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  • Saved by the bell was good back in the day.

    Saved by the bell is fine for kids through the age of 10 to 15. It teaches kids good example and what they should do if they got in some kind of trouble. I remember I watched it everyday on tv when they started airing the reruns. I loved it. I think I can still remeber their lines. They should make more series like that for the young ones.
  • The show we all watched,whether we addmitted it or not,SBTB followed the daily hijinks of highschooler,Zack Morris,who was every girl's first television crush!Along for the ride were Lisa Turtle,Jessie Spano,Jessie,Kelly & the class geek,Screech Powers.It

    This was the show I'd rush home from school to watch re-runs of everyday.Alwayz had to see what Zack Morris was going to be upto today.I was addicted.I even read the paperback books that were issued later on.I was a big Zack-and-Kelly fan,and alwayz wished that Lisa & Screech would finally end up together.
  • Saved by the Bell usually followed the crazy antics of Zack Morris and his plots get rich quick or score big with Kelly. Awesome Show!

    I think SBTB was one of the best show out there even today which they still give but i have to wake up at six in the freakin\' morning to see. It would be nice if they move the time slot to the afternoon like replacing it w/Every Loves Raymond or something!
  • I really liked this show as a kid, but if I ever see it on TV now I have to cringe and wonder what I ever saw in this show.

    As a future teacher and a current sub, I gave Welcome Back Kotter high marks based on my bias. This show will actually get a lower rating from me based on how annoying most of the characters were. Plus, the principal only took interest in this select group of students. Belding had to be the worst principal in TV history. He wasn't funny, he added little to the show, and he stayed in the role for like 5 more years with the next two classes of Saved by the Bell. Dennis Haskins apparently has no shame nor any career.

    I can't bag on the show too much, as it was pretty cool in its day and I have probably seen every episode multiple times due to the fact that it used to be on syndication on different channels 24 hours a day.

    However, the plotlines were often extremely ludicrous. While shows shouldn't be held to a standard of having to be realistic, they should at least keep it within this world. The show about oil discovery at Bayside and the drive to refuse the millions upon millions of dollars was laughable. Number one, they are in California and won't be dsicovering oil anytime soon. Number two, the town and adminstration are NOT going to refuse tons of money because of a few snot nosed kids.

    I digress however. It had its time in the sun....and it just really hasn't aged very well.
  • Classic!

    i grew up on this show its just classic memorys!
    Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Lisa, Jesse, and Mr. Belding all were great on the show! they had classic episodes from zack and slater fighting over kelly to the time they had summer jobs and one of my personal favorites all in the mall! Have a reunion soon!
  • A Classic 90's Show!

    Saved By The Bell is a great 90's show for anyone ages 5 and up. The show focuses on a group of friends from Bayside High School in California who are different yet alike in many ways. There is Slater who is the jock, Zach who is the ladies man, Kelly who is every straight mans dream girl, Screech who is the geek, Lisa who is the girl with all the style, and Jessie who a woman with great goals and great grades. Sadly, in the real world these people probably wouldn't be friends. The Jock would pick on the geek, the ladies man would never be friends with the geek, etc. That is real life though and this is the magic of T.V.

    The show focuses mostly on the good things that can happen in high school rather than the bad like; first love, going to a concert with your friends, and just hanging out. It also has good lessons on topics such as drugs, the appropriate use of caffeine, jealousy, and more. It is full of great and memorable characters, most notably Screech. It may seem a little bit unrealistic, but in today's world escape from reality isn't a bad thing.
  • This show has probably some of the worst writing and acting that I've ever seen. This used to be cool?

    This show has probably some of the worst writing and acting that I've ever seen. That said for some reason whenever I catch it in mid-episode, I literally have to pry myself away from it. There is something about this show that is so endearing and addicting that makes me want to watch. At the same time I'm laughing my head off throughout the whole episode because the show is just that bad. While the show was meant to provide a positive role model for kids, ultimately it's just way too optimistic and pure. Unless the show has some nostalgic factor for you, chances are you're not going to like it.
  • wonderful show that never failed!

    i think that this show is one of the best shows ever created! it never failed to make me laugh. i STILL cant get enough so i watch this show almost every morning beofre i go to school. its a great show and i think that it is appropriate for every age level.

    one of my favorite shows everrrr!!!


  • Saved by the bell is all about high school student Zack Morris and his friends who go to Bayside High.

    I used to watch this show when I was younger, and I think Zack (Mark Paul Gosselaar) was my first tv-crush. I mean, he was cute right? And allthough the acting wasn\'t all it could be, it was a decent morning show. And later on in the show it was also about important issues, like the environment and death. So it wasn\'t all fun and games. But it was a good show, with hilarious moments, mostly caused by Screech..
  • This show is all about romance,friendship,and comedy!

    I love this show it is so classic! It is based on six friends finding love,friends,and values in life.The fact that you can learn stuff and have fun watching it makes it an awesome show. You have to be careful with shows like this though. They become addicting. Believe me i know!
  • This show couldn't be any cheesier if it tried

    I used to flip off this show when it came on after cartoons saturday morning. I didn't like watching a show about school on my day off! Now I just watch the re-runs when nothing else is on. This show represents the cool kids in school who are too goody goody sometimes to be real. I get a laugh out of the stupid jokes that they make.. not because they are good jokes but because they are so bad!
  • GREATEST mix ever!! it have funny, romance, and some drama.

    okay lets just say this show came out before i was old enough to watch it but when i was i L0VED it !! Just how everyone there was able to get out of the mess they get into and make it FUNNY. The whole cast is what made the show ... Zack, Slater, Screech, Lisa, Kelly, and Jessie. They each brought in a different personality which made them all different and a good cast. The high school years are soo much better than the college years so if you liked the college years you would love the high school years. Even if you've seen an episode, you wouldn't mind seeing it again ... Yes it's that G00D !!
  • A good show for teens to watch and also very funny!

    Saved By The Bell was one of the best shows that ever aired on Saturday mornings. Ok so it wasn't a show full of Emmy quality performances, but it was a show that was an escape from the everyday pressure that school has on its students. Saved By The Bell centers on a group of friends and their ups and downs through high school. Filled with memorable moments and interesting characters, SBTB is one of the best young adult programs of its time. It has stood the test of time and still remains a popular program. I think it was a show made for the sure purpose of entertaining its young audience for a half an hour. There are a lot of episodes that were pretty amusing. Never again will a generation make such a connection as the one mine did with SBTB, the series starred Mark Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris, the main character who each week spun in and out of several pretty extreme situation. His main squeeze Kelly Kapowski played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, and the most popular geek Screech, played by Dustin Diamond. Also along for the ride were Slater, Jessie, and Lisa, who made up the rest of the gang. I don't think that it was ever aimed to break the barriers of great television it was what it was. Sure the series made high school look like a piece of cake, for example being able to go to The Max whenever they wanted, taking advantage of the principal, and tricking nerds into doing anything they wanted. But Saved By the Bell was one of those shows that as corny as it may be, it will forever remain one the most entertaining shows in the history of children's entertainment.

  • This a show about a bunch of teenagers going through middle school and high school.

    This a show about a bunch of teenagers going through middle school and high school.I like this series the best out of all the SBTB series. I like it because it's when they are like teenagers and they date but they're not that serious. I like how it shows teenagers how they go through today...sort of. Everyone should watch this show at least once.
  • Surely the greatest teen high-school sitcom of all-time!

    Saved By The Bell is corny. It's at times poorly-acted. The morals are very in-your-face.

    So why is it so damn good?!

    The show ran throughout the early 90s on TNBC, and throughout its' 90-odd episodes the series covered all manner of teenage issues, from drugs to concert tickets, to - of course - high school. The show, whilst corny, was frequently very funny - the scripts were sharp and much of the humour was character-based rather than mere shoddy slapstick. The stories did bear morals admittedly, but the plots - often creative and unique - overshadowed them, thankfully, and the actors were actually rather skilled for their ages - some scenes are overacted, sometimes the action seems rather wooden - but between the 6 kids and high-school principal Mr Belding, a very good teenage show was created, and it's great to see it's out on DVD and still airing in syndication today where it can find new audiences. Recommended!
  • When I was a kid, this show was definitely one of my best friends! My sister and I grew up on it!

    I started watching "Saved by the Bell" in the old days when it was called "Good Morning Miss Bliss." What a great show. I had a huge crush on Zack. I thought he was so cool, because he did what he wanted, and didn't listen to authority figures. My sister and I would watch SBTB every day after school. Once, we were lucky enough to go to a party at Casey Cassum's mansion where the cast was appearing. Very fun indeed! I got pictures with all my faves: Jesse, Zack, Screech. SBTB was a quality show, one that I will never forget!
  • A series about a group of high school kids and their principal and the adventures they have.

    A favorite show of mine, SBTB is a classic. One of the first live-action shows on Saturday mornings that were "educational". It showcased Zack and his friends, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa and later Tori as well as their school principal, Mr. Belding. Each episode had the gang in wacky adventures and sometimes, you learned something from them. This show really takes me back.
  • This was a great tv show and I will always remember it.

    This was a very fun to watch tv show, I used to watch this show before going to school early in the mourning at 7. I loved the first 5 seasons but hated the college years and didn't bother watching the new class. Good Mourning Miss Bliss wasn't that bad though. Great show two thumbs up.
  • a show where 6 kids named zach, slater, kelly, screch, lisa, and jesse need help in all of there episodes

    a great show where 6 kids need some help in there days at school so they dont get detention fail a class etc. the kids are in school all the time with a problem and they dont want the problem to keep going they want to solve there problems in diffrent occasions
  • the best tv show i thought back in 1989 it air and i use to watch it every day after i cam home from school.. i give the rating a 10

    what you got to say? it still airs on tbs every morning , reruns. but ill still watch the show. i loved that show and bought the season 1 and 2 ill will buy the other seasons soon.. this show was awesome, always wanted to be like zack when i was little and had a crush on kelly too. the whole acting was awesome wish they all come back to a reunion.
  • Great Show!!!

    Saved By the Bell was one of the most popular teen shows shown on NBC. This show focused on Zack Morris and his friends: Samuel "Screech" Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, A.C. Slater, and Lisa Turtle. They had adventures and funny moments at Bayside High School in Palisades, California. They often tried to fool the gullible principal, Mr. Richard Belding, but also sometimes got into deep trouble while doing it.
  • Great show

    Saved by the Bell is a show about Zack Morris and his social life and his life at school. I watch saved by the bell every morning at 7 and 7:30. It mkaes me laugh and is a good comedy for early morning status. In this show, Zack Morris has 5 friends, Screech (best friends forever), Jessi (next door neighbor), Kelly (love of his life), Slater (new best friend), Lisa (fashion helper). In the show it goes through 8th grade-college and Zack's marriage to Kelly, which is the finale basically. Watch Saved by the Bell for a great comedy. It is on TBS, every weekday, 7 and 7:30 am.
  • Fun! Exciting! Awesome!

    Saved By the Bell, a series that was mainly a 90s show, was a show of awe. I remember watching Saved By the Bell. I love the schemes, Zack Morris and the gang did. It's amazing seeing people of different races coming together. Some episodes weren't as interesting as others, but overall it was awesome! This show helped shape my childhood experience. Wow!

    Sadly, it has now been cancelled. I wasn't too happy with the college series, which I thought needed some tweaking. Hopefully there will be another Saved By the Bell, in the coming future. So sit back, and hope that Saved By the Bell, may create a spin-off!
  • Saved by the Bell is the ultimate show for teenagers! Its hilarious and i bet everyone would want to be in high school after watching this great show. I wish there were more shows like this on air now!!

    Saved by the Bell is the ultimate show for teenagers! Its hilarious and i bet everyone would want to be in high school after watching this great show. I wish there were more shows like this on air now!! I love all the characters, Jessie Kelly Lisa Screech Slater and Zack are all awesome in thier own way. I like Belding too!! So funny! This show really representes good 90's television and we all should buy the DVD and watch it because its hilarious. Although I do wish thre were new episode I still wonder whether it would be a good idea for our day. Something similar?
  • I can still hear the theme song in my head.

    I was really young when this show first came out. It still appealed to me though, even if I mostly watched it because I loved to dance to the theme song. Years later, i rewatched all the old episodes and found they were funnier then i once thought. This show is great because it appeals to people of all ages, young and old. The jokes never get old and the story were great. I preffered these episodes to the Colledge Years because they were less funny. I liked how the Colledge Years ended though, nice and happy ending. All the characters go well together and are greatly developped. A must watch.
  • Always loved it!

    Saved by the Bell by today's standards is kind of corny, but when this show was running it was great. I still have that theme song in my head. It was creative and it was just so funny the way they were such buddies with their principal. I still watch the reruns of it on TBS and it just reminds me of being younger. I will always love this show!
  • Hardly realistic, but hilarious nonetheless.

    Saved by the Bell was not a very realistic show, since the characters could do absolutely anything. For example, Kelly becoming a model? Sure she was pretty enough, but that probably wouldn't happen in real life. Also, they had a new set of classes each show. Dance, Driver's Ed, Economics being a few. However, since it was a comedy and did have romantic sparks all over the place, the public was very receptive. Or maybe that's just because it aired on Saturday mornings.
  • Not sure what it was about this show that made it so great. Production wasn't there, nor any acting talent. Character chemistry and perhaps the nostalgic feel to it makes it such an enjoyable watch.

    What do you have with this show? Bunch of cheesy plots that revolve around six main characters. The show had a good feel to it, I can still go back, watch, and enjoy any episode from any season. The classification for this couldn't have been more on, it's a total guilty pleasure. It would seem lame to anyone watching it for the first time, but I'm able to recognize and look past all of the shows faults. Slater's chauvinist comments always crack me up and of course principal Belding, another great character. The episodes are very memorable, I'll watch the show 10 years from now and I'll still get a kick out of it.
  • Maybe the most ridiculous show ever...

    ...but I loved (almost) every minute of it. It's hard to take a show like Saved by the Bell seriously, but it's harder not to enjoy it. For those who were kids in the 90s, SBTB was the ultimate after-school TV show. Now, it still just fun to watch just to point out how ridiculous the storylines are and seeing Mario Lopez's geri-curl mullet in today's context. I can't believe that hairstyle actually existed.
  • One of my favorite shows of all time.

    Ah, the joys of being a child in the 90s meant waking up on Saturday mornings and tuning to NBC at 10am for one of the best shows of our generation.

    "When I wake up in the morning..." goes the theme song "it's all right, because I'm Saved By the Bell!"

    I must have heard that song at least 1000 times in my life. I've seen every episode at least 7 times and this show has provided many a quiz showdown between my brothers and I.

    Zack was my idol growing up. Kelly was my dream girl. That's all there is to say. Watch it once and you'll be hooked.
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