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  • Particularly one of the most unforgettable shows in the entire planet.

    I can honestly say, I have been in-love with this show since it was on reruns. It's funny, dramatic (at times), sweet and original. My favorite characters would definitely be: Zack, Kelly, Screech, Slater, Mr. Belding and Tori. When I first saw it, it felt like a different version of Full House, especially the characters in general. In the show, my all-time favorite couples are: Zelly, Jater (or Sessie) and Siolet. Anyways, I will NEVER stop watching Saved by the Bell because it is honestly one of my top favorite shows.
  • One of my Top (School) Shows

    Most to all ep (07-09)
  • A show that'll never be forgotten (hopefully).

    Ending in 1993, Saved by the Bell was a story of a laid-back high schooler, Zack Morris, and his five friends, Jessie Spano, the smart and radical girl, A.C. Slater, the Jock, Samuel "Screech" Powers, the weird nerd, Kelly Kapowski, the dream girl, and Lisa Turtle, the extravagant and fashionable one. They lived in southern California and went to Bayside, one of many public co-ed schools in the area. Outside of Bayside, they often hung out at the Max, the local restaurant once owned by their good friend Max, who eventually leaves the show. At school, the gang is often hounded by their principal Richard Belding, a mid-aged man who still believes he's "in". However, the gang befriends him over the years and love to mess with him. This show covers many of the conflicts within a teenager's life, such as relationships, friendships, jealousy, and the life ahead of them. However, their friendship carries them through.

    This show's lack of flashy scenery, the realistic lifestyle, and the sometimes unrealistic experiences kept the audience intrigued for this show's 4 year run, and its popularity is still prevalent today.
  • Good clean teen comedy!!

    This show revolves around 6 teenagers in their schools facing normal problems and solutions to get threw them. Each teen has their own personality: The jock, the geek, the cool guy and girl, the acheiver, and the fashion nista. And the goofy principal, Mr. Belding, threw in some real comedy.

    The comedy on this show was good and clean, no sexual comedy ecspeacally. The problems they faced such as Drugs, alchohol, drunk driving, studying for tests and much more. It has entertained many generations.

    I would definetly recremend it for a family show. I give it a good 10 outta 10!!
  • save by the bell is the greatest show to broadcast on saturday mornings, i love the whole cast,

    zack, kelly, slater, jessie, lisa, screech, mr belding, max, and every character that was on this show was very entertaing to watch.
    save byyyyyyyyyyyyy the bell for ever.
    this show needs to be in the all time greats, for greatest shows.
    save by the bell is the greatest show to broadcast on saturday mornings, i love the whole cast
    zack, slater kelly, jessie, lisa, screech, mr belding, max, i love the wedding years, i love the college years, i love the hawaian shows when the went to the beach, i love the shows when jessie dad got married, and the show is hott. zak
  • great show

    Saved By the Bell is a great show!!! I love it! Thank God that the brought it back ad they play it!!! Thank God! This show focuses in on Zack Morris maily. THere are his friends A.C. Slater, Kelly Kapowski, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Lisa Turtle, ad Jesse Spano. They are in hich school and they go through tought times ad good times together, whether it deals with school or other stuff. They are always there for each other, even though there are fights that go o between them at different times. Saved By The Bell is a great TV show and the N Made a good descision to bring it back.
  • Zack Morris is a blond Tom Cruise.

    However cheesy and dated this show may seem now, back in its prime, everyone watched it. You couldn't help but watch it. Two gorgeous guys, an annoying nerd who was best friends with one of the gorgeous guys, and three beautiful girls who dated the gorgeous guys.

    Set in Califoria, it was cool and glamorous, and like a younger/funnier version of Beverly Hills 90210. (Some SBTB cast members did actually go over to 90210 when they got a bit older.)

    Mark-Paul Gosselaar was the blond, younger version of 90210's Jason Priestley. Both teen idols, both with a major fanbases of screaming girls with their first crushes (yes, I admit it, I was one of them.) As Zack he spoke to the camera, froze time to plan his next scheme, and, yeah, of course, always got the girls (86, to be exact).

    This is one of those rare shows that reunited all the original cast members in the final 1994 episode for the wedding of the ultimate couple of the show, Zack and Kelly. For that, it gets a perfect 10 from me, because I was crazy about this couple and really wanted them to get their happy ending, which they did.

    The original SBTB is the best. The best thing about the College Years is the Zack/Kelly reunion. I'd advise TRUE fans of SBTB to stay away from The New Class, which lasted so many seasons, and I really don't know why. The new cast just wasn't as good and they repeated all the same storylines from the original version. SBTB just doesn't work without Zack Morris and his friends.
  • i love save by the bell

    i love save by the bell. its is the best tv show i have ever seen.i love all the characters. i use to love zack and A.C. Slater. i think that they were very cute and sexy.i love that zack and kelly finally get married in the end and i did want A.C. Slater and jessy to also get married but i love the girl ac slater get anyways.
  • Good...weird show. A great trendsetter

    This show was originally the teen drama of the 1980s, with many teenagers, Zack's female fans, Jessie's pep pill addiction, and little kids. I saw this show for a short time and was in love with it from the beginning, but because I wanted to be more like Screech and less of me, I had to turn it off and start watching the news. It's like my Rescuers fanaticism for a short time, but then it all died down. I can tell you, even the show is cheesy, the show is funny because of the cheesiness of the show, including Jessie being talked out of pep pills. It's great and a good trendsetter.

  • In my opinion, I think that the most prettiest girl on the show is Kelly. The most two handsome guys are Zack and A.C. Screech is the most craziest ones on the show. My favorite couple on the show is Zack and Kelly, they make a cute couple.

    Saved By The Bell is one of my favorite shows and it's funny. I watched this show over and over. All the episodes are great, I couldn't say what's my favorite episode. In most episodes they all do something wrong to each other. The thing about this show is that it teached the kids in school to stay out of trouble.
  • This TV series takes you into a High School filled-adventures, and lessons to be learned with the Bayside Gang, Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, Torrie, and Mr. Belding.

    I think this was a great high school TV show. I\'ve always thought it was great. I didn\'t like it when they show the new series, Saved By The Bell: College Years, or Saved By The Bell: The New Class. Saved By The Bell had a great cast, with a idea planner (Zachary \'Zack\' Morris), a muscle bound student (A.C. Slater), a smart student, plan ruiner (Samuel \'Screech\' Powers), a **** girlfriend (Kelly Kapowski), a conceited chick, and smart student (Jessica \'Jessie\' Murtle Spano), a token rich black girl (Lisa Turtle),a motorcyclist biker chick (Torrie Scott, appears on 5th season with Zack, Slater, Screech, and Lisa), and a child-like Principal (Mr. Principle Richard Belding). This is just like a Beverly Hills 90210 TV show spin-off.
  • definitely a classic!

    This show came out a year before i was born, so i didn't get to watch it when it originally aired. but i did start watching the re-runs when i was about 5 years old. and i still watch it today, every morning on tbs. i have seen every episode, like 20 times. but it never gets old. i loved zack and kelly together, and i also liked it when zack would get into a lot of trouble with mr. belding. i liked all the characters, but my favorites were kelly and zack. i also liked screech because he was hilarious. and i heard that they were going to have a 25 year reunion, so i can't wait.
  • A great group of students and their whacky principal!

    I used to love this show on TNBC I swear it was one of the best teen shows ever that defined it's age group very well. It's great with terrific characters and always well-written so while it gave us a laugh it would also teach us morals and values. It was great watching how Zack, a smart alec, would always try to get past the principal and pull pranks meanwhile trying to hook up with kelly. It was nice watching Slater have to deal with his insecurities and always worry about his future. Jessie, the brains was definitely one who could make us laugh whenever she started panicking!
  • One of my favorite shows!

    Its a really great show! It is great show for teens it go through real problems that teens go through like drugs and relationships its funny and alot of kids love it I watch it in the morning when I get up and its funny and I love it! Love it love it love it love it love it! Its great for teens! And the cast is so funny Kelly the girl everyone wants to go out with Lisa the Princess of the girls Zach the guy that girls wanna date and I dont no what else to say so bye!
  • Saved By the Bell was one of the Best teen shows ever!

    I picked up watching Saved By the Bell This Year. Way After it ended. I have a trend of Picking up Cancelled shows. Well I loved it and Have been hooked to it and I watch it Ever morning & 12:00PM. My Favorite thing about the show is when Zach is Talking to the Camera. I just think that's cool. Screech would have to be my Fav. Character on the Show. Dustin Diamond was going to be Steve on Family Matters, but Jaleel White got the role instead. Imagine what the show would have been like with Diamond. Wish they Would do a Reunion for this Show!

  • This show is one of favorites because its funny.

    It’s about the typical life of teenagers. I like Zack because he is always doing stuff that he thinks he can get away with but then gets into trouble. Slater is OK because he just helps Zack but he isn’t that much of a trouble maker as Zack. I like Kelly because she is the pretty, popular cheerleader and she’s nice. Jessie is alright because she is all about the environment. I like screech because he is the weird one so he makes it funny. Screech is in love with Lisa so it’s funny when she is turning him down. It’s funny the way Jessie and Slater are always fighting.
  • Zack Morris was the girls in the 80s main crush worthy dude.

    Those who were born in the 80s and watched Saved by the Bell would know that almost every girl who watched the show was in love with Zack Morris. If you weren't - something was wrong with you.

    This show is a classic, and still after so many years, still enjoyable to watch. Yes it may be corny, but we got our morals straight and clear by the end of each episode.

    Their spin-offs were less than desirable, but the original show was the greatest thing to watch and parents had no objectives to it since it was good clean fun to watch.
  • well, actually, not before my time... during it, but I only caught it on reruns.

    Totally love this show, it was 'love at first sight' when I started watching it. I love all of the characters, especially the Zack & Kelly romance. So much about the show was awesome, it felt like it was an 80's show, but it was really filmed in the 90's. It has that 80's kind of coolness about it.
  • This ia an alltime classic

    This is one of the most underrated show ever. They have not gotten the respect they deserve. This is one of the alltime greatest classics. People rate this show like they rate Rodney Dangerfield. They both get no respect no matter how awesome this show is lots of critics disrespect it. Screech should get an award for the greatest charactor on t.v. ever. He would beat everyone hands down. Zack\'s got the greatest plans ever like when he join up for the military corps class and he picked an awesome team and a crappy team even though the drill guy made Zack go on the crappy team.
  • Battle of BaySide and Beverly Hills

    Who came out on top? Thats only in the mind of the viewer. Beverly Hills 90210 and Saved By The Bell duked it out to be on top. When 90210 was on at Wednesday (FOX) at 8:00pm) Saved by The Bell was on at 10:00am Satudays (NBC). Both ended the same way. Sad. But hey, at least Mark Paul ended up on NYPD Blue.
  • Young Viewing!!

    This show was the best thing to watch back when it was on TV.
    I have seen every episode at least 10 times.Perfect teenage viewing and very funny.I think it is still great that they show it on Trouble on sky TV. Can still watch it over and over again.
    Excellent show!!
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  • So funny

    It was funny, sometimes serious, and interesting. Zack is my favorite, and I knew that him and Kelly were going to end up together. If you don't know what I'm talking about then watch Saved by the Bell:In College. Slater and Jessie were good together. Screech and Lisa were just good friends. I think that they should have just keep the show running.
  • Flat-out uncomparable to any other show of its generation.

    What can I say about this show? It has set a standard that all other shows about high-school must live up to. Any type of character you can think of has already been dealt with on this show. The hot cheerleader; the nerd that everyone loves; the jock; you name it and they have done it Everything that ever comes out will be compared to this show wether they like it or not.
  • One of my favorite shows of all time.

    Ah, the joys of being a child in the 90s meant waking up on Saturday mornings and tuning to NBC at 10am for one of the best shows of our generation.

    "When I wake up in the morning..." goes the theme song "it's all right, because I'm Saved By the Bell!"

    I must have heard that song at least 1000 times in my life. I've seen every episode at least 7 times and this show has provided many a quiz showdown between my brothers and I.

    Zack was my idol growing up. Kelly was my dream girl. That's all there is to say. Watch it once and you'll be hooked.
  • Saved by the Bell is the ultimate show for teenagers! Its hilarious and i bet everyone would want to be in high school after watching this great show. I wish there were more shows like this on air now!!

    Saved by the Bell is the ultimate show for teenagers! Its hilarious and i bet everyone would want to be in high school after watching this great show. I wish there were more shows like this on air now!! I love all the characters, Jessie Kelly Lisa Screech Slater and Zack are all awesome in thier own way. I like Belding too!! So funny! This show really representes good 90's television and we all should buy the DVD and watch it because its hilarious. Although I do wish thre were new episode I still wonder whether it would be a good idea for our day. Something similar?
  • the best tv show i thought back in 1989 it air and i use to watch it every day after i cam home from school.. i give the rating a 10

    what you got to say? it still airs on tbs every morning , reruns. but ill still watch the show. i loved that show and bought the season 1 and 2 ill will buy the other seasons soon.. this show was awesome, always wanted to be like zack when i was little and had a crush on kelly too. the whole acting was awesome wish they all come back to a reunion.
  • a show where 6 kids named zach, slater, kelly, screch, lisa, and jesse need help in all of there episodes

    a great show where 6 kids need some help in there days at school so they dont get detention fail a class etc. the kids are in school all the time with a problem and they dont want the problem to keep going they want to solve there problems in diffrent occasions
  • This was a great tv show and I will always remember it.

    This was a very fun to watch tv show, I used to watch this show before going to school early in the mourning at 7. I loved the first 5 seasons but hated the college years and didn't bother watching the new class. Good Mourning Miss Bliss wasn't that bad though. Great show two thumbs up.
  • A series about a group of high school kids and their principal and the adventures they have.

    A favorite show of mine, SBTB is a classic. One of the first live-action shows on Saturday mornings that were "educational". It showcased Zack and his friends, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa and later Tori as well as their school principal, Mr. Belding. Each episode had the gang in wacky adventures and sometimes, you learned something from them. This show really takes me back.
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