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  • Why?

    This show was very much a waste. I can't stand it nor the humor of the show. It was so predictable and so cheesy that I think that it was such a waste of time. The characters were so bland and uninteresting and I did not like the storylines and plots. I don't think I have ever watched more than one episode because I couldn't stand the way it was put together. I wish I could have liked it, but to me it was not possible. Overall, it was just an awful show with no point of interest for me. Thank you.
  • Terrible, trite, bottom-of-the-bucket programming.

    How can anyone actually "like" this show? It's really predictable. It's not smart, or clever, or interesting. All the worst stereotypes of high school together in one pointless show. The bimbo-ization of the women in the show was disgusting. Most of the characters can't act their way out of a paper bag but then again, look what they had to work with. No one should ever waste one moment of their lives on this dribble. There are much smarter shows about American kids in high school. This show has always made me cringe on so many levels. This show may remind people of "growing up" because they watched it then but no one can honestly say it's a "good" series.
  • Not quite complete nor pefect!!!

    One problematic character, Screech Powers, wants to be equal with the other original class characters, which is his goal, but the original was too difficult for him, even if this is considered entertaining. They only put the Screech role in original class, when that class is not considered difficult. Otherwise, if the original class is still difficult, then they should not accept him too soon. The original class had complete popularity, but Screech's popularity was incomplete in the original class.

    It was a good idea for Screech to be accepted in the new class, besides the original class, because he was supposed to complete his popularity in the new class, and he did. But the since the new class was completely messed-up and was forced to stop airing reruns. Dustin Diamond, who played Screech, was officially banned and excluded from the original class reunion for no reason at all.

    That's why I rated this show a 1 because of that reunion incident and I'm glad they no longer aired and reruned this original class ever again.

    I prefer a Hang Time reunion instead.
  • Follow High school students as they grow through Bayside High School!

    Mr. Belding is the principal of Bayside High School where a the main cast of friends go to school. Zack Morris is the main character, Blonde hair pretty boy trouble maker. His best friend Screech Powers, who is a smart nerd. Zack's rival turned into other best friend, Jock AC Slater. The girl Zack loves Kelly Kapowski. Zack's next door neighbor and ms. perfect Jessie Spano. Last but not least the girl Screech loves fashion savy Lisa Turtle. Save By the Bell was a good show when I was growing up. I remember watching it pretty much everyday after school while I did my homework and also on the weekends. It's a good thing the show didn't stick with Ms. Bliss as the main character or wouldn't have survived. The first season where Slater and Zack are rivals, weren't as fun. As the show progresses, Zack and Slater become best friends which made for a much better show. The show pulls a respectable 7.8 out of 10!
  • What the **** happened?

    This show was doing great when it first started airing, but now it does not seem as funny as it used to be. The old episodes were the best. But the new ones totally blow. I still watch it sometimes, but not as much as i used to. I just hope it does not go downhill too fast.
  • Unrealistic, and contrived humour...

    But that was part of its charm, I suppose. It was basically a cartoon that just happened to be live-action. I'll admit I watch it regularly, but I find it boring. I have trouble taking it seriously because it's a live-action series. The humour and situations the characters get into lend themselves much more to a cartoon than to a live-action television show. Despite the fact that it's dated, it still has a loyal following.
  • Another High School show.

    This is an O.K. show but you know what I'm sick of these high school shows I mean give it a break hakf the time they over exagerate in the show. I mean the acting is great but still Im get really sick if I watch this show more then once a week.
  • I really liked this show as a kid, but if I ever see it on TV now I have to cringe and wonder what I ever saw in this show.

    As a future teacher and a current sub, I gave Welcome Back Kotter high marks based on my bias. This show will actually get a lower rating from me based on how annoying most of the characters were. Plus, the principal only took interest in this select group of students. Belding had to be the worst principal in TV history. He wasn't funny, he added little to the show, and he stayed in the role for like 5 more years with the next two classes of Saved by the Bell. Dennis Haskins apparently has no shame nor any career.

    I can't bag on the show too much, as it was pretty cool in its day and I have probably seen every episode multiple times due to the fact that it used to be on syndication on different channels 24 hours a day.

    However, the plotlines were often extremely ludicrous. While shows shouldn't be held to a standard of having to be realistic, they should at least keep it within this world. The show about oil discovery at Bayside and the drive to refuse the millions upon millions of dollars was laughable. Number one, they are in California and won't be dsicovering oil anytime soon. Number two, the town and adminstration are NOT going to refuse tons of money because of a few snot nosed kids.

    I digress however. It had its time in the sun....and it just really hasn't aged very well.
  • This a show about a bunch of teenagers going through middle school and high school.

    This a show about a bunch of teenagers going through middle school and high school.I like this series the best out of all the SBTB series. I like it because it's when they are like teenagers and they date but they're not that serious. I like how it shows teenagers how they go through today...sort of. Everyone should watch this show at least once.
  • Saved By the Bell was a teen show mixing in comedy with moral issues of the day.

    A guilty pleasure at best. I remember this show being popular when I was in high school, however, looking back at it ten, fourteen years later it's clear that Saved By The Bell wasn't as realistic or great like other classic teen dramas.

    The best comparison to Saved By the Bell is "Degrassi High" and "Degrassi Junior High". Saved By the Bell is best billed as a comedy, a teen comedy. The acting was average at best and the characters while likeable were at times annoying and unoriginal.

    Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski are definitely modeled after rich California teens which I have no problem with, however, relating to them is often times more funny than real. I like Zach for being a troublemaker but Kelly and Lisa Turtle reminded me very much of the popular girls in school who thought they were all that but really were nothing more than pinup models whose novelty would eventually were off.

    I'll give credit though where credit is giving the comradery between the actors and characters did seem authentic, however, the situations and endings they wrote were not. Again, it's a teen comedy and although the show could at times be serious (like the episode where Zach falls for a girl that's homeless) more often than not characters (like the stereotypical nerd or wannabee cheerleader) were the butt of jokes and not much development.

    On the bright side, Mr. Belding is a definite classic example of what more principals should be like, tough on the outside but could also be approachable and understanding.

    In the end, it is a classic show but a show that if you're looking for great acting and drama you probably won't find. However, if you're looking for a fun time to relieve your youth you'd probably watch over and over again.
  • Too young to understand this show

    I used to love watching television when i was younger and I would also watch this show. I was often very fascinated by the life of teens in the 90's but i often couldnt understand it because I was very little at the time. i wish I could go back in time now and watch it so i could better understand this show.
  • pretty good show!

    This was a really good show growing up, this show has a lot of memories in my heart. Some of the shows of Saved By The Bell are somewhat different from what I remember, I guess I enjoyed it more as a child. I have just watched the show on TBS for the first time in a while and I found the episode where Slater's lizard died was really funny, as when they gave the lizard a funeral it looked like the guys were trying to hold in there laughs. It was suppose to be a sad scene but you could really tell that they were about to bust out in laughs. The guys are teenagers, what kind of guy cries over a lizzard when it dies and gives it a funeral. The first time I watched this I was actually sad too for the poor lizzard but then again it looks too like they were making fun of it.
  • Lives of 6 young adults, their principle, and their comings and goings :)

    This really is a guilty pleasure of mine. I watch in the mornings if i have nothing else to do, and i can prbably answer any trivia question asked. I think Saved By the Bell stands out because of its acting. Zack, Slater, and Kelly are particularly good, but the others are great too. I prefer the ones not in college or middle school, with the main cast (not nikki or mikey) and not at a beach or hollywood. Some episodes have moral values, which is good because usually those are very suddle, unlike other shows. Saved by the Bell really was what it was because of the acting.
  • This show was before my time, but even looking back on it I like it, although no one knows I watched this show.

    I think this show was funny, even though it was very unorginal. I loved some of the characters, but I thought it was very focused on the high school cliches which I don't really like. I thought the characters were very one-dimensional and sometimes even very stupid. But maybe that's what kept me watching the show. I don't know exactly why I like this show so much. There are many episodes I cannot watch, but I can't name any off the top of my head. I'm not a huge fan of this show, but if nothing else is on, I'll watch it.
  • This show is about a group of kids that go to a school called Bayside.

    This show is really good. There are many good things about it including screech, zach and slater and kelly. One of the best things about this show is Dusting Diamond who plays screech who is so unbelievably funny. He has such funny parts and makes you laugh at anything he does. Another good thing to this show is Mark Paul Gossellaar who plays Zack Morris. I think he is really cute and good at being sneaky and getting his way. I also like Mario Lopez who plays Slater. I think he is really cute and hot. He is also is really good at portraying a wrestler at the highschool. Overall this show is really good.
  • Complete and utter Classic. No doubt about it.

    This show was my favorite growing up and I know it was many of my friends favorites as well. No matter what generation you\'re from, I feel everyone should watch Saved By the Bell. Its cheesy, its goofy, and you learn a good lesson after every episode- aka- dont cheat on tests, dont take caffene pills, dont drink and drive, dont hook up with your best friend while doing a school play, always have Tori Spelling as your dorky girlfriend- stuff like that.

    I remember I had lots of fun watching this show. They used to have all these special movies they made, I watched them all and the college years, they weren't as good as the high school episodes but still funny.
    The show still comes on nick but somehow watching it isn't the same but it's definately a classic and there's nothing quite like it (better or worse but not the same)!
  • But I love it and I DO!

    Seriously, Noone, I mean Noone knows I watch this, except everyone who's reading my review! But, this show is a show that I could watch everyday! It's a fantastic show, really. I absolutely LOVEe it!! It is extremely cheesy and not all that funny. But I give it an 8/10 because it's interesting.
  • Maybe the most ridiculous show ever...

    ...but I loved (almost) every minute of it. It's hard to take a show like Saved by the Bell seriously, but it's harder not to enjoy it. For those who were kids in the 90s, SBTB was the ultimate after-school TV show. Now, it still just fun to watch just to point out how ridiculous the storylines are and seeing Mario Lopez's geri-curl mullet in today's context. I can't believe that hairstyle actually existed.
  • Hardly realistic, but hilarious nonetheless.

    Saved by the Bell was not a very realistic show, since the characters could do absolutely anything. For example, Kelly becoming a model? Sure she was pretty enough, but that probably wouldn't happen in real life. Also, they had a new set of classes each show. Dance, Driver's Ed, Economics being a few. However, since it was a comedy and did have romantic sparks all over the place, the public was very receptive. Or maybe that's just because it aired on Saturday mornings.
  • Great show that is truly timeless.

    Saved by the Bell is truly a timeless show that many middle and high school students continue to enjoy today. I remember watching this show every Saturday for new episodes and then throughout the rest of my school career in reruns. Now I watch it in the morning when I am getting ready for work and still get a little kick out of the show. True, looking back, some things about the show now seem cheezy, but like anything later reviewed, that is what was cool then. Although this show could not (according to the E!'s THS) touch on a lot of serious issues, it did manage to incorporate some issues that a typical high school student may experience, such as pressure to drink or do drugs, as well as relationship qualms. It did what it could with what it had, which I can appreciate.

    I am glad that television stations continue to run this show. It is much better than many shows directed towards teens, and much more appropriate.
  • A true classic, of a cheesy show.

    Ok, I will try for a SECOND time.
    This show could be stupid and cheesy but it was fun and silly. Zach and his friends had a lot of fun and they were cool and allowed Screech to hang out. Mr. Belding was cool. He and Zach actually liked each other. They had a lot of fun at school and the Max. Some shows taught lessons. I liked how Zach called timeout and stopped action. Slater was cool. Kelly was awesome. JEssie could be annoying at times. Lisa was cool. I liked Tori actually. I have all episodes on DVD and it was fun silly stupid cheesy and a classic.
  • Saved by the Bell was a very popular Saturday morning tv show on NBC in the late 80's and early 90's. It depicts life in high school portrayed by 6 high school friends.

    Saved by the Bell is a decent show only because I watched it as a adolescent, so pretty much any show was cool although at times, it actually had a point behind its maddness. There are six friends, who are Zack Morris, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, A.C. Slater, and Lisa Turtle. The promise of the show was fun adventures with comedic moments where they would try to pull some act on the princpal, Mr Belding. At times, it is a good show, but other times it was just decent and mediocre. Also, at the time the show was awesome, but now, watching the show now as reruns, it was most of the time corny.
  • Saved by the Bell is about 6 teenagers in Bellview high School.

    The main character is Zack (James Van Der Beek), who is the rebel of the school, he always gets into a lot of trouble, but because of his wits and the help of his friends he gets out of this trouble.

    Zack's best friend is Skreech, a nerd who tries to be cool. Zack basicly pushes Skreech around. But hey, when your a nerd one abbusive friend is better than no friend.

    The other male friend of Zack is Slater, in the first series they are rivals for the love off Kelly, but when Zack gets her and Slater gets Jessy they become real friends.

    We've got 3 girls in Saved by the Bell: Kelly (the cheerleader), Jessy (the intelligent one) and Lisa (the rich one).
    Most of the times they just hang around with the guys, but they also give their input into the situations.

    The last main character is Mr. Belding, the principal.
    He's basicly a guy who wants to be accepted by the students, but has to be strict with them.
    Especialy he and Zack have a love-hate relationship.

    The best thing about Saved by the Bell are the situations the main characters get in. They are picked from real life, but are exploded to a level where you can only laugh at them.

    The interactions between the characters is also great (especialy Zack and Belding)

    This is a show that you just gotta love, even though it's a little bit dated (early nineties...)
  • Not sure what it was about this show that made it so great. Production wasn't there, nor any acting talent. Character chemistry and perhaps the nostalgic feel to it makes it such an enjoyable watch.

    What do you have with this show? Bunch of cheesy plots that revolve around six main characters. The show had a good feel to it, I can still go back, watch, and enjoy any episode from any season. The classification for this couldn't have been more on, it's a total guilty pleasure. It would seem lame to anyone watching it for the first time, but I'm able to recognize and look past all of the shows faults. Slater's chauvinist comments always crack me up and of course principal Belding, another great character. The episodes are very memorable, I'll watch the show 10 years from now and I'll still get a kick out of it.
  • This show couldn't be any cheesier if it tried

    I used to flip off this show when it came on after cartoons saturday morning. I didn't like watching a show about school on my day off! Now I just watch the re-runs when nothing else is on. This show represents the cool kids in school who are too goody goody sometimes to be real. I get a laugh out of the stupid jokes that they make.. not because they are good jokes but because they are so bad!
  • Its one of those shows that i though that were alright.

    The show was kinda dumb to me and the theme song needed a lot of work but all in all in was an okay show. But i don't know why everyone makes a big deal about it. To me it just wasn't that great. I mean some of the stars of the show did look pretty good and added some years probably to the show. The show was about a group of people who were all friends in high school dealing with normal high school things in there time. Out of all the stars my favorite was that enpanol dude.
  • old and still love it!!

    this is a great show and i love it to bits, the characters work very well together and each actor or actress suite their character very well. this is a old show classic which i watch on nickelodeon. and i am sure many people like this show like me. my favourite character is kelly because she is funny and pretty and i can relate to her a lot. my sister can relate to her aswell. i also think zack morris is a funny character aswell always trying to chat up kelly or any other girls. i love this show and i know many other people do too.
  • It may not have aged well, but Saved By The Bell is still something I wake up to every morning.

    Saved By The Bell is a good show. The acting is cheezy, the jokes are horrible, and the love triangles, the inconsistantcies, the cast changes and numerous guest appearences make the show slightly boggling to understand, but being the 80s show that it is, it stands up in present day with unintentionally hilarious acting, knee-slappingly funny stereotypes, and the girls aren\'t too bad looking either. They don\'t really deal with situations realistically, as everything generally goes back to status-quo in the end, but it\'s still a great time waster when you are waiting to leave in the mornings on TBS.
  • About a group of friends going through high school!!

    Saved by the bell is one of the most amazing tv shows made!!! its old but everyone loves it!! it's funny, serious and sad everyone can relate to it!! the actors are great my fav's are kelly and zak they make a great couple so do slater and jessie pity screech and lisa never got together lol!!! they have such a great bond and really make the show!! i hate that you never see it much anymore only late at night! then the college years came out and it was good to i loved them all. New class wasnt the best as it wasnt the same without jessie,zak,kelly,slater,screecha nd lisa!!!
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