Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 15

The Fabulous Belding Boys

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 09, 1990 on NBC

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  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Mr. Belding may not be the best principal. In fact, he's probably even the most boring and odd principal that ever walked the Earth. Little did you know is that he has a brother. A much cooler, exciting, and a backstabbing brother. I found this episode to be very great, and finally I get to learn a lot about Mr. Belding and his life, and I get to see the softer and cooler side of Mr. Belding.

    Mr. Belding's brother Rod takes over History class and he chooses the class trip to be to go rafting. After he leaves the class to go out with some stewardess, the class is dissapointed. Little did they know is that Mr. Belding is there to save the day. And that's an odd thing if you watch the show, since he usually is the mean one and the one who is strict and stopping the gang from doing things.

    This episode was hilarious, and I loved it a lot. I think of this episode as the beginning of season three, since it was on the season three & four DVD box set. I could see that Screech's voice has changed, and this will go on to make his fantastic, silly, and crazy jokes turn very unusual to hear in this new cracking voice.

    I recommend this episode. This episode will also be great as a first impression episode, meaning this is a great episode to watch as the first episode you have ever watched on Saved By The Bell. If you happen to see this episode on TV, I recommend you to keep watching. This episode was fantastic. It seemed to be longer than the other episodes, except it was the same length as them.
  • The gang is ecstatic as Mr. Beldings younger and hipper brother comes to Bayside as a substitue teacher. Unfortunately they learn that you cant judge a book by its cover as he bails out on the gang just as they are set to leave for their senior trip.

    The episode starts off with a history exam coming up for the gang and the hardest teacher at Bayside is assigning it. To their luck he gets suspended and they get a new substitute teacher. Coincidently he just happens to be Rod Belding, Mr. Beldings brother. He connects with the students right away by giving them each the grade they believe they deserve for the mid-term instead of taking it themselves.

    Quick Side Note: There are a couple times throughout the episode where Mr. Belding tries to warn Zack that Rod isnt as cool as he seems and that he has no loyalties whatsoever when it comes to making commitments. Unfortunately Zack blows him off and writes it off as him being jealous of his own brother.

    The second plot revolves around the annual Senior Trip. The gang cant decide where to go so Mr. Belding picks Yosemite National Park in which the gang all agrees to go. One day while "renting" out Beldings office to watch the Dodger game, Rod tells Zack that Yosemite is boring and that they should go white water rafting instead for their trip. Zack agrees but the only problem is that Mr. Belding doesnt know the first thing about rafting but Rod says he does. Next scene is at The Max where the gang contemplates between Yosemite and rafting. They choose rafting and although an akward moment, they tell Mr. Belding that theyd rather go rafting with Rod then to Yosemeti with him. After they bounce his office a distraught Mr. Belding throws away his Yosemeti brocheurs and has an upset look on his face. The last scene is the entire class all packed up and ready to go in the gym waiting for the buses to arrive. Everyone is excited about going. The buses finally arrive and everyone is set to board them when Rod is noticeably missing. Zack goes off to find him and while in the hallway overhears two voices coming from Beldings office. The conversation he is overrhearing is between Mr. Belding and Rod. He hears that scumbag Rob telling Belding that he is cancelling at the last minute because of some slorebag stewardass named "Inga" that he just met and wants to spend the night with. That prag Rod acts like its no big deal and tells Belding to cover for him. While Zack is still listening in disbelief, Belding kicks his brothers fruitcake ass out of his office. Zack goes back to the gym and Kelly notices that somethings wrong with him but Zack wont divulge what it is to her. Next thing you know Mr. Beldings in the gym explaining that Rob cant make it because hes "not feeling well." Sorry Beldo but that might be the trick move of the year, brother or not brother. The gang is shocked and is ready to head home but Belding kind of redeems himself by taking Rods place on the ski trip, even though he has little ski experience. The episode ends with Zack apologizing to Belding for doubting his earlier warnings about Rob and all is forgivin between them.

    I personally loved this episode. First off it was nice to finally see one of Beldings siblings for the first and only time on the show. Second off the way that Zack apologized at the end was something the Zack of two years earlier wouldnt have done which shows that his maturity level has grown since the start of the show. And that mouth to mouth scene while "practicing" CPR was classic...LOL. All in all another fantastic episode and i cant wait until the next time i get peaced so i can write a couple more reviews...LOL.