Saved by the Bell

Season 3 Episode 13

The Wicked Stepbrother (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 02, 1991 on NBC

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  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Jessie has a brother? Why didn't you see him in future episodes past this? Because he is not staying for long. Meet Eric, Jessie's new brother after her mother got married. Eric is causing a lot of trouble and blackmailing Jessie's friends and even takes Jessie's room. But, what Jessie doesn't know is that this is going to get Zack and his friends in a lot of trouble, and get Lisa falling totally in love with Eric. Eric is a New Yorker, and he's in for a lot of trouble.

    This episode was hilarious and very great. It's nice to have something a little different. This is a two part episode, so watch out because there is more to the story!