Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 16

The Teacher's Strike

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 31, 1992 on NBC

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  • The annual Bayside vs Valley Academic Bowl is just around the corner when it gets put on hold because of a teachers strike...courtesy of Zack and Slaters scheming ways.

    The episode starts off at The Max with Screech, Lisa, and Jessie studying for the upcoming Academic Bowl as they are the members of the Bayside team. Little do they know that there is a teachers strike brewing, which would cancel the bowl, but looks like its about to be over and settled. Meanwhile Zack and Slater are preparing to cut school and take a ski trip but havent figured out how theyre going to get out of school. Upon hearing about the possible strike, Zack and Slater become determined to keep the strike going so they can have a legit way to go skiing. Through a series of hilarious moments, they pit Mr Tuttle (head of the teachers union) and Mr Belding against each other by saying each one was talking trash about the other. As the strike begins Zack and Slater bring Screech along with them to be their personal ski equipment holder. Upon returning to Bayside from the ski trip, Screech gets the flu and can barely function. To make matters worse the teachers strike hasnt made any positive ground and it looks like it might run through the entire school year thus cancelling the Academic Bowl. When the girls hear this they rightfully so get pissed off at both Zack and Slater for sabotaging their chances at the bowl. Feeling like they both messed up, Zack and Slater try to redeem themselves by giving out a list of demands that seem reasonable enough and the teachers oblige thus ending the strike.

    Because of Screech being sick though there is now an open spot on the team and very little time to find a replacement. Zack volunteers as a way to redeem himself and goes to Screech in his hospital bed to teach him everything he knows. Screech is barely coherent which doesnt help much. They instead send Slater to meet with Valleys team and act like hes betraying them by giving them all of Baysides target categories when in reality its all a trick.

    Flash foward to the Academic Bowl where Valley jumps out to a commanding lead. They proceed to go back and forth until it gets to the final three questions with Valley up 180 points to 90 with each quesion being 30 points each. Because of Slaters earlier sabotage Bayside gets all three questions right and tie the score. It leads up to one last tie-breaking question to determine the winner. Its ends up being about the solar system and after buzzing in and taking extra long to think about it, Zack finally comes up with the correct answer and BAYSIDE WINS!!!
  • Teacher's strike if it were real-life

    Zack wants the teacher's strike to keep going on so they can continue to be off from school. They find out if the teacher's strike doesn't stop, it will hurt their chances for the academic bowl. Well, in real-life the teacher's strike would be much more serious for the students that would make all the students hate Zack and Zack hate himself. You see, in real-life, if a teacher's strike goes on for too long, then the missed amount of school days then start coming out of the students' summer vacation to make up for lost time.

    What should've happened was instead of that stupid academic bowl, they would learn from Mr. Belding that the teacher's strike has already cost them the first 2 weeks of summer vacation. Zack surprised, asks what Mr. Belding means by that. Mr. Belding would tell him that because the strike has gone on so long, they now have to take time out of the summer vacation to make up for the lost school time. Zack asks why and Mr. Belding tells Zack that's how it works when school's been cancelled for too long and leaves. Slater grabs Zack by the shirt, holds him against the wall and asks why Zack didn't tell him this would happen and Zack says he didn't know. The other kids are angry at Zack, too. They tell Zack that they've all made plans for their summer vacation and if they have to cancel those plans because they're going to school during the summer, they will kill him! Zack would definitely have to fix this. When the teacher's strike is over, Mr. Belding says that school will be out before the 4th of July. That's good enough to save Zack from being killed.