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  • Saved By the Bell was one of the Best teen shows ever!

    I picked up watching Saved By the Bell This Year. Way After it ended. I have a trend of Picking up Cancelled shows. Well I loved it and Have been hooked to it and I watch it Ever morning & 12:00PM. My Favorite thing about the show is when Zach is Talking to the Camera. I just think that's cool. Screech would have to be my Fav. Character on the Show. Dustin Diamond was going to be Steve on Family Matters, but Jaleel White got the role instead. Imagine what the show would have been like with Diamond. Wish they Would do a Reunion for this Show!

  • Unrealistic, and contrived humour...

    But that was part of its charm, I suppose. It was basically a cartoon that just happened to be live-action. I'll admit I watch it regularly, but I find it boring. I have trouble taking it seriously because it's a live-action series. The humour and situations the characters get into lend themselves much more to a cartoon than to a live-action television show. Despite the fact that it's dated, it still has a loyal following.
  • Another High School show.

    This is an O.K. show but you know what I'm sick of these high school shows I mean give it a break hakf the time they over exagerate in the show. I mean the acting is great but still Im get really sick if I watch this show more then once a week.
  • This show is one of favorites because its funny.

    It’s about the typical life of teenagers. I like Zack because he is always doing stuff that he thinks he can get away with but then gets into trouble. Slater is OK because he just helps Zack but he isn’t that much of a trouble maker as Zack. I like Kelly because she is the pretty, popular cheerleader and she’s nice. Jessie is alright because she is all about the environment. I like screech because he is the weird one so he makes it funny. Screech is in love with Lisa so it’s funny when she is turning him down. It’s funny the way Jessie and Slater are always fighting.
  • You have to admit that this show was great, especially when we were kids. Growing up with the concept that high school is going to be fun, that you can get away with anything. But alas high school was nothing like that.

    Heck, I wanted a girlfriend that looked like Kelly Kapowski and have friends like A.C. Slater, Screech, Lisa, Jessie, and have a principal like Mr. Belding. Pretty much the whole high school experience was lousy. It’s funny to see these people play high school students when they looked old enough to be in college. But Saved by the Bell will always be one of the shows that holds dear to our childhood days and I still wish that Kelly was my girlfriend and that I could’ve gotten away with detentions and had an awesome SAT score.
  • This is about 6 friends, Zach, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Lisa and Jessie. They go to Bayside High School, where most of the episodes revolve around them trying to fool Mr Belding the school principle.

    This was a really good show even though the fashion is a bit dodgy if you watch it now. The main star is Zach Morris. He spends most of the time winding up Mr Belding and chasing girls. His best friend is Samual Screech Powers who is smart and the geeky one. He is always chasing Lisa Turtle, who is a spoilt daddys girl. Her best friends are Kelly Kilpowski, a pretty cheerleader and Jessie Spano, a smart feminist. She goes out with Ac Slater, who a jock and a wrestler and spends some episodes chasing Jessie and some time commpeteting with Zach for Kelly.
  • Can't get much better than this

    This is just one of those shows that will always be popular to the people who watched it as a kid. I still watch it today. Saved by the Bell is just a classic teen show in the 90's. I don't even know why I love the show so much. It's just great fun. I mean how can you not love Screech?
  • About a group of friends going through high school!!

    Saved by the bell is one of the most amazing tv shows made!!! its old but everyone loves it!! it's funny, serious and sad everyone can relate to it!! the actors are great my fav's are kelly and zak they make a great couple so do slater and jessie pity screech and lisa never got together lol!!! they have such a great bond and really make the show!! i hate that you never see it much anymore only late at night! then the college years came out and it was good to i loved them all. New class wasnt the best as it wasnt the same without jessie,zak,kelly,slater,screecha nd lisa!!!
  • What the **** happened?

    This show was doing great when it first started airing, but now it does not seem as funny as it used to be. The old episodes were the best. But the new ones totally blow. I still watch it sometimes, but not as much as i used to. I just hope it does not go downhill too fast.
  • Lives of 6 young adults, their principle, and their comings and goings :)

    This really is a guilty pleasure of mine. I watch in the mornings if i have nothing else to do, and i can prbably answer any trivia question asked. I think Saved By the Bell stands out because of its acting. Zack, Slater, and Kelly are particularly good, but the others are great too. I prefer the ones not in college or middle school, with the main cast (not nikki or mikey) and not at a beach or hollywood. Some episodes have moral values, which is good because usually those are very suddle, unlike other shows. Saved by the Bell really was what it was because of the acting.
  • One of my all-time favs.

    Okay, a lot of people don't like to admit they watch this show, and I can honestly see why. It is kind of cheesy at times, especially for some high school kids, but if you look beyond that you'll find a really funny, good-natured teenage show. The acting and the storylines are fantastic, and I like how the gang all have different personalities, but can still come together and get along when necessary. This show was very successful in its original run, and it's still successful in syndication today despite being of the air for thirteen years, which proves that some of us enjoyed it. I know I thoroughly enjoyed this show.
  • It may not have aged well, but Saved By The Bell is still something I wake up to every morning.

    Saved By The Bell is a good show. The acting is cheezy, the jokes are horrible, and the love triangles, the inconsistantcies, the cast changes and numerous guest appearences make the show slightly boggling to understand, but being the 80s show that it is, it stands up in present day with unintentionally hilarious acting, knee-slappingly funny stereotypes, and the girls aren\'t too bad looking either. They don\'t really deal with situations realistically, as everything generally goes back to status-quo in the end, but it\'s still a great time waster when you are waiting to leave in the mornings on TBS.
  • I Think Saved by the bell is a good show to show peolpe the ways of Life

    good Show
    Ever time i Watch this Show I Think About when i was in High School It Makes me Fell Good it should make you feel Good But it shows You who you are but it can get Cool when they Beat Valley in Sports
    My Faviort Shows in this Show is
    The Fourth of July
    The Last Weekend
    There is others that i like
  • Zack Morris was the girls in the 80s main crush worthy dude.

    Those who were born in the 80s and watched Saved by the Bell would know that almost every girl who watched the show was in love with Zack Morris. If you weren't - something was wrong with you.

    This show is a classic, and still after so many years, still enjoyable to watch. Yes it may be corny, but we got our morals straight and clear by the end of each episode.

    Their spin-offs were less than desirable, but the original show was the greatest thing to watch and parents had no objectives to it since it was good clean fun to watch.
  • well, actually, not before my time... during it, but I only caught it on reruns.

    Totally love this show, it was 'love at first sight' when I started watching it. I love all of the characters, especially the Zack & Kelly romance. So much about the show was awesome, it felt like it was an 80's show, but it was really filmed in the 90's. It has that 80's kind of coolness about it.
  • This show is about a group of kids that go to a school called Bayside.

    This show is really good. There are many good things about it including screech, zach and slater and kelly. One of the best things about this show is Dusting Diamond who plays screech who is so unbelievably funny. He has such funny parts and makes you laugh at anything he does. Another good thing to this show is Mark Paul Gossellaar who plays Zack Morris. I think he is really cute and good at being sneaky and getting his way. I also like Mario Lopez who plays Slater. I think he is really cute and hot. He is also is really good at portraying a wrestler at the highschool. Overall this show is really good.
  • Complete and utter Classic. No doubt about it.

    This show was my favorite growing up and I know it was many of my friends favorites as well. No matter what generation you\'re from, I feel everyone should watch Saved By the Bell. Its cheesy, its goofy, and you learn a good lesson after every episode- aka- dont cheat on tests, dont take caffene pills, dont drink and drive, dont hook up with your best friend while doing a school play, always have Tori Spelling as your dorky girlfriend- stuff like that.
  • This ia an alltime classic

    This is one of the most underrated show ever. They have not gotten the respect they deserve. This is one of the alltime greatest classics. People rate this show like they rate Rodney Dangerfield. They both get no respect no matter how awesome this show is lots of critics disrespect it. Screech should get an award for the greatest charactor on t.v. ever. He would beat everyone hands down. Zack\'s got the greatest plans ever like when he join up for the military corps class and he picked an awesome team and a crappy team even though the drill guy made Zack go on the crappy team.
  • Cheesy and fun a great show to grow up watching.

    Saved By The Bell made getting up on Saturday mornings a good thing.

    The show follows Zack and all is friends through all their dilemmas and schemes at Bay Side High.

    Zack was know as the smooth talking preppy who with Principal Belding almost every episode.

    A great group of characters played by a good cast, you are bound to find someone to relate to.

    I am glad I had this show to watch growing up.

    I remember I had lots of fun watching this show. They used to have all these special movies they made, I watched them all and the college years, they weren't as good as the high school episodes but still funny.
    The show still comes on nick but somehow watching it isn't the same but it's definately a classic and there's nothing quite like it (better or worse but not the same)!
  • It looks so cheesy now, but defintely a classic!

    This show is definitely a classic. It had a wonderful mix of characters and personalities. Everything from the jock to the nerd. The stories where defintely cheesy at times but it also had great story lines that teens could identify with. The earlier episodes were the best but the series is definitely worth watching.
  • This Show was Awsome and had so many different stories. THe gang was made of all sorts of character the jock A.C slater, the geek screech, Pretty boy Zack, Genious jessie, Rich princess lisa and the cheerleader / babe .

    This was a Classic show which i use to watch everyday afterschool. The stories where great and the plans were awsome. The battles between Zack and slater were memoriable. And who could forget MR Belding, just hearing his laugh would make you laugh. Though there were many great episodes there were also some crappy ones. Zack was the coolest one out of all of them and just watching his stunt or how he gets out of trouble or how he wins a bet was so fun to watch. HE also got all the ladies he did kiss all the three main girls, kelly lisa and jessie, you cant get more pimp than him.
  • Battle of BaySide and Beverly Hills

    Who came out on top? Thats only in the mind of the viewer. Beverly Hills 90210 and Saved By The Bell duked it out to be on top. When 90210 was on at Wednesday (FOX) at 8:00pm) Saved by The Bell was on at 10:00am Satudays (NBC). Both ended the same way. Sad. But hey, at least Mark Paul ended up on NYPD Blue.
  • But I love it and I DO!

    Seriously, Noone, I mean Noone knows I watch this, except everyone who's reading my review! But, this show is a show that I could watch everyday! It's a fantastic show, really. I absolutely LOVEe it!! It is extremely cheesy and not all that funny. But I give it an 8/10 because it's interesting.

    SBTB was my childhood love, and it still is to this day.

    I loved this's about a group of high school friends who deal with school life, friendships, love and family.

    I don't own any of the dvd's as yet......but it is definately on my to buy list.

    Overall, brilliant show.
  • Helped alot

    This show was one of the best shows ever. I watched it when I was young and it really help with the setting of how both me and my cousin had our lives. My cousin always took after Zack and me Jessie. It was just one of those shows that helps shape your life.
  • Young Viewing!!

    This show was the best thing to watch back when it was on TV.
    I have seen every episode at least 10 times.Perfect teenage viewing and very funny.I think it is still great that they show it on Trouble on sky TV. Can still watch it over and over again.
    Excellent show!!
  • Saved by the Bell was a very popular Saturday morning tv show on NBC in the late 80's and early 90's. It depicts life in high school portrayed by 6 high school friends.

    Saved by the Bell is a decent show only because I watched it as a adolescent, so pretty much any show was cool although at times, it actually had a point behind its maddness. There are six friends, who are Zack Morris, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, A.C. Slater, and Lisa Turtle. The promise of the show was fun adventures with comedic moments where they would try to pull some act on the princpal, Mr Belding. At times, it is a good show, but other times it was just decent and mediocre. Also, at the time the show was awesome, but now, watching the show now as reruns, it was most of the time corny.
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  • Too young to understand this show

    I used to love watching television when i was younger and I would also watch this show. I was often very fascinated by the life of teens in the 90's but i often couldnt understand it because I was very little at the time. i wish I could go back in time now and watch it so i could better understand this show.
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