Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 5

Screech's Woman

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 16, 1989 on NBC

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  • Good episode, but others are better

    This was a good episode, but the first four season 1 episodes were better.
  • Zack dresses as a woman.

    This really questions Zack & everyone else Sexuality since everyone was checking out Zack as a girl, just kidding tat is very inappropriate. But I do not like how Zack is so messed up to Screech, I feel so bad for him at times. Lisa wont even go on one date, it is sad. And Zack just wants his project done, I like how Belding got tied in to this. Belding & "Bambi" in the boys room, I love when Slater walks in. Classic! I like the end. "Want to go to the ladies room?" "Sure sounds like fun" "Hold it" A super funny way to end an episode.
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    This episode was not a very great episode, but it was quite hilarious. The only dislike about this episode, and the major dislike is the time. It seemed very short. Zack dresses up as a girl too late in the episode, so that doesn't leave much room for much to do in the episode, but it was quite hilarious like I said before to see Zack dress up as a girl. He.. or what I should say "She" looked kind of cute. Screech must have good taste. So what am I talking about in this sort of paragraph? I'll explain it right now.

    Zack feels sorry for Screech for not having a girlfriend, and Screech seems very depressed, so Zack dresses up as a girl and goes on a date with Screech with the name Bambi. Although, this date is quite short, it was kind of a nice idea to give a reason why the date was short. Screech dumps Bambi because one of her rules for dating (that's odd.. rules for dating a girl? If that were to happen to me, those better not be strict) was to have Screech leave Zack, but Screech likes Zack as a friend so much that he wouldn't trade him for the world, so he dumps Bambi and she cries.

    This episode was very hilarious. Although, the plot summary I just gave is enough to make you not want to watch the episode, it is quite funny.
  • It was funny.

    Zach posed as Bambi. At first he though that him posing as a woman over the phone is enough to get Screech back on track but think again Zack. Screech wanted to meet Bambi in person. So Zack dressed up as a woman and met up with Screech at the Max. He had to get out of kissing Screech all thanks to Slater. This was one hilariopus episode.
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