Saved by the Bell

NBC (ended 1993)





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  • Zack Morris is a blond Tom Cruise.

    However cheesy and dated this show may seem now, back in its prime, everyone watched it. You couldn't help but watch it. Two gorgeous guys, an annoying nerd who was best friends with one of the gorgeous guys, and three beautiful girls who dated the gorgeous guys.

    Set in Califoria, it was cool and glamorous, and like a younger/funnier version of Beverly Hills 90210. (Some SBTB cast members did actually go over to 90210 when they got a bit older.)

    Mark-Paul Gosselaar was the blond, younger version of 90210's Jason Priestley. Both teen idols, both with a major fanbases of screaming girls with their first crushes (yes, I admit it, I was one of them.) As Zack he spoke to the camera, froze time to plan his next scheme, and, yeah, of course, always got the girls (86, to be exact).

    This is one of those rare shows that reunited all the original cast members in the final 1994 episode for the wedding of the ultimate couple of the show, Zack and Kelly. For that, it gets a perfect 10 from me, because I was crazy about this couple and really wanted them to get their happy ending, which they did.

    The original SBTB is the best. The best thing about the College Years is the Zack/Kelly reunion. I'd advise TRUE fans of SBTB to stay away from The New Class, which lasted so many seasons, and I really don't know why. The new cast just wasn't as good and they repeated all the same storylines from the original version. SBTB just doesn't work without Zack Morris and his friends.