Saved by the Bell

NBC (ended 1993)





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  • A teen show following the lives of 6 students at a school.Zack Morris,AC Slater,Screech Powers,Kelly Kapowski,Jessie Spano and Lisa Turtle are average students who all hang around together and get involved in sticky situations.

    A funny and life-like tv show about 6 teenagers who are all so unique yet they bond together so well.They are always getting involved in hilariously funny situations and trying desperately to get out of them without being caught,usually by their principal Mr.Belding,who is not only their principal but often their confidant.When the scenes are not taking place at the school they are usually at The Max,the gangs regular hang out diner or in one of their houses,mainly Zacks.I find the humour in this very entertaining and hysterically funny at times.I love all the characters as they're just all so loveable in their own little ways,especially Zack as he is the typical blonde haired,blue eyed heart-throb always involved in teen programmes and has such a cheeky and loveable personality.The antics in this programme are very enjoyable and I find it hard not to laugh as they commit the usual stupid and pointless mistakes trying to get themselves out of a lot of trouble.