Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 19

The Video Yearbook

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 07, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

Zack desperately wants a car, but unfortunately has nowhere near enough money to buy one. Then he surprises everyone by joining the yearbook committee. They're trying to come up with a great idea, because the last yearbook turned out to be a dud. Zack suggests that books are passe, and that they should have a video yearbook instead. Mr. Belding and the committee love the idea, but when it turns out that it would mean missing a lot of classes, everyone backs out. Except, of course, for Zack, who relishes the opportunity to miss class.

Zack and Screech do video interviews of the students, and Zack decides that these could double as dating tapes, and make him a ton of money. He tells Screech to put together a second set of tapes of the prettiest girls in school, and to insert their names and telephone numbers on the tape. Screech does as he's told, and the money begins pouring in as the tapes are distributed to all the local schools. Unfortunately, Screech took Zack's instructions literally, and included Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa on the videos. The girls are surprised to get so many phone calls asking for dates from guys they never even heard of. Slater, meanwhile, is extremely jealous that so many guys are calling Jessie.

Jessie tells Zack that Mr. Belding wants to see the progress he's made on the video yearbook, and after a mix-up Zack accidentally hands over a copy of the dating tape. After everyone sees what Zack has done, they're furious, and Kelly comes up with a scheme to teach him a lesson.

The next day Zack finds out that Slater is going around beating up anyone who he thinks likes Jessie, and all of the guys in school are walking around with crutches or wearing casts or with black eyes. Even worse, Zack finds out that Kelly has fallen for a guy who she met through the dating tape. Seeing the mess he's made, he calls together everyone involved in the dating tape and has Screech play another tape in which he explains what he's done, and says that he used all of the money he made to buy copies of the yearbook for everyone. He then adds that he is leaving Bayside and going to military school, so no one will ever have to see him again. During this, he sneaks into the room, in drag, to gauge everyone's reaction. Since they've already figured out that Zack is there, everyone pretends to be thrilled that he's finally gone. Furiously, Zack pulls off his wig and reveals who he is, and then finds out that everyone was just having fun with him.
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