Zack's female fans, Jessie's pep pill addiction, and little kids. I saw this show for a short time and was in love with it from the beginning, but because I wanted to be more like Screech and less of me, I had to turn it off and start watching the news. It's like my Rescuers fanaticism for a short time, but then it all died down. I can tell you, even the show is cheesy, the show is funny because of the cheesiness of the show, including Jessie being talked out of pep pills. It's great and a good trendsetter.

  • not a bad show but alittle too cheesey

    saved by the bell is a show that you hate to like but cant help watch it everytime it comes on. its clearly un realistic and abit silly at times. six good friends(three guys and three girls) who are all from diffrent groups. slater(the jock) zack(the prep) screech(the nerd) kelly(the cheerleader) jesse(the straight a student) and lisa(the fashion bug). even though its alittle far fetched its still not a bad show
  • A true classic, of a cheesy show.

    Ok, I will try for a SECOND time.
    This show could be stupid and cheesy but it was fun and silly. Zach and his friends had a lot of fun and they were cool and allowed Screech to hang out. Mr. Belding was cool. He and Zach actually liked each other. They had a lot of fun at school and the Max. Some shows taught lessons. I liked how Zach called timeout and stopped action. Slater was cool. Kelly was awesome. JEssie could be annoying at times. Lisa was cool. I liked Tori actually. I have all episodes on DVD and it was fun silly stupid cheesy and a classic.
  • Saved by the Bell is an extremely hilarious show.

    Saved by the Bell started before I was born and ended when I was one. I watched a few reruns on TBS but now its too early in the morning. I bought seasons one and two on dvd and it is one of the 90's great shows. All the characters have likable personalities and are funny in their own way. It seems like there is a lot of hints in the first season. It makes me ask Will Screech and Lisa hook up?, Will Kelly choose Zack of Slater? I can't believe I like this show so much. They put a funny edge on many teenage and school problems that still go on today.
  • zach morris (mark-paul gossalaar), a.c. slater (maior lopez), kelly kapowski (tiffani thieson), lisa turtle (lark voorhies), jessie spano (elizabeth berkly), screech powers (dustin diamond), mr. richard belding (dennis haskins), tory scott (leanna creel)

    saved by the bell is a fun to watch, classic teen comedy series. not only does it (midly) deal with important topics, but it also has had a string of memorable guest stars/co-stars (remember,leah remini, tori spelling, soleil moon frye?). the main characters are exciting and always up to something. the one minus is that saved by the bell became confusing when it aired "saved by the bell:the new class". i mean didn't they already graduate? why go back another year? i still don't really understand that.
  • dont feel like thinking of a topic but theres a survey mkay so i know its been a while since i posted last time. well, actually only about a week. but w/e. oh my lord, 7th heven was so good last nite!

    dont feel like thinking of a topic but theres a survey
    mkay so i know its been a while since i posted last time. well, actually only about a week. but w/e. oh my lord, 7th heven was so good last nite! seriously, its the best episode i`ve seen in a while. i wanted there to be a scene w/ martin & ruthie, but there wasn't. i still think they'd be ADORABLE together. today there was a b-ball game afterschool and this girl caroline this black shirt w/ blue and yellow paint on it (our school colors) but it was one of the home-made ones where you cut & tie the sides or something. and she didn't wear a black cami or anything so you could see her stomach but worst of all her bright pink bra! so at lunch me & my friend emily were laughing about it. she seriously looked like a skank. it was pretty bad. on to other things...i have started a research paper on FDR aka franklin delano roosevelt. yeah i know boring, just thought i`d throw that in there. yesterday i figured out how to use the video feature on my phone so i might start uploading to youtube here in a few weeks. it only allows 15 seconds but idk if i got a memory card if i could do longer. kyndall-do u have a memory card for ur chocolate? well, anybody really-do u know if the memory card lets u do longer vids? i was only the american eagle site yesterday, and omg! they have some really cute bikinis. i will definitely be looking there b4 i go to the beach (HOPEFULLY!) on spring break. oh and colts r going to the super bowl! yay! go peyton!

    SURVEY. got it from nickel2006.i love reading on ur blog and i`ll read it!

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    yes When was the last time you tripped and fell?
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    the TV

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    In a condo

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    Do you have a sweetheart??
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    How many kids do you want?? 1 or 2
    Are you registered to vote?
    Nope im too young

    Who was the last person who visited you in the hospital?
    I never stayed over night in a hospital

    Fave form of travel??
    idk a car

    Something purple within 5 feet of you.
    my northface jacket

    Is your hair long enough to chew on??
    yea but its usually pulled back

    Ever had Dippin Dots??
    duh who hasnt?

    Where were you on 9-11??
    in school How big is your bed??

    2 (ears)

    What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?

    Did you sleep enough last night??

    What is your dad's middle name??

    First thing you'd save in a fire??
    idk my ipod or phone

    Things that drive you crazy?
    people who act stupid

    Are you a good driver?
    im 14 so prob not

    Do you wish on stars??

    Leftie or rightie??

    Do you untie your shoes when you take them off??
    i usually wear birkenstocks

    Do you like your handwriting??

    What do you want to be when you grow up??
    lawyer to the stars

    Song that make you cry?
    whats left of me is prob the most recent
  • old and still love it!!

    this is a great show and i love it to bits, the characters work very well together and each actor or actress suite their character very well. this is a old show classic which i watch on nickelodeon. and i am sure many people like this show like me. my favourite character is kelly because she is funny and pretty and i can relate to her a lot. my sister can relate to her aswell. i also think zack morris is a funny character aswell always trying to chat up kelly or any other girls. i love this show and i know many other people do too.
  • pretty good show!

    This was a really good show growing up, this show has a lot of memories in my heart. Some of the shows of Saved By The Bell are somewhat different from what I remember, I guess I enjoyed it more as a child. I have just watched the show on TBS for the first time in a while and I found the episode where Slater's lizard died was really funny, as when they gave the lizard a funeral it looked like the guys were trying to hold in there laughs. It was suppose to be a sad scene but you could really tell that they were about to bust out in laughs. The guys are teenagers, what kind of guy cries over a lizzard when it dies and gives it a funeral. The first time I watched this I was actually sad too for the poor lizzard but then again it looks too like they were making fun of it.
  • Great show that is truly timeless.

    Saved by the Bell is truly a timeless show that many middle and high school students continue to enjoy today. I remember watching this show every Saturday for new episodes and then throughout the rest of my school career in reruns. Now I watch it in the morning when I am getting ready for work and still get a little kick out of the show. True, looking back, some things about the show now seem cheezy, but like anything later reviewed, that is what was cool then. Although this show could not (according to the E!'s THS) touch on a lot of serious issues, it did manage to incorporate some issues that a typical high school student may experience, such as pressure to drink or do drugs, as well as relationship qualms. It did what it could with what it had, which I can appreciate.

    I am glad that television stations continue to run this show. It is much better than many shows directed towards teens, and much more appropriate.
  • In my opinion, I think that the most prettiest girl on the show is Kelly. The most two handsome guys are Zack and A.C. Screech is the most craziest ones on the show. My favorite couple on the show is Zack and Kelly, they make a cute couple.

    Saved By The Bell is one of my favorite shows and it's funny. I watched this show over and over. All the episodes are great, I couldn't say what's my favorite episode. In most episodes they all do something wrong to each other. The thing about this show is that it teached the kids in school to stay out of trouble.
  • a good show

    I'm sure everyone noticed that every club, sport, event, or remote happening at Bayside involved Zack, Slater, Kelly, Jessie, Screech, or Lisa. Kelly was head cheerleader and captain of the volleyball team, slater was captain of the football team and the wrestling team, alos state champ in wrestling and starting QB in football. Zack was the most poular guy in school, and passed through high school while appearing to always fail his classes. Screech was the smartest guy in the school, and evn though he was the schools biggest nerd he was best friends with the most poular kid in school. Jessie was class president. Lisa was a fashion queen and the school gossip. They did basketball, swimming, yearbook, every single dance committee, track, spearheaded the campaign against the oil companies, scammed the student body on numerous occasions, and they got away with everything. if zack really got all those detentions he would be suspended and expelled. this show is so unbelievable, but yet so enjoyable.
  • Fave show growing up!

    I love Saved By The Bell! Growing up, I looked forward to watching this show after school and on Saturday mornings. The crazy antics of Zack, Slater, Screech, Lisa, Kelly, and Jessie was what kept me watching this great show. I remember just about every single episode and its story. Come On! Who could simply forget Hot Sundae, Zack Attack, Screech's never ending attempt to try to woo Lisa, Screech dressing up as women, the gang's many daydreams, and Belding and his "Hey, hey, hey what is going on here?" saying? This show was top-notch in its time. I'm glad it still airs on TBS in the morning.
  • This TV series takes you into a High School filled-adventures, and lessons to be learned with the Bayside Gang, Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, Torrie, and Mr. Belding.

    I think this was a great high school TV show. I\'ve always thought it was great. I didn\'t like it when they show the new series, Saved By The Bell: College Years, or Saved By The Bell: The New Class. Saved By The Bell had a great cast, with a idea planner (Zachary \'Zack\' Morris), a muscle bound student (A.C. Slater), a smart student, plan ruiner (Samuel \'Screech\' Powers), a **** girlfriend (Kelly Kapowski), a conceited chick, and smart student (Jessica \'Jessie\' Murtle Spano), a token rich black girl (Lisa Turtle),a motorcyclist biker chick (Torrie Scott, appears on 5th season with Zack, Slater, Screech, and Lisa), and a child-like Principal (Mr. Principle Richard Belding). This is just like a Beverly Hills 90210 TV show spin-off.
  • I'm so sorry this show is over because it was so great!

    I'm so sorry this show is over because it was so great! This show was so original, the whole story was great and characters were great too.

    Well, this show aired long ago, so I actually really don't remember name of other characters, like their principal or similar. But still, I remember them by their characteristics and each of them was funny in some way.

    As I can remember, every episode of this was really funny and really original. I also think I watched a movie that was about what happened to them after school... Yes, I did.

    Anyway, this show was great!
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  • My gawd i loved this show as a kid!

    Right now im fourteen, and i watched this show when i was like 5 or 6.

    Man, i would always laugh at this show.

    sure i was young, but it was still good, and i somehow understood it.

    While everyone was watching blues clues or franklin the turtle, i was watching saved by the bell and full house.

    Oh yea, i was a cool little kid back then..

  • Zack, Slater, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa and Screech and their days in high school.

    This show is most deffinatly a classic. The characters are great, the acting is well just perfect for the show, and the topics are beautiful. There is no other show like the original "Saved By The Bell." It had it all--comedy, conflict, romance, and drama. This show was another great one. I can't count how many times ive seen every episode of this show. Everyday when I get up I watch this show in the mornings. It has never gotten old. It never will. Another thumbs up for me! Each episode had a new topic or situation for the gang or mainly Zack to deal with in one way or another.
  • This is a great show for all ages!

    This is one of my favorite shows and i can never forget how the series end. Screech is my favorite character because of how he sometimes try to get Lisa Turtle to like him. Zack is a trouble maker and he's my 2nd favorite character. He likes kelly and they end up marrying. All in all this is a really good show.
  • Ive seen every episode of this show. n i reli reli lke it. its funi..n its entertaining..n wel it doesnt get boring at al. i luv it!

    This show is pretty awsum, i luv it. i watch the re-runs when theyre on, n i enjoy watching it. dont knoe how anyone couldnt lke it, but hey..peeple have diffrent opinions. n mi opinion is this..this show is great, n i luv watching it. if you havent seen this show..seriously watch the wont regret it, trust mee!
  • definitely a classic!

    This show came out a year before i was born, so i didn't get to watch it when it originally aired. but i did start watching the re-runs when i was about 5 years old. and i still watch it today, every morning on tbs. i have seen every episode, like 20 times. but it never gets old. i loved zack and kelly together, and i also liked it when zack would get into a lot of trouble with mr. belding. i liked all the characters, but my favorites were kelly and zack. i also liked screech because he was hilarious. and i heard that they were going to have a 25 year reunion, so i can't wait.
  • I really like this show.

    This show is very funny. My favorite character is Zack. He always has a plan. And he always has a plan to fix the damage he\'s done from his other plan. He would do anything to get Kelly Kapowski to like him. Eventually, they got married. I liked that movie.
  • A great group of students and their whacky principal!

    I used to love this show on TNBC I swear it was one of the best teen shows ever that defined it's age group very well. It's great with terrific characters and always well-written so while it gave us a laugh it would also teach us morals and values. It was great watching how Zack, a smart alec, would always try to get past the principal and pull pranks meanwhile trying to hook up with kelly. It was nice watching Slater have to deal with his insecurities and always worry about his future. Jessie, the brains was definitely one who could make us laugh whenever she started panicking!
  • One of my favorite shows!

    Its a really great show! It is great show for teens it go through real problems that teens go through like drugs and relationships its funny and alot of kids love it I watch it in the morning when I get up and its funny and I love it! Love it love it love it love it love it! Its great for teens! And the cast is so funny Kelly the girl everyone wants to go out with Lisa the Princess of the girls Zach the guy that girls wanna date and I dont no what else to say so bye!
  • I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so ... scared!

    A true classic. Who knows where some of us would be in life without Saved by the Bell?! This show holds some of the most memorable moments in TV history. Who could forget the unlikely coupling of Jesse and Slater, or Screech's undying love for Lisa, or the perfect match of Kelly and Zach, a relationship which caused every young girl heartache during its roller coaster ride. I mean, how cool was Zach with his gigantor cell phone and his crazy antics?! And of coarse, poor Mr. Belding, who was nothing like any high school principal I knew, but thats what made him so great. All I know is, Saved by the Bell is a classic that will be seen by many generations though reruns. Zach and Kelly 4-eva!
  • Cool show about teens in high school doing all sorts of schemes and going through some real life situations

    A cool and funny show called save by the bell is about typical high school teens going through highschool years as best friends.And finding problems along the way but always find a solution to the problem.It is a humorous show with a lot of style in a classic sense.Screech the nerdy guy who always adds a little fun to the show sometime creates the problem.Zach the cool kid of the show always figures out ways to have fun but alot of times gets in alot of trouble.
    The rest of the characters are nicely rounded and tend not to get in as much trouble as Zach or screech.
    Overall I enjoyed watching this show and always will remember it.
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