Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 3

The Gift

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 08, 1989 on NBC

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  • Very funny episode.

    That Mr. Testaverde talks so fast in his class. Students should just take a tape recorder to his class and then play the tape in slow-mo and he'll be talking normal. As for the grades, Kelly gets a C-, Lisa gets a D+, Jessie gets a B, Screech gets an A and Zack gets an F-. We don't find out what Slater gets but when he looks at his grade, he seems happy so he must've done alright.

    One thing that's a little off is that Zack makes plans to take Screech to a race track on Saturday so they can use Screech's future vision to find out who will win each race and bet big on the winners. Now in real-life, what Zack's planning to do is illegal because it's against the law to bet on horse races if you're under 21.

    Other than that, good episode.
  • Interesting episode

    This was a good episode!
  • Screech can see the future.

    Well this episode was really creative although unreal, if you backtrack, this was all Slater's fault, because he took Zack's ham radio which was the whole reason Zack was doing his sign off, which is how Screech got struck by lightning. I know that was weird, but I just noticed, I like how Kelly is for once mean, and Zack really wants to be with her, I like how Lisa wont stop eating, that is hilarious, and Jessie freaks out about having a B, that is nuts. And of course Zack's plan backfires, Mr. Testeverde is awesome, I love when smoke is coming out Jessie's pencil, I was laughing so hard.
  • Hilarious And Clever. Warning: Contains Spoilers!

    Oddly, I accidentally watched this episode on my DVD instead of the second episode, so I guess I'll be reviewing this. This episode was clever, and I give this a 10. It was hilarious, and was one of the episodes that started Zack and his hilarious and clever schemes. Introducing, The Gift. This is probably one of the first episodes of Screech being a major part in one of Zack's schemes.

    Screech luckily gets hit by lightning. Yes, luckily, not unluckily, but luckily. After that, he starts to see the future and he helps Zack get an A. on the test by telling him what questions would be on the test. After Screech's lightning powers go haywire, he starts seeing other questions than the three original questions he told Zack, and things go al capoopie. Is that a word? What ever.

    This episode has not many faults, and seemed to be very great in my opinion. This is the reason I gave this episode an A, or 10/10.