Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 17

Slater's Sister

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 31, 1992 on NBC

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  • Slaters younger sister, JB, arrives to Bayside looking older and more attractive since the last time the gang had seen her. Zack, as usual, goes for the girl but this time he has to go through his buddy, Slater to get to JB. A confrontation then ensues.

    This episode starts off with the gang chilling out on the hallyway steps just BSing with each other. Zack eyes a cute girl, tells Slater to look at her, and Slater reponds saying that its his sister, JB. Zack sets a goal up to persue JB. Zack and JB go out on a few dates but Slater gets ultra jealous knowing Zacks past with girls and tries to mess up their date. He even went as far as to fake choking on a piece of popcorn so they could make an early exit at the movie theater. The second plot of this episode focuses on Mr. Belding having to take male sensitity classes. They replace their gym period with Belding rocking a bear skin suit (pure comedy moment) screaming and passing around a stick to people. Holding the stick signifies that youre able to speak and share your true feelings. After a couple boring monolouges by "Big" Pete and Ox, the stick finally gets handed over to Slater. Slater erupts and becomes enraged towards Zack about dating his sister, continues to tell some more, and then throws the stick on the ground and walks out of the gym like a little cowardly trick...LOL.

    After thinking more and more about it, Zack decides to tell JB that they need to "take a break" until things cool off. Unfortunately JB doesnt feel the same way and gets mad pissed off at Slater. She storms into his wrestling practice and plays him out so bad that he got pinned easily.

    The last scene of this episode is the at the Sock Hop dance in which The Five Aces (Screech, Zack, Slater, Tori, and Lisa) are scheduled to perform. The tension and animosity between Zack and Slater is evident but Slater mans up and brings Zack and JB together. Slater admits that he was a little too overprotective and that they can still see each other if thats what they wanna do. The episode ends with The Five Aces taking the stage and putting out an excellent performance.

    Overall this episode was cool cause it introduced another character, JB, that hadnt been shown before. Also the proof that the animosity between Zack and Slater is still there from The Fight and who knows if theyll both ever forgive each other. The only difference i wouldve made is to have had JB become a regular chracter but as usual with this show, characters come and go at the drop of a hat so its no surprise this was a one episode deal for JB.