Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 13

The Election

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 18, 1989 on NBC

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  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    These are one of these episodes that involve Zack regretting one of his schemes, and also contains helping friends. These are one of these heart warming episodes from Saved By The Bell that aren't the best episodes, but can have it's own category in the hearts of the Saved By The Bell audience and TV watching or what ever community. I enjoyed this episode, and I also found it hilarious. When I just said hilarious, I meant hilarious! Really. I love how this episode brings schemes and helping friends together.

    Zack is running for school election after finding out that the winners of the school presidential election will win a trip to Washington. After Mr. Belding finds out that Zack was only running for the election, he lies and say that he cancelled the trip. Zack is now forced to run in order to convince the principal that he was not running only for the trip. Well, after winning by one vote, he finds out that the trip was not cancelled, but feels sorry for Jessie.

    This episode has potential, but it shouldn't be watched as a first impression for the series since the series isn't all laughs and sadness, it's mostly laughs.
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