Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 21

Snow White and the Seven Dorks

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 14, 1992 on NBC

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  • With the annual Bayside play upcoming, tensions are high and relationships are tested between Slater and Jessie and Zack and Kelly.

    The episode starts off with the entire gang in a drama club meeting trying to come up with the theme for this years play. To everyones shock Screech comes up a Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs idea to which everyone agrees. Kelly suggests they do a rap version for a little twist on the play and the play is now set in stone.

    The entire gang (minus Slater) all try out for different parts and when the list displaying whos getting what part are revelaed they are as goes:

    Jessie as Snow White
    Zack as The Prince
    Kelly as The Evil Stepmother
    Lisa as The Mirror On The Wall
    Screech as Dork #5

    During rehearsals everything seems to be going smoothly except for the kiss between Zack and Jessie. This is because of the awkardness that they both feel because theyre dating other people. The teacher tells them to practice on it but both (more so Zack) question it saying that it would feel like theyre making out. Jessie convinces him otherwise and they start kissing. To everyone, including mines surprise they really get into the kiss and start basically making out. Lisa accidently walks in on it but backs out before she is seen by them. Throughout the next few scenes, both Jessie and Zack are acting unusually awkward towards their significant other. Slater gets suspicious and decides to join the play as the Dork #9 so he can keep an eye on Jessie. This creates even more tension on the set during practice. This includes the kissing scene and with all eyes (including Slaters) on Zack, Jessie gets cold feet and runs away from the set with Zack following her behind. Thats the moment when Slater really realizes that somethings up between the two of them.

    The next scene is Jessie and Zack both in Beldings office debating whether or not to quit the play in fear of losing their current relationships. Belding gives them his usual half crap/half good advice. The dialouge during this scene that really pissed me off was when Belding was about to make fun of Zack, Jessie states "be careful what you say, this could potentially be the guy i love" Give me an f'n break there Caffiene Pill Spano...LOL. Beldings ends his rant by telling them to kiss one more time and if theres no feelings then they know it wasnt meant to be and they can just be friends. Ready to try out Beldings advice, Zack and Jessie go to the gym to see if the kiss means anything. Meanwhile Slater comes up to Kelly at her locker and they both acknowledge that their significant others have been acting strange lately. They come to the conclusion that they were probably just paranoid about what they thought theyd think and its no big deal and they go to find Zack and Jessie to let them know its all good. Unfortunately in usual SBTB fashion, Kelly and Slater walk in on Zack and Jessie kissing (the kiss Belding suggested them to do to see if it meant anything) and it gets crazy from there as they interpretated it the wrong way. Slater owns Jessie by calling her a "nuerotic egghead" and breaks up with her while Kelly calls Zack a "skinny wimp" and peaces his ass out too...LOL.

    Fast forward to the night of the play where tensions are high and anything can happen. Kelly improvs some lines towards the negative about Jessie even though they werent in the script thus proving that the beef is getting taken to the next level. The final kiss scene is here and just when it looks like Zack is going to kiss Jessie, she hops up and says a rhyme about how "The Prince" and her are just friends and that "Dork #9 (Slater)" is the one she really wants and proceeds to kiss him. Hes shocked in a good way and goes along with it. Meanwhile Zack kicks a little rhyme of his own and ends up making out with Kelly and all is now forgiven in your typical SBTB nice and tidy ending.

    I didnt mean to go on for that bible entry i just posted but when im peaced like i am right now you just lose track of time and space. I like how they interpretated rap into the play and it was nice to see such promising couples have their ups and downs but in the end the ups won over the downs. Also i gotta say it was a great and unique plot and for that i gotta rank this up there was one of my all-time favorite episodes.
  • A nice twist on a classic fairy tale.

    What can I say about the Snow White and the Seven Dorks episode of Saved by the Bell? Well, this is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the series, mainly due to the way the writers put a modern twist on the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    One part that I really enjoyed about the episode happened at the beginning, with the drama club was deciding what play to produce. Zack suggesting to do the play they did the year before since they already knew the script was known by the students involved with the club was pretty comical, since he was showing his occasional slacker mentality. Another thing that I enjoyed about this scene was his reaction to Screech’s suggestion to using the fairy tale as their play and the geeks desire to have acting roles in it.

    As the episode progresses, I enjoyed the way both Zack and Jessie were worried about how Kelly and Slater would react if they found out how they enjoyed kissing each other while practicing their scenes in the play. You could tell from each couple’s history that at least one of them would become jealous if they learned the other had feelings for someone else. It was their reaction to Zack and Jessie’s kiss that resulted in why I largely like this episode: I absolutely loved the way they improved their lines at times to explain to Kelly and Slater what happened between them, so they can be forgiven.

    In all, these were some of the reasons why I enjoyed this episode of Saved by the Bell. Because, like the fairy tale the drama students acted out on stage, it had a happy ending.