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  • I really liked this show as a kid, but if I ever see it on TV now I have to cringe and wonder what I ever saw in this show.

    As a future teacher and a current sub, I gave Welcome Back Kotter high marks based on my bias. This show will actually get a lower rating from me based on how annoying most of the characters were. Plus, the principal only took interest in this select group of students. Belding had to be the worst principal in TV history. He wasn't funny, he added little to the show, and he stayed in the role for like 5 more years with the next two classes of Saved by the Bell. Dennis Haskins apparently has no shame nor any career.

    I can't bag on the show too much, as it was pretty cool in its day and I have probably seen every episode multiple times due to the fact that it used to be on syndication on different channels 24 hours a day.

    However, the plotlines were often extremely ludicrous. While shows shouldn't be held to a standard of having to be realistic, they should at least keep it within this world. The show about oil discovery at Bayside and the drive to refuse the millions upon millions of dollars was laughable. Number one, they are in California and won't be dsicovering oil anytime soon. Number two, the town and adminstration are NOT going to refuse tons of money because of a few snot nosed kids.

    I digress however. It had its time in the sun....and it just really hasn't aged very well.
  • Saved by the Bell usually followed the crazy antics of Zack Morris and his plots get rich quick or score big with Kelly. Awesome Show!

    I think SBTB was one of the best show out there even today which they still give but i have to wake up at six in the freakin\' morning to see. It would be nice if they move the time slot to the afternoon like replacing it w/Every Loves Raymond or something!
  • The show we all watched,whether we addmitted it or not,SBTB followed the daily hijinks of highschooler,Zack Morris,who was every girl's first television crush!Along for the ride were Lisa Turtle,Jessie Spano,Jessie,Kelly & the class geek,Screech Powers.It

    This was the show I'd rush home from school to watch re-runs of everyday.Alwayz had to see what Zack Morris was going to be upto today.I was addicted.I even read the paperback books that were issued later on.I was a big Zack-and-Kelly fan,and alwayz wished that Lisa & Screech would finally end up together.
  • Saved by the bell was good back in the day.

    Saved by the bell is fine for kids through the age of 10 to 15. It teaches kids good example and what they should do if they got in some kind of trouble. I remember I watched it everyday on tv when they started airing the reruns. I loved it. I think I can still remeber their lines. They should make more series like that for the young ones.
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