Saved by the Bell

Season 1 Episode 2

The Lisa Card

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Aug 28, 1989 on NBC

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  • Not as good as the last one

    This episode was good, but not as good as "Dancing to the Max."
  • Lisa is a shopaholic.

    This episode was pretty much unoriginal, every sitcom dealing with teenagers have used this plot, not very creative I don't think, but they took this episode pretty far, Lisa kissing nerd, selling her clothes, and getting a job which soon Kelly will be wearing that waitress outfit. I think everyone pretty much saw this episode coming, Lisa overdoes it. I do like how her friends stuck with her even things turned out wrong, they meant well. The dad was so understanding as well, that was so weird, if my dad caught me doing that, he would kill me, a great episode but unoriginal plot.
  • Not so great. But good.

    Bad acting. Well, some good acting, but some bad acting. A lot of it I could just tell that they were didn't seem real. When they're telling Lisa what she should do...Zack seemed to be the only one to be believable. They all looked like they were faking it to me. I liked Zack's character in this a lot. He seems a lot more real to me than the others. And getting a job as fast a Lisa got a job...yeah, right. And keeping it when she's doing that horrible...not so likely. I did enjoy the ending with the "Lisa Card". The lockers opening similtaniously was cool.
    But overall not that great of an episode.
  • The Lisa Card, don't leave home **WITH** it. Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Lisa, oh Lisa. A character you just love to love, especially Screech. She gets straight A's, she has lots of friends, and she's funny. This episode is all about her, and her friends. This is one of those episodes. This also contains Zack's hilarious schemes. Although, this episode isn't the best, it has been a funny episode and worth watching.

    Lisa's gift for getting A's is a credit card, and she used it to spend over $300. Now, she has to try many things to pay for it before her father finds out. She would take the stuff back to the store, but she couldn't. So, now it's up to Zack and her friends to take back the stuff before it's too late.

    This episode was great, and interesting to watch, but it didn't have the humor of Zack and others that I hoped to find. This episode was the first Saved By The Bell episode about getting in trouble, but in the end you learn a lesson. While the other Saved By The Bell episodes gives you humor and the characters having a lot of fun, there are these tearjerking episodes. This episode didn't make me cry, though. I'm not sure if any episode has made me cry, or anything on television. This episode didn't even make me about to cry like some things I see on television, but it did make me enjoy the episode.

    I recommend this episode. This episode is not good for a first impression episode, but it is quite good.
  • Lisa like to buy she has to sell it

    Ok so this is another one of those old school classic episodes. Lisa get her dads credit card and goes crazy spending to much. Zack being the schemer that he is comes up with a plan to sell lisa's stuff to help her get the money. So he rigs up the lockers to open by remote and reveal her stuff. I'm sorry this is just classic saved by the bell though. I wonder how he rigged these lockers. i wondered how they got into other peoples lockers. anyways it was funny and a classic moment. And then the classic zack monolouge at the end with him saying...the Lisa card don't leave home WITH it...classic
  • Lisa spends an lot of money on her father's credit card.

    Lisa enjoy the credit card bill that her father gave her.Even getting all the clothes that she brought.Not until she learned that she had used all her father credit card.Feeling that her father would get mad at her.She decided to try to make money to pay her father.Without her knowing it of course.So Zack decided to help Lisa by saling all the clothes and enspecially not let Mr.Belding know about it either.

    Pretty good episode.But this is the only episode we see Lisa's father.
  • a rare lisa episode

    This episode isn't all that bad. We see Lisa's character develop, her friends willing to help her, and her desire to be disciplined. Perhaps she realized that's one of her problems and the reason she acts like she does. I don't know, but this was an improvement over the first episode, without a doubt. And since I didn't mention it in my review of the first episode, what the hell is going on with Zach, Lisa, Screech, and Belding moving from Indianapolis to LA? I mean I understand why they got rid of Mikey and Nikki, they were horrible, and Ms. Bliss wouldn't have fit in with the quirky teachers at Bayside. But Milo might have fit in there.
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