Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 3

Student-Teacher Week

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 12, 1992 on NBC

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  • Zack as Principal = Priceless

    This episode had to do with the students trading places with the teachers for a week. Kelly got to be a History teacher while Zack traded places with Belding and became the Principal while Belding became the rebellious student. Also the big football game between Bayside and their rival Valley just happens to be the upcoming weekend. The problems start when Kelly assigns a test to her class which upsets the football team cause it interfers with their football play learning time. Slater goes to Zack to tell Kelly to do away with tests. It works for a millisecond as Ox opens his mouth and plays Zack out forcing Kelly to reinstate the test. The day of the test everyone cuts and i felt bad for Kelly. She goes to Zack for advice but Zack gets mad at her for violating his no-test policy but then she gives him a wake up calling about doing whats right no matter who you hurt. At the pep ralley Zack pulls a stunning move and suspends Slater and the other players that cut Kellys exam. Flash foward to Zacks office and just as Kelly is thanking him for what he did the entire pep rally kicks his door down and demands him to reinstate the players. He refuses and after some back and forth banntering it ends in peace. The only waythe players could still make in into the game is to take the test while the game is going on. Screech periodically updates the players on the score of the game and it ends up being 21-0 with Valley ahead. Just then the players all pass the tets and get ready to kick some Valley butt. The episode ends with some played out college football footage thats supposed to be Bayside but in the end all is good cause Bayside won the game 28-21.