Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 1

The Last Dance

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 14, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Zack is looking forward to going to the upcoming costume ball with Kelly, and being crowned the King and Crown of the Ball with her. Unfortunately, Kelly doesn't think that she can afford to go, but might have a chance when she finds out there's a job opening for a waitress at The Max. She meets with Jeff, a sophomore at UCLA who is working three, and he agrees to hire her provisionally.

Kelly starts her job, and over time gets the hang of being a waitress. And the more she's there, the more obvious it becomes that there's an attraction between her and her boss, Jeff.

Zack is happy that Kelly has gotten the job, because now she should be able to go to the ball with him. Unfortunately, although she now has some money, she also has to work that night, and since she was just hired she's afraid to ask for time off. Zack decides to go behind her back and talk to Jeff, and ask him to give Kelly the night off. Jeff agrees. Later, he talks to her and gives her the night off, but it's obvious that she'd rather be with him than with Jeff. Their feelings out in the open, they kiss. Soon after, the rest of the gang shows up, and while Zack is happy that Kelly has the night off, she's very cold towards him. Later Zack wonders what's going on, and while he suspects she's found someone else, he can't figure out who it is...until he considers Jeff.

The night of the costume ball comes, and Kelly is extremely cold and distant. Finally Mr. Belding announces that Zack and Kelly are the King and Queen of the Ball, and Kelly accidentally refers to Zack as Jeff. They go outside to talk, and Kelly admits that she's confused about her feelings, but it's obvious that she wants to be with Jeff. Zack is very hurt, but they end agreeing to stay friends forever.