Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 5

The New Girl

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 19, 1992 on NBC

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  • Plot development to the max!

    This episode was truly amazing which is odd because I don't really like The "Tori" Paradox. But this episode had some amazing plot development. First Tori meets Zack when she parked in his space, so they get off the wrong foot, then they have to work together & Tori is late for the project & when Zack saves her from a fail, she starts to like him. So she asks Lisa for advice, she tells her to get a new wardrobe for the Fall Ball, then when Zack realizes his date is an airhead, Tori & him dance together & they become friends. While the B plot is pretty much Slater being mad at Lisa for being so bossy. A great episode.
  • Tori is introduced in this episode.

    This episode starts off with Zack being pissed off cause someone with a mororcycle took his parking lot spot. He soon finds out that it is a female student named Tori who is a tom-boy. The two of them butt heads throughout the first part of this episode. This all changes though when Zack and Tori got paired up to do an oral presentation together on a computerized date book. Tori oversleeps and Zack saves the day by getting them both A's. Tori seems impressed by Zacks actions and begins to develop feelings towards him. Finally at The Fall Ball Tori gets nice and dressed up to impress Zack but it doesnt work until Lisa get in Zacks face and tells him that Tori likes him. The episode ends with both Zack and Tori deciding to start over, which would become a recurring theme in the rest of the "Tori" episodes when it comes to the Zack and Tori dynamic.