Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 19

The Video Yearbook

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 07, 1992 on NBC

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  • Zack becomes in charge of handling the annual Bayside Yearbook but as usual, things take a turn for the worse.

    The episode starts out with Jessie freaking out about how shes going to have to produce a great yearbook this year after last years one bombed. They have a comittee metting and Zack (since when did he do any extracurricular activities...LOL) comes up with the idea of producing a video yearbook. Him and Screech set out to make the yearbook and it starts off well.

    With Zack needing money to get a car he comes up with a clever scheme. It is to market all of the hot girls from the yearbook video and turn it into a dating video. It works wonderfully with Zack not only selling them at Bayside but also four or five other high schools from around the area. Unfortunately dumb ass Screech includes Kelly and Jessie on the dating tape which leads to chaos ensuing. Both girls end up getting 50 calls per night from guys they dont even know asking them out on dates. They wonder why until Zack makes a fatal error which leads to them finding out the reason why theyve been getting so many calls.

    Jessie, Slater, Kelly, Lisa, and Belding all want to preview Zacks work so far on the yearbook. In his rush to get to the videotape, both the dating and real tapes fall onto the ground and Zack hands them what he thought was the yearbook tape. However it was the wrong tape and he was exposed as a fraud to the rest of the gang when they viewed the video. They (minus Kelly) decide they want to beat the crap out of him and then put a nice suspension bow on top. Kelly instead comes up with a more devious plan.

    She makes all the guys at Bayside pretend to have black eyes and being on crutches courtesy of Slater bugging out over Jessie getting all the calls. Zack gets called into Beldings office to discuss the yearbook when he notices that Belding also has a "black eye" courtesy of Slater. While Zack was still in the office, Kelly and a guy named Vince Montana walk into Beldings office and get all flirty with each other. Zack gets enraged and is just about hook ole Vincey when Slater comes pounding through the door ready to knock Zack out. Lucky for Zack he has the power to stop time and calls once of his infamous "time outs" He bounces the office and calls "time in" which leads to Slater knocking the crap out of Belding in what is one of the all-time funniest scenes in the shows history. Watching Belding waddle while trying to get up from the punch was pure comedy.

    The episode ends with the gang getting a note from Zack in which he admits to being a scumbag and gives everyone the correct version of the video yearbook. To everyones surprise Zack was at the meeting dressed in the most hideous piece of drag clothing i have ever seen presumably to spy on everyone. It doesnt take long for the gang to find out that its really Zack under all the drag. The last message from Zack was that he was going away to military school for good. Afterwards the entire room erupts in jubilation about how theres no more Zack around and as one person put it "halalooya." Zack throws off the drag costume and starts going crazy about how hes done stuff much worse then this in the past and is getting treated unfairly. At the end the entire gang screams "Gotcha." All in all it was a great episode for a few reasons. The first is that we finally get to hear about other schools besides Bayside and Valley. Secondly the whole video yearbook thing was a cool and unique idea and the plot twist that came with it was awesome too. Lastly as i mentioned before, Slater punching Belding was hilarious...LOL.