Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 3

Save the Max

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 22, 1990 on NBC

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  • A lot of plot development.

    I really like this episode, very different from the others, it hints that The Max is having money problems in like the middle of the episode when they are worrying about Slater & the radio station. I would of never imagined Belding as a rebel. That seemed unrealistic, it all starts with a radio station but it ends up to be about a fundraiser on saving The Max, and that is what I like to see, plot development. Which this episode had, and they ended up saving The Max with Slater's encouragement. But the weird part is, they never mention the radio station again after this episode.
  • zack and the gang find the old radio station for the school and start it back up again; they use it to get ppl to save the max

    hence the title of the ep lol..but its just the easiest and best way i can think to describe it anyways..this ep was really good and this is the first time we actually hear bout beldings past..ok i wont make u wait here it is...spoiler..belding used to be the dj and apparently he had a thing for authority so he mooned the school boar when they tried to make him do something that he didnt want to do lol..and zack of course being zack uses this to his advantage and gets what he wants by making ppl see how much the max means and try to raise enough money to keep their hang out open..belding gets on board and its a success
  • Max to the Max!

    Zack and his friends discovered an old school radio station in their school that the principal once used, but they decides to bring it back. But, it doesn't go very well. They discover that Mr. Belding was kicked off the radio when he was the DJ and he responded with mooning the school board. He decides to change and bring the radio back.

    This episode was well written. I enjoyed having Slater actually being the part of an episode, instead of a co-part. These are one of those episodes where the whole team are part of an episode, trying to get something to go good. There wasn't much humor that I've enjoyed, but it still was funny. This episode is also one of those episodes where Screecher acts like a total idiot, unaware of what's going on. Haha, he's awesome. The actor who plays Screecher needs to stop doing stand-up if he didn't.

  • Too inaccurate for a highschool radio station. Broke too many FCC rules and regulations. I should know because I work with a highschool radio station. Most high school DJs actually sound like Slater does on the air, sadly. And no one listens.

    Too inaccurate for a highschool radio station. I should know because I work with a highschool radio station. Broke too many FCC rules and regulations. First off you can't go off the air for like 20 years and come back on without the FCC going WTF. I'm sure their licensing had long sinced expired. I was gonna make a comment about the whole 98 FM thing but it was 1960s when they first started, back when few used FM. And they didn't allocate noncommerical channels. Though I'm surprised a frequency such as that would remain empty for 20 years, especially in CA. Funny how all the equipment was 100% intact.
    Lisa using full names was definately slander and invasion of privacy.
    Doing a remote broadcast isn't easy either. Either they used illegal equipment to sent their signal back to the transmitter or they installed a long wire, which isn't easy.
    Sadly most high school DJs actually sound like Slater does on the air. And no one listens to the radio, sadly not even the students do.
    Funny how they ditch their radio ambitions once they saved the max. No one shut them down...they just stopped. Sad. Colleges KILL for FM frequencies.
  • This is a fine example of why businesses today are going belly up

    What really pissed me off about this episode is that the gang was at the Max and they find out that the max is going to shut down. At the beginning they found a hideout where they can make radio broadcasts from the school and thus the launch of KKTY bayside tiger radio begins. They use it to their advantage to help the max. In the end, they hold a telethon to raise 10,000 dollars to save the max.

    The part that really pisses me off is that if you notice, no one orders anything at the max. How the hell can the max survive if people just go there and hang out. The place is a freaking business. They need to blame themselves for any downfall of the max. The kids must be learned that businesses don't survive without customers. You'll see an occasional milk shake or burger at the max, but most people are not eating. So if the max does ever go belly up, the kids must be taught that it's their fault and if they want to drown in the pacific due to depression, be my guest.
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