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  • A show that'll never be forgotten (hopefully).

    Ending in 1993, Saved by the Bell was a story of a laid-back high schooler, Zack Morris, and his five friends, Jessie Spano, the smart and radical girl, A.C. Slater, the Jock, Samuel "Screech" Powers, the weird nerd, Kelly Kapowski, the dream girl, and Lisa Turtle, the extravagant and fashionable one. They lived in southern California and went to Bayside, one of many public co-ed schools in the area. Outside of Bayside, they often hung out at the Max, the local restaurant once owned by their good friend Max, who eventually leaves the show. At school, the gang is often hounded by their principal Richard Belding, a mid-aged man who still believes he's "in". However, the gang befriends him over the years and love to mess with him. This show covers many of the conflicts within a teenager's life, such as relationships, friendships, jealousy, and the life ahead of them. However, their friendship carries them through.

    This show's lack of flashy scenery, the realistic lifestyle, and the sometimes unrealistic experiences kept the audience intrigued for this show's 4 year run, and its popularity is still prevalent today.
  • Saved by the bell was good back in the day.

    Saved by the bell is fine for kids through the age of 10 to 15. It teaches kids good example and what they should do if they got in some kind of trouble. I remember I watched it everyday on tv when they started airing the reruns. I loved it. I think I can still remeber their lines. They should make more series like that for the young ones.
  • Very nice.

    I'm pretty sure that my first love in life was Zac Morris. I loved watching this show and still try and catch it if it's on. It's got that cheesy but somehow still very entertaining humor about it. And although I do hate it when they put in all of the stuff that's meaningful and whatnot... (I enjoy my 90's humor without lectures but what 90's sitcom wasn't filled with lectures?) the rest of the show pretty much makes up for all of that. It's not like the cast was filled with the greatest actors or anything... but they definitely played their parts well.
  • This show has probably some of the worst writing and acting that I've ever seen. This used to be cool?

    This show has probably some of the worst writing and acting that I've ever seen. That said for some reason whenever I catch it in mid-episode, I literally have to pry myself away from it. There is something about this show that is so endearing and addicting that makes me want to watch. At the same time I'm laughing my head off throughout the whole episode because the show is just that bad. While the show was meant to provide a positive role model for kids, ultimately it's just way too optimistic and pure. Unless the show has some nostalgic factor for you, chances are you're not going to like it.
  • One of my Top (School) Shows

    Most to all ep (07-09)
  • save by the bell is the greatest show to broadcast on saturday mornings, i love the whole cast,

    zack, kelly, slater, jessie, lisa, screech, mr belding, max, and every character that was on this show was very entertaing to watch.
    save byyyyyyyyyyyyy the bell for ever.
    this show needs to be in the all time greats, for greatest shows.
    save by the bell is the greatest show to broadcast on saturday mornings, i love the whole cast
    zack, slater kelly, jessie, lisa, screech, mr belding, max, i love the wedding years, i love the college years, i love the hawaian shows when the went to the beach, i love the shows when jessie dad got married, and the show is hott. zak
  • A teen show following the lives of 6 students at a school.Zack Morris,AC Slater,Screech Powers,Kelly Kapowski,Jessie Spano and Lisa Turtle are average students who all hang around together and get involved in sticky situations.

    A funny and life-like tv show about 6 teenagers who are all so unique yet they bond together so well.They are always getting involved in hilariously funny situations and trying desperately to get out of them without being caught,usually by their principal Mr.Belding,who is not only their principal but often their confidant.When the scenes are not taking place at the school they are usually at The Max,the gangs regular hang out diner or in one of their houses,mainly Zacks.I find the humour in this very entertaining and hysterically funny at times.I love all the characters as they're just all so loveable in their own little ways,especially Zack as he is the typical blonde haired,blue eyed heart-throb always involved in teen programmes and has such a cheeky and loveable personality.The antics in this programme are very enjoyable and I find it hard not to laugh as they commit the usual stupid and pointless mistakes trying to get themselves out of a lot of trouble.
  • Saved By The Bell was a 90's series aside from BH 90210 It was a funny sitcom about life as a teenager at Bayside High. This series usually aired on Saturday Mornings and repeated for years on cable television.

    I personally loved watching Saved By the Bell and still do to this day, I own all episodes from the original series and loved episodes like: The Mamas And the Papas, The Friendship Buisness, Jessies Song, Save The Max and so on!!

    This series was to me head of it's time in comedy but it sure made waking up in the morning better when you got a taste of the ZACKSTER!!

    The New Class was okay but it just didnt compare to the original cast and it's original theme that was set for teens of the 90's!! I personally give this
  • A great sitcom

    This and other early shows particularly Boy Meets world are very great sitcoms that the entire family can enjoy. The show has romance, an interesting plot, and often it is humorous. Saved By the Bell had a very talented, young cast at that time. Now we do not get anything close to the fantastic recipes that the 90s delivered. Stunning performances that the 90s era of television had passed down from the remarkable 70s and 80s. I would recommend this show to anyone. Along with other classics, this one will never be forgotten. If you like shows with young stars then it is great too.
  • A good, clean teen show.

    Saved by the Bell is much better than the teen shows we have on now a days. This show dealt with several realistic problems, but being able to still mantain a clean enviorment. Mr. Belding is one of the best principals I've ever seen on TV; he's so hilarious, so fair, and so reasonable all at the same time. At the time this show was running, they had good young actors/actresses who did a good job at their parts. Of course, this show could occassionally get cheesey and the humor could've improved a little bit but all in all it was a pretty dang good show. I really like to watch the re-runs of this show. Grade: 90/100.
  • Still remember it!

    I liked the show back in the nineties. I can see the intro music behind my eyes. Lately it airs on nick. I liked the characters on the show. What i notice is that it deals with teenage problems, maybe a little bit cheesy and unrealistic at times. But still recognizable to this day. Of course then they didn't all have cellphones (however i saw Zack with a brick once ) they weren't addicted to their computer with all of todays social media. You had to stay on the house phone if you wanted to talk to someone. Everybody from that time must remember their parents saying time to knock off the phone. I believe that this is like the first teen comedy drama series ever. In my opinion it's better then todays teen drama series. With meaningless plot lines and stories. Although saved by the bell could get a little bit cheesy around the edges. First its all comedy and then drama all of the sudden.
  • Saved by the Bell had a very strange background when it started off. First it was supposed to be a kid's show in Disney about a teacher...then it became a teenage show about young teens. This show was funny and very well thought and it was one of the...

    8.0 comedy shows to ever hit the small screen. Even though people categorize it in the teen drama section, I personally believe that it shouldn't go there because it was a comedy show that ran 30 minutes an episode (with commercials) and a teen drama runs for 60 minutes an episode (with commercials). Shows like Beverly Hills: 90210, The OC, and Gossip Girl would have still existed even if Saved by the Bell didn't. What Saved by the Bell did is bring a new twist to teenage shows and put comedy in them. Plus the actors and characters were great and the plot of each episode was always unique. I'm glad they still run it on networks because it was and will still be an all time classic.
  • Particularly one of the most unforgettable shows in the entire planet.

    I can honestly say, I have been in-love with this show since it was on reruns. It's funny, dramatic (at times), sweet and original. My favorite characters would definitely be: Zack, Kelly, Screech, Slater, Mr. Belding and Tori. When I first saw it, it felt like a different version of Full House, especially the characters in general. In the show, my all-time favorite couples are: Zelly, Jater (or Sessie) and Siolet. Anyways, I will NEVER stop watching Saved by the Bell because it is honestly one of my top favorite shows.
  • great show

    Saved By the Bell is a great show!!! I love it! Thank God that the brought it back ad they play it!!! Thank God! This show focuses in on Zack Morris maily. THere are his friends A.C. Slater, Kelly Kapowski, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Lisa Turtle, ad Jesse Spano. They are in hich school and they go through tought times ad good times together, whether it deals with school or other stuff. They are always there for each other, even though there are fights that go o between them at different times. Saved By The Bell is a great TV show and the N Made a good descision to bring it back.
  • Zack Morris is a blond Tom Cruise.

    However cheesy and dated this show may seem now, back in its prime, everyone watched it. You couldn't help but watch it. Two gorgeous guys, an annoying nerd who was best friends with one of the gorgeous guys, and three beautiful girls who dated the gorgeous guys.

    Set in Califoria, it was cool and glamorous, and like a younger/funnier version of Beverly Hills 90210. (Some SBTB cast members did actually go over to 90210 when they got a bit older.)

    Mark-Paul Gosselaar was the blond, younger version of 90210's Jason Priestley. Both teen idols, both with a major fanbases of screaming girls with their first crushes (yes, I admit it, I was one of them.) As Zack he spoke to the camera, froze time to plan his next scheme, and, yeah, of course, always got the girls (86, to be exact).

    This is one of those rare shows that reunited all the original cast members in the final 1994 episode for the wedding of the ultimate couple of the show, Zack and Kelly. For that, it gets a perfect 10 from me, because I was crazy about this couple and really wanted them to get their happy ending, which they did.

    The original SBTB is the best. The best thing about the College Years is the Zack/Kelly reunion. I'd advise TRUE fans of SBTB to stay away from The New Class, which lasted so many seasons, and I really don't know why. The new cast just wasn't as good and they repeated all the same storylines from the original version. SBTB just doesn't work without Zack Morris and his friends.
  • A great group of students and their whacky principal!

    I used to love this show on TNBC I swear it was one of the best teen shows ever that defined it's age group very well. It's great with terrific characters and always well-written so while it gave us a laugh it would also teach us morals and values. It was great watching how Zack, a smart alec, would always try to get past the principal and pull pranks meanwhile trying to hook up with kelly. It was nice watching Slater have to deal with his insecurities and always worry about his future. Jessie, the brains was definitely one who could make us laugh whenever she started panicking!
  • One of my favorite shows of all time.

    Ah, the joys of being a child in the 90s meant waking up on Saturday mornings and tuning to NBC at 10am for one of the best shows of our generation.

    "When I wake up in the morning..." goes the theme song "it's all right, because I'm Saved By the Bell!"

    I must have heard that song at least 1000 times in my life. I've seen every episode at least 7 times and this show has provided many a quiz showdown between my brothers and I.

    Zack was my idol growing up. Kelly was my dream girl. That's all there is to say. Watch it once and you'll be hooked.
  • Best show of the 90's!

    Saved by the Bell was the greatest show on TV when I was growing up. Although I watched it when it was being rerun it hadn't lost any of its charm. The characters were all funny in their own way. Zack was always my favourite and during all the seasons I was wishing that he and Kelly would start dating. The one quote that sticks in my mind is just at the end of Wedding in Vegas when Slater turns to Zack and says "It's the end of an era". Another trade-mark situation that hovers in my mind is seeing Screech hopping out of a locker and scaring the life out of Lisa. All in all Saved by the Bell was an amazing show that hasn't been lived up to by any kids show since then.
  • I really like this show.

    This show is very funny. My favorite character is Zack. He always has a plan. And he always has a plan to fix the damage he\'s done from his other plan. He would do anything to get Kelly Kapowski to like him. Eventually, they got married. I liked that movie.
  • great show!

    love this show. Still watch it every now and then. Zack is hot and kelly is very gorgeous. This is a good comedy for teens and preteens and kids. I remember watching this growing up. You follow them in their lives and stories and sometimes, there are messages in the show for people to learn. it's a good show. Produced by Peter Angel and Aaron Spelling. Lisa Turtle is also another one of my favorite characters. She loves shopping and so do I! Slater is soo cute and hunky! Screech is a nerd but we all know or knew of a screech in our lives!
  • "I Love Zack Morris"

    Growing up this was the "It" show on Saturday mornings.
    Saved By The Bell is an extremely corny t.v. show that you can't help but love once you get to know the characters.
    When follow six main characters led by Preppy trouble maker Zack Morris,(who often gives a monologue, or makes comments to the viewers while looking into the camera)who attend Bay Side High.
    There is often a moral to every story.
    I enjoyed these shows very much growing up, they were funny and relevant to the times. I think it is great that they are stilled being played so another wave of young viewers can see them.
  • Great Show.

    This show is aboslutely one of my favorites. It cheers me up when i'm down along with That 70's Show and Roseanne. It is one of the best. But one thing i don't get is that they didn't put the episodes with them younger with Miss Best in them as the first season, instead they cut all those ones out. And those were really good early episodes. WHY did they do that???
  • Zack, Slater, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa and Screech and their days in high school.

    This show is most deffinatly a classic. The characters are great, the acting is well just perfect for the show, and the topics are beautiful. There is no other show like the original "Saved By The Bell." It had it all--comedy, conflict, romance, and drama. This show was another great one. I can't count how many times ive seen every episode of this show. Everyday when I get up I watch this show in the mornings. It has never gotten old. It never will. Another thumbs up for me! Each episode had a new topic or situation for the gang or mainly Zack to deal with in one way or another.
  • A Classic 90's Show!

    Saved By The Bell is a great 90's show for anyone ages 5 and up. The show focuses on a group of friends from Bayside High School in California who are different yet alike in many ways. There is Slater who is the jock, Zach who is the ladies man, Kelly who is every straight mans dream girl, Screech who is the geek, Lisa who is the girl with all the style, and Jessie who a woman with great goals and great grades. Sadly, in the real world these people probably wouldn't be friends. The Jock would pick on the geek, the ladies man would never be friends with the geek, etc. That is real life though and this is the magic of T.V.

    The show focuses mostly on the good things that can happen in high school rather than the bad like; first love, going to a concert with your friends, and just hanging out. It also has good lessons on topics such as drugs, the appropriate use of caffeine, jealousy, and more. It is full of great and memorable characters, most notably Screech. It may seem a little bit unrealistic, but in today's world escape from reality isn't a bad thing.
  • An Overall Good show..

    Most have us have seen Saved By the Bell, Some won't admit it but we have. Yes It's kinda cheesy and a little goofy but hey that's what makes the show great. I could often relate to some characters. The plot was ok I geuss. But it's one of those shows that you don't want to admit on watching.
    I am one of those people. Its just a favorite you don't want others knowing you like. But anyways I liked the romances that came up. The conflicts between some of the characters. In every episode there is a lesson, A lesson on what to do and what not to do. I liked how the characters would argue on things but at the same time they loved each other. Overall A good show, check it out if you haven't seen it. :)

    SBTB was my childhood love, and it still is to this day.

    I loved this's about a group of high school friends who deal with school life, friendships, love and family.

    I don't own any of the dvd's as yet......but it is definately on my to buy list.

    Overall, brilliant show.
  • This show is about six friends;Zack, Slater, Screech, Lisa, Jessie, and Kelly; and their wacky adventures at bayside high school in California.

    I think this show is the best show. It has loads of funny moments and the characters are so loveable. i especially love the relationships between the characters in the group. It was funny how complete opposites Jessie and Slater were, how desperate Screech was toward getting Lisa to like him and how perfect Zack and kelly were for eachother but they could never seem to get things figured out. I give it a nine and one tenth(9.1) because I think some things could have been better like the setting. Things were always in the same place. One episode geometry was in one room and the next episode, history was in that same room. But overall it is one of the best shows i have ever watched.
  • Hilarious antics and lives of the students and principal of Bayside High School.

    I loved this show, one of my favorites of all time, I love Zack and the gang. I have em all on DVD it rocks. One of my favorite episodes is when the school had a dance where the girls carried heart necklaces and they put it around the guy they wanted to go to the dance with, Zack and Slater were both competing against each other for the affections of Kelly, and Zack had problems with Mr. Belding and wouldn't be able to go, and so Kelly chose Slater. Then later in english class the teacher taught them about subliminal messages, Zack got the idea to put a subliminal message in Kelly's favorite music cassette tape to get her to choose him and dump Slater, which works but then backfires when Kelly loans the tape to Jesse.
  • It looks so cheesy now, but defintely a classic!

    This show is definitely a classic. It had a wonderful mix of characters and personalities. Everything from the jock to the nerd. The stories where defintely cheesy at times but it also had great story lines that teens could identify with. The earlier episodes were the best but the series is definitely worth watching.
  • Surely the greatest teen high-school sitcom of all-time!

    Saved By The Bell is corny. It's at times poorly-acted. The morals are very in-your-face.

    So why is it so damn good?!

    The show ran throughout the early 90s on TNBC, and throughout its' 90-odd episodes the series covered all manner of teenage issues, from drugs to concert tickets, to - of course - high school. The show, whilst corny, was frequently very funny - the scripts were sharp and much of the humour was character-based rather than mere shoddy slapstick. The stories did bear morals admittedly, but the plots - often creative and unique - overshadowed them, thankfully, and the actors were actually rather skilled for their ages - some scenes are overacted, sometimes the action seems rather wooden - but between the 6 kids and high-school principal Mr Belding, a very good teenage show was created, and it's great to see it's out on DVD and still airing in syndication today where it can find new audiences. Recommended!
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