Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 21

Snow White and the Seven Dorks

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 14, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

The students are discussing the upcoming school play, and several of them throw out ideas for what they can do. Screech suggests doing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and everyone laughs at him until Mr. Bainbridge points out that they can make some changes so that it won't be like the children's story everyone is thinking about. They all agree to do it, and the dorks, who are usually stage hands, ask to take part in the play this year. Their request is granted.

Auditions are held, and Zack winds up as Prince Charming, Jessie as Snow White, and Kelly as the Wicked Queen. However, Zack immediately drops out, because he only tried out because he didn't want anyone else kissing Kelly in case she got the role of Snow White. But they talk him into staying.

The cast rehearses, but when it comes to the scene where Zack has to kiss Jessie, it simply isn't convincing, so Mr. Bainbridge suggests that they practice. After everyone leaves, Zack and Jessie do practice kissing, and before long are obviously enjoying it. Unfortunately for them, Lisa accidentally sees them.

Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa are together later, and Jessie is flustered because of the kiss. Out of guilt she admits to Kelly that she kissed Zack, but Kelly doesn't see the big deal since they were only acting.

Not knowing what to do, Zack and Jessie go to Mr. Belding to tell him that they have to drop out of the play, and they explain why. He convinces them that they need to kiss again to see if there's anything there, because if there is, then they should be together, and if there isn't, they have nothing to worry about. Later they do kiss, and feel nothing, so in celebration, they kiss again. Unfortunately Kelly and Slater, who were both concerned at how strangely Jessie and Zack had been acting, walk in on them and jump to the wrong conclusion. As much as Jessie and Zack insist there's nothing going on, no one believes them.

The night of the play comes, and Jessie and Zack decide to use it to set things right. They rewrite part of the play so that when it's time for Prince Charming to kiss Snow White, Zack instead says he wants to be with Kelly the Wicked Queen, and Jessie says that she wants to be with Slater the Dork. Kelly and Slater forgive them, and everyone gets back together. And although it was a little confusing to the rest of the cast and the audience, the play was a success.