Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 2

The Fight

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 12, 1992 on NBC

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  • Strange episode

    This was an odd episode.
  • Zack vs Slater!!!

    This episode marked a return to the original premise of this show which was to have Zack and Slater as rivals. While im happy they ended up being friends it still was cool to see them brawl one time. The Fight starts out with the gang in the halls on the first day of school overjoyed that theyre finally Seniors and its their last year at Bayside. Belding has a new look as he now bears a hideous wig with a ponytail. It was hilarious to look at. Lisa has her eye on a new guy and starts dating him without knowing that hes a Freshman. When she finally finds out that hes a Freshman she puts him on ignore but eventually comes to her senses and brings him with her to the Senior Kickoff Party at The Max. The major storyline however is that theres a new girl in town named Joanna and both Zack and Slater have their eyes on her. When they finally realize that they both have an interest in the same girl they proceed to embarass each other. It starts off with Zack kicking Slaters chair out from under him at The Max. He ends up on the floor and i ended up hysterical. The next situation has Slater interrupt a Zack and Joanna study session with a vacuum and ends up vacuuming Zacks homework with all the answers...LOL. The final straw is when Zack sabotages Slaters movie date with Joanna by having Screech play an overzealous usher. He also gets an actress to play Slaters heartbroken mom who was having her birthday. The next day Slater comes over to Zack at the lockers and tells him that he went to far with the whole movie sabotage and after trading some below the belt shots they end up brawling on the floor with Belding and his ugly wig trying to break it up. The episode ends with Zack and Slater meeting once again at the Kickoff Party's punch bowl. In another hilarious scene they proceed to poor punch down each others shirt and pants until theyre about to fight again. Belding once again gets in the middle of it but ends up losing his wig in the process. This sets off laughter between the two friends and all is well and back to normal in the Saved By The Bell universe.