Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 3

The Aftermath

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 21, 1991 on NBC

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  • the aftermath

    A superb episode of Saved By The Bell, come season 3, as we got to see in the last episode, I think the show really matured and we got to delve in to all the character's emotions. The Zack & Kelly relationship became the main focus of the show as the show progressed, but this episode was just a great episode focused on them.

    We got some very emotional scenes here, from Kelly slapping Zack in the face for dancing with a girl to their song to Zack "cleaning out his locker" This episode was very emotional and I felt the exact same way Kelly's friends felt. Kelly became extremely unlikable, leaving Zack for an older guy? Slapping Zack, and then saying she didn't mean to hurt him THEN bringing Jeff to Lisa's party, honestly, it was as if Kelly was trying to provoke him.

    Zack & Kelly decide to be friends in the end, and it looks like things are going back to normal. Great superb episode with a lot of development here.
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    This episode was hilarious and informing in losing love and making friends. I enjoyed this episode so much. It was sad to see Kelly and Zack break up in a previous episode, but it made me happy to see them come back together. It was very great and I enjoyed this episode.

    Zack tries to start dating but it doesn't work, so he's depressed and decides not going to Lisa's sweet 16 party because she invited Jeff and Kelly.
    I recommend this episode for everyone because this episode was informing. If you lose love, you can make a friend with that, too.
  • Zack realizes that getting over Kelly is harder then he originally thought.

    This episode pretty much starts off around the time where The Last Dance ended. Zack and Kelly are officially broken up and Kelly is now with college duck Jeff. Lisas having a Sweet 16 birthday bash at her house. Zack's friends realize that the situation isnt looking good for him and try out some way to make him feel better. During one of those ways, Zack, Screech, and Slater at the movies, Zack catches Kelly and Jeff cuddling in the back row. He storms off realizing that getting over Kelly isnt going to be easy. The gang then decides to set him up on blind dates with some of their friends. All of them are duds except for Screech's cousin, Kimberly. Zack tries to flaunt his new love interest in Kellys face at The Max but it backfires leaving him with Kelly slapping his face, Kimberly throwing a milkshake on him, and the gang letting him that what he did was messed up. At Lisas party Zack is a no show due to not wanting to see Kelly and Jeff together. He realizes that he was acting immature and eventually shows up. The episode ends with him apologizing to Kelly for the way he acted and telling her that he really wants to be friends with her this time.

    This episode was another great one but it was tough seeing Zack all befuddled over the break-up with Kelly. By the end though it looked like he was going to get back on his feet. Lastly as we all know, this isnt the last of the great couple known as Zack and Kelly.