Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 16, 1991 on NBC

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  • The S.A.T.'s roll around and the gang prepare in their own ways to take the test. What they werent prepared for though is that when the scores are revealed, the word shocking would be an understatement. Zack gets the highest score to everyones shock.

    The episode begins with the gang and their classmates taking the S.A.T.'s. Fast forward to a few weeks later and they all gather at The Max to reveal their scores. While at The Max they see James who went from failed actor to waiter. Zack shows that he can care less about his score and has Screech do the honor of opening his test score envelope. To everyones shock and amazement, Zack scored a 1502 (with 1600 being the highest possible score). Jessie scored a 1205 which is still good but didnt fulfill her expectations, especially with Zacks unexpected flash of brilliance. Belding sees this as an oppurtunity to challenge Zack and sets him up in all hard level classes feeling that he hadnt pushed Zack enough in the past to Zacks dismay.

    Because of the S.A.T.'s there are college representatives from different schools in the gym and this is when the real fun begins. Jessie is bent on getting into a school named Stansbury (IMO a Stanford ripoff). Just when shes about to sit down to talk to the representative named Helen, Belding has Zack cut the line and hypes him and his score up to Helen who pretty much says hes all but in based on his score. Belding also compliments Jessies accolades to Helen but once she discovers she "only" got a 1205 she owns her and basically brushes her off saying that theres plenty of other schools that would be perfect for her. Pure comedy IMO...LOL. The next ownage by Helen is when she visits The Max. Everyone thinks its for her to reconsider Jessie but in turn she wanted to talk about Slater joining the football team and even offers him a scholorship eventhough he only got a 1050 on his S.A.T.'s. Jessie at this point bugs out beyond belief and even gets detention for the first time in her life. This is when Zack thinks up a scheme which involes James playing a representative from Harvard and puts his booth right next to Stansburys. Anybody that apporached his booth would get thrown out with the quickness unless they were named Jessica Spano. The trick named Helen overhears the praise Spano is getting and reconsiders her offer and invites Jessie to Stansbury. Jessie seeing that Helen only now wants her cause Harvard did denies the offer along with Slater and the trick named Helen is left speechless. The last act James plays is the head of the S.A.T. board and basically convinces Belding to lighten up on the heavy workload he had been giving to Zack in which Belding obliges.

    All in all i enjoyed this episodes because it really showed that the gang will always look after each other in a time of crisis. Also the two part acting job done by James was priceless. My two favorite moments of the episode though would have to be Jessies reactions after getting owned two differnt times by Helen (The Stansbury representative), once at the booth and the other with Slater at The Max...Priceless.
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