Saved by the Bell - Season 2

NBC (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • 1-900-Crushed
    Episode 11
    Zach's latest idea is to give advice to fellow students but the plan fails when Lisa quits and he has to take over. He give the wrong advice and has to live with the result...
  • 12/9/90
    The gang is in trouble. If they fail a test by an obnoxious teacher, they won't be able to go on a class field trip. On the day of the test. the teacher doesn't show, so Belding's brother Rod takes over.

    Principal Belding's brother offers to take the whole class on a special field trip which makes him very popular with the students. When he makes other plans the principal has to step in.moreless
  • Miss Bayside
    Episode 8
    Zack bets Slater that he can guarantee the winner of the Miss Bayside Beauty Pageant, but Slater bets that Screech will win. Jessie protests about the pageant but thinks that a male winner wouldn't be that bad after all.
  • From Nurse to Worse
    Episode 16
    Zack falls for a new student, only to discover that she's the new school nurse. Meanwhile Slater is afraid of getting his flu shots.
  • Save the Max
    Episode 3

    Zack and Screech discover the room where Bayside High's radio station, KKTY, was housed. The gang begs to out the station back on air, which had been shut down due to the antics of Richard "The Big Bopper" Belding when he was a student. With Lisa as the local gossip, Screech telling creepy stories, Zach as the main DJ, Jessie reporting the latest news, Kelly hosting "desire hour", and A.C. giving sports, Slater becomes upset because everyone thinks that he's a bad sports announcer, so he quits, but returns when the gang needs him most. Meanwhile, the gang's hangout The Max was in jeopardy of closing and being torn down so they run a radio telethon at the place to raise money to save it.

  • The Prom
    Episode 1
    With the prom coming up everyone needs to pick a partner and when Zack gets to go with Kelly, it seems to good to be true, which it turns out to be...
  • Jessie's Song
    Episode 9
    Jessie is under pressure with midterms and her own singing group so she turns to caffeine pills, ignoring Slater's warning that the pills are hazardous to her health. When Zack finds out he cancels her performance and rushes to her side.
  • Glee Club
    Episode 18
    The gang joins the glee club, but soon terrible things start happening. First Jessie catches Lisa's cold. Screech makes a fool of himself in front of his girlfriend's parents who forbid Screech to see her, and the glee club singing is way off-key.
  • Rent-a-Pop
    Episode 7
    The gang decides to hold a carnival to raise money for a ski trip. Zack has been failing so Belding calls a meeting for Zack and his dad. Zack hires an actor so that Belding won't be able to call on his dad again. Unfortunately for Zack, the real Mr. Morris and Mr. Belding run into each other at the school carnival.moreless
  • 12/16/90
    Today is a bad day for the couples as disagreements force Zack and Kelly plus Slater and Jessie to split up. Neither part though will be the first to make an apology but they are miserable without the other's company.
  • Blind Dates
    Episode 6
    Zack is made to take out Principal Belding’s niece. However, Zack gets Screech to pretend to be him for the date, so that he's free to go to Kelly's party. Lisa finds a bloke to go on a date with Jessie but apparently for her, size matters.
  • Model Students
    Episode 10
    Zack convinces Belding to fire the nerds who own the student store. The gang reopens the store but unfortunately no one wants to come in, so Zack and Screech secretly take pictures of the girl's swim team and Kelly is invited to a model shoot out, which leaves Zach out in the cold.moreless
  • Driver's Education
    Episode 4
    Zack, fearing that if Slater could drive that Kelly would rather go out with him, plots to make Slater fail his driver's test. Slater ends up having an accident and a locker falls on Kelly and when she realises who was behind it, she makes it worse than it really is.moreless
  • House Party
    Episode 5
    Screech's parents leave for Graceland. While they are gone the gang accidentally breaks his mother's Elvis statue. With only a little money, they decide to hold a party to get a new statue before his mother finds out.
  • Zack's War
    Episode 2
    Mr. Belding tries to change Zack by forcing him to join the Army Cadet Corps. Zack manages to get the others to join with him. After they aren't ready for the competition, he leaves them high and dry. Will he help out when the times comes?
  • Running Zack
    Episode 13
    Zack fails a test. If he does it again, he's off the track team. His teacher arranges a tutor for Zack who is a Native American. Zack soon learns about his own heritage but doesn't feel like going to the rally when tragedy strikes.
  • The Babysitters
    Episode 14
    Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen) breaks her arm so the kids watch after her baby school! They need to hide the baby from their teachers and Belding (Dennis Haskins), who suspects that the gang might be up to something.
  • 11/23/90
    Looking for a way to make a quick buck, Slater and Zack have Screech dress up as an alien from outer space to trick a tabloid.