Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 24

Slater's Friend

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 28, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

In speech class, which is being taught by Coach Rizzo, the assignment is to talk about your best friend. Slater talks about his pet chameleon, Artie. Later he shows off Artie at The Max. He asks Screech to watch him for the night, and Screech agrees. Meanwhile, Jessie is unable to help Kelly with her speech as she promised, so Zack takes advantage of the opportunity and offers to help her instead.

Later, in Zack's room, Screech shows up with Artie. Zack doesn't want to see him, but Screech tells him that one of his creatures wants to eat Artie, so he had to get him out of the Kelly puts Artie's box on Zack's desk under a lamp. Then Jessie shows up unexpectedly, and as it was warm in the room, opens the window. She's now able to help Kelly with her assignment and, to Zack's dismay, they leave. The next day Zack shows up with Artie and is concerned that he's still sleeping, but Screech points out that he's actually dead.

Slater can't wait to see his best friend, but instead of telling him the truth, the gang decides to stall. Zack tells him that he'll bring Artie to The Max at lunchtime, and Slater agrees to wait. In the meantime, Zack has bought another chameleon and hopes to pass him off as Slater. Slater buys it for a moment, but unfortunately the girls had the same idea, and show up with yet another chameleon. Slater now knows for sure that somethings wrong, but then figures that Zack must just have lost Artie. Later, after Slater has searched Zack's room for his friend, the gang finally comes clean and admits that Artie's dead. To everyone's surprise, Slater doesn't seem to care.

The next day Kelly is giving the speech on her best friend, her dog. Slater spends the whole time heckling her, until Coach Rizzo finally sends him to the principal's office. Mr. Belding tries to get him to talk, but Slater won't budge. Zack and Screech come in and tell Mr. Belding the real reason Slater's upset, and after Slater talks with Mr. Belding he finally breaks down and grieves the loss of his friend.

Later the gang holds a memorial service for Artie. People get up and say nice things about him, and Jessie sings a song that Screech wrote. They then bring Artie to the boys' room to give him a "burial at sea."