Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 2

The Fight

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 12, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Preston: Good morning, class. Mrs Taylor is now retired. I'm Mr. Preston, take out your pencils for your first test.
      Jessie: Test?
      Kelly: Test?
      Lisa: Pencils?

    • Slater: Hey, Zack! Last night at the movies you went too far.
      Zack: (jokingly) I just helped a mother get together with her son, what's so wrong about that?
      Slater: Wrecking my date with Joanna wasn't funny.
      Zack: Oh, like it was funny wrecking my study date the night before?
      Slater: Hey, you started it, man, by making me look like a jerk at the Max!
      Zack: Well that's what you are.
      Slater: What did you say?
      Zack: You heard me. Now why don't you get out of my face?
      Slater: And what if I don't, punk?
      Zack: Then I'll just have to make you, punk!
      (Zack and Slater begin fighting.)

    • Lisa: Hallelujah we're seniors! Everybody: Amen!

    • Zack: (exasperated, to Mr. Belding when in his office) Is there a point to this stupid story?!

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the premiere of the final season of the original series. This will also go on to be the most inconsistent and scattered season of the series. Aside from alternating weeks between Tori and Kelly/Jessie,the show also does not remain steady with relationships within the show with Zack and Kelly dating one week and Tori and Zack the next as well as never following through with his relationship with Lisa.

  • Allusions

    • Jessie (referring to Slater): He snorts, therefore he is.

      This is a pun from Rene Descartes's well known philosophical statement, "I think, therefore I am."

      Lisa also later references the same Descartes quote later in the episode "Date Auction" while on a date with a smart guy.