Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 26

The Time Capsule

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 05, 1992 on NBC

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  • The Bayside Class of 2003 find a time capsule and gather in Mr. Beldings office to see whats in the capsule.

    This episode is similar to Isnt It Romantic in that its just old clips from previous shows for the most part.

    The episode starts off with a bunch of new Bayside students bringing a time capsule into Mr. Beldings office. Each new student is kind of a ripoff lookwise and/or personalitywise of the original gang. It turns out the new students are the Class of 2003 and a videotape is found in the capsule. Mr. Belding pops in the tape and its the gang and theyve got some messages for the Class of 2003. Basically they each go one by one and descibe what Bayside has meant to them. I did notice that most of the clips they flashbacked to where earlier episodes from Seasons 1 and 2. There werent really a lot of later season clips. At the end of the episode each student gives their own, personal message to the Class of 2003 about Bayside.
  • An O.K Episode

    How could I say this.This is basicly right after when Zack and the others graduate from High School.The students find an time capsule.Which was made from the students before.So it was more or less an flashback episodes or something.Altough to me it wasn't an great episode at all.When I saw this episode.I didn't really liked this episode.There was nothing much fun or something to laughed about.
  • This episode is about a new class of Bayside High School.

    The old class has left messages for the new one. The time capsule has been dug up and the new class have assembled in Mr Belding's office to watch the video. The episode switches between clips from past eps and Mr Belding's office. Its a nice way to bring the tv show to an end, and highlights all the best bits. The pupils watching the video also strangely resemble one of the old class. Mr Belding also dons a greying look and shows how close he really felt towards the class. Each old class member gets a turn to describe what Bayside meant to them, nicely finishing the show.
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