Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 16

Save That Tiger

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 16, 1989 on NBC

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  • Like okay!

    Valley & Bayside triumph once again. In this riveting episode. I love how Jessie joins the cheerleading team, and makes a lame cheer & new outfits. That was amazingly funny, what was also another highlight of the episode is when Valley cheered, that was hilarious, full of airheads! But Bayside's cheer was way better, the ant idea was fabulous! And this episode was great! Zack & Kelly's plot merge together & I love plot development, and finally Valley is busted, the Valley Principal was very annoying, anyways, a great sum of a great episode. Practixcal episode about real life school wars.
  • the battle between bayside and their rival school is on-going leading to the kidnapping of both schools' mascots

    this ep was so hilarious from start to almost every ep of this show ive been so impressed and blown away they all have me rolling on the floor almost the whole got so funny when it got more personal..oh sorry spoiler..screech becomes the mascot for bayside and unfortunately things go bad for him as they usually do when he gets involved in aanything..but its funny how both the schools mascots get kidnapped which was like so horrible...ppl get so crazy in these not saying we didnt have any rivals in high school but we actually didnt do this stuff..but i guess for the show and ep it works lol..
  • Saved By The Tiger? Warning: Contains spoilers.

    The tiger, Bayside's mascot. Oh Screech, how much he probably enjoys being Bayside's mascot. Oh, yes. Even when Valley kidnaps him for a prank. What? Okay, leave Screech alone! Like he was alone when Lisa denied him the right to go out with her! Well, they did and Bayside is out to get him back. This episode was hilarious with many things that stand out. It even involves a Bull Dog, one of the cutest dogs on the face of the Earth.

    I recommend this episode highly, and I do think that this episode would be a great first impression episode.