Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 25

School Song

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 28, 1992 on NBC

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  • The gang decides to write the new school song as the annual Senior Gift. Zack however has his own plans to sabotage his competitors and claim the sole right to the song so he can do down in Bayside history on a positive note instead of being a slacker.

    The episode begins with the gang meeting in Beldings office trying to figure out what they should do as the annual Senior Gift. They choose to write a new school song, since the old one was pitiful and out of date. Zack comes into the meeting late and gets unusually made fun of by all the heads in the room as being always late, a slacker, etc.

    He decides he doesnt want to me known as the town screw-up so he decides to make sure the new Bayside song is done by him and him only so that he'll be known for something positive. They hold a compeition over the PA system where each artist/group does their song and the students vote on it. First up is Slater and Tori. Zack f'd up one of the piano keys so during their performance they mess up because of Zacks scheme which leads to an argument between the two of them over the PA system, which killed any hopes of them winning. Screech is next and Zack automatically assumes that he'll bury himself but to the schools surprise some of them were actually liking his song. After the final votes were tallied Zack and Screech tied in votes to Zack disbelief. Their final performances will be with the glee club in front of an audience in which they will decide the winner. Zack believes that if he can get the nerd vote towards him the hes a shue in to win. Unfortunately Slater and the gang catch onto what hes doing. They put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize it was him who sabotaged their performances. They regroup and decide the best way to get back at him is to make him lose the final performance. Fast foward to the final performance. Slater slips some lemony stuff into Zacks drink right before he goes on stage to sing. About halfway through Zacks performance he starts fumbling over his words and gets a hoarse voice courtesy of Slaters lemony contraption. His set ends with the crowd in disbelief at how horrible it was. Backstage the gang comes clean to Zack about messing up his performance but say it was only revenge for what he originally did to them. Screech is up next and with some provisions of his lyrics by the gang, his song ends up being a success declaring his song officially the new school song.