Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 3

The Gift

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 08, 1989 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Screech is unluckily hit by lightning and can see into the future, which is something that Zack and Slater feel they can use to their advantage.

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  • Very funny episode.

    That Mr. Testaverde talks so fast in his class. Students should just take a tape recorder to his class and then play the tape in slow-mo and he'll be talking normal. As for the grades, Kelly gets a C-, Lisa gets a D+, Jessie gets a B, Screech gets an A and Zack gets an F-. We don't find out what Slater gets but when he looks at his grade, he seems happy so he must've done alright.

    One thing that's a little off is that Zack makes plans to take Screech to a race track on Saturday so they can use Screech's future vision to find out who will win each race and bet big on the winners. Now in real-life, what Zack's planning to do is illegal because it's against the law to bet on horse races if you're under 21.

    Other than that, good episode.moreless
  • Interesting episode

    This was a good episode!
  • Screech can see the future.

    Well this episode was really creative although unreal, if you backtrack, this was all Slater's fault, because he took Zack's ham radio which was the whole reason Zack was doing his sign off, which is how Screech got struck by lightning. I know that was weird, but I just noticed, I like how Kelly is for once mean, and Zack really wants to be with her, I like how Lisa wont stop eating, that is hilarious, and Jessie freaks out about having a B, that is nuts. And of course Zack's plan backfires, Mr. Testeverde is awesome, I love when smoke is coming out Jessie's pencil, I was laughing so hard.moreless
  • Hilarious And Clever. Warning: Contains Spoilers!

    Oddly, I accidentally watched this episode on my DVD instead of the second episode, so I guess I'll be reviewing this. This episode was clever, and I give this a 10. It was hilarious, and was one of the episodes that started Zack and his hilarious and clever schemes. Introducing, The Gift. This is probably one of the first episodes of Screech being a major part in one of Zack's schemes.

    Screech luckily gets hit by lightning. Yes, luckily, not unluckily, but luckily. After that, he starts to see the future and he helps Zack get an A. on the test by telling him what questions would be on the test. After Screech's lightning powers go haywire, he starts seeing other questions than the three original questions he told Zack, and things go al capoopie. Is that a word? What ever.

    This episode has not many faults, and seemed to be very great in my opinion. This is the reason I gave this episode an A, or 10/10.moreless
Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen

Kelly Kapowski

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Zachary "Zack" Morris

Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond

Samuel 'Screech' Powers

Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley

Jessica 'Jessie' Murtle Spano

Lark Voorhies

Lark Voorhies

Lisa Turtle

Dennis Haskins

Dennis Haskins

Mr. Richard Belding

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Mr. Belding shows Mr. Testeverde the questions that he had, Mr. Testeverde says "Those are not the questions to the exam," which would mean that none of the 3 questions mentioned were the test questions. Yet, when Mr. Testeverde reads his questions, one of the questions is one of the questions Mr. Belding stated earlier.

      The question is "Discuss the three steps taken by the Second Continental Congress."

    • In the scene where Slater bets his bomber jacket, the German voice on the radio sounds like it says, "Diese ist Hans. Wo bist du, Elvis?" (This is Hans. Where are you, Elvis?) A witty payoff to Zack's earlier signing off in his room.

    • Goof: Slater tells Zack that his grade on the midterm was a F-. In school grading systems the lowest you can get is a F. There is no F+ or F-.

      Edit: This is intentional. It's an exaggeration to show that an F wasn't low enough and Testeverte created a grade even lower to make a point.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lisa: Zack Morris, don't mention that man's name!
      Zack: You mean T--
      (Lisa covers Zack's mouth with her hand, and then removes it sighing)
      Lisa: Zack, I'm a nervous wreck. When I'm nervous I eat. Have a donut.
      (offers him the box, then pulls it back)
      Lisa: No, I need it!

    • Slater: Now we come to Zack Morris. (taps the Stick to the piece of paper to Zack's name) F MINUS, For scamming! We'll Zack, say you've lost the bet there Slave! You can give me back my jacket and you can use your cellular phone to order me a pizza. And then, you can start to get to work on this list.

    • Screech: Zack, I got an A.
      Zack: Hey, Screech, how'd you do that?
      Screech: Well, I was seeing so many pictures, I just stayed up all night and went over everything.
      Zack: Ohh, you cheated! You studied!

    • Jessie: Lisa, what is that funny looking letter next to my name?
      Lisa: It's a Q, Jessie.
      Jessie: No, really, really, I can take it. Whatever I got, I deserved. For the first time in my life, I took the easy way out. I'm prepared to face the consequences.
      Lisa: It's a B, Jessie.
      (Jessie faints)

    • Mr. Belding: But what kind of devious creature would make two fake phone calls?
      (Zack's cell phone rings and Belding picks it up)
      Mr. Belding: Zack can't come to the phone right now. He's on his way to pick up his season tickets to detention. If you'd like to leave a message, please wait for the beep.
      Zack: Beep.

    • Mr. Belding: Now, where was I?
      Screech: You were about to say no one has the power to see the future.
      Mr. Belding: Right, Screech, no one has the power to see the future!
      Screech: Oops, I'll pick them up!
      Mr. Belding: Pick what up? (knocks over pencil holder) Uh... Screech, I'm just curious. My mother-in-law is staying with us indefinitely. By any chance, can you tell me--
      Screech: She'll be gone by Tuesday.
      Mr. Belding: ALRIGHT!

    • Mr. Belding: Screech, your mother called and told me about lightning hitting you. Now, I just want to make sure you're doing alright. Tell me--
      Screech: 8:30 last night.
      Mr. Belding: ...when exactly were you struck by lightning? 8:30?
      Screech: Yeah.
      Mr. Belding: Are there any--
      Screech: One.
      Mr. Belding: ...side effects? Did you say one?
      Screech: Yeah, but it's a secret. I'm not supposed to tell anyone that I can see the future.
      Mr. Belding: See the future? Screech, that's--
      Screech: Preposterous?
      Mr. Belding: Right.

    • Jessie: You know, you guys, I just remembered, there was one time that I did not get an A. I was in the fourth grade, Mr. Simmons had a nervous breakdown and gave the entire class L's and Q's.
      Kelly: Why is getting an A so important to you?
      Jessie: It's not important. Alright, it is, I know it shouldn't be, but I just can't help myself. It's my whole identity.
      Kelly: What are you talking about?
      Jessie: Will you stop hollering at me? Everyone's gotta be something, right? She's the fashionable one, you're the popular one and, who am I?
      Kelly: The wacko one.

    • Nerd #1: It's my pocket protector!
      Nerd #2: No, it's mine!
      Nerd #1: You give it back or I'll tell!

    • Zack: The three worst things that can happen to a kid are measles, mumps, and midterms. I'd rather study measles and mumps.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Guest star John Moschitta who plays a fast-talking teacher in this episode, has held the Guiness record for the world's fastest talker. He's also done cartoon characters, as both fast and non-fast talkers, and helped create games for TV and toy companies.

    • This episode aired on primetime on a Friday night as a great way to welcome the series to its permanent Saturday morning timeslot.

    • This is Testevarde's first appearance in the show, he shows up sparingly throughout the series as a member of staff. Also, this is the first episode in which Jessie's smoking pen debuted. Apparently it was going to be in a lot more episodes, but due to the cost of minute smokepacks which the pencil needed, it was scrapped.


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