Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 15

The Will

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 24, 1992 on NBC

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  • A famous Bayside alum passes away and leaves the current crop of students $10,000 to disperse in any way they want to. Unfortunately everyone has their own ideas on how to spend the money. Becuase of this, chaos ensues and pits guys against girls.

    This episode starts off with Tori and Zack being the new "it" couple at Bayisde much to mine and im sure other viewers chagrin. While in shop class, Mr. Belding annnounces that a famous Bayside alum died and left $10,000 to the students. A meeting with everyone is held and while everyone agrees that the dough should be used for sports, the guys want the dough to go to ONLY their sports and not the females. Arguments ensue and Belding comes up with a obstacle course type thing to decide who gets the check. The two teams are split into male and female and there are three tasks to complete. The first team to complete two of the three wins the ten grand. The first task is a puzzle which the boys teams wins. The second is to build a disassembled carborator and although the guys think they got it easily, in the end Tori comes through, wins it and evens the score at one event apeice. The last contest to decide the winner is the baking of a pinapple upside down cake. Screech and the guys rig the girls' oven knob so that when they finish cooking their pie, its burnt and hard as a rock. Meanwhile the guys pie is perfect and theyre delcared the victors. Later on that day the girls are still confused as to what went wrong when stupid Screech comes in flaunting the rigged oven knob. He slips up that they rigged it but bounces before the girls figure out the deal. When they do they make an alliance to diss all their boyfriends at the upcoming dance until the boys admit the truth. The dance starts and you got the guys on one side and girls on the other so the girls plan worked so far. Belding calls Zack up to present him with the check but he has a moment of clarity and comes clean about rigging the knob. The girls decide that since no knows who really wouldve won that they sette it once and for all and choose to limbo with the winner taking all. The girls win the limbo and ultimately walk out the victors and the proud owners of a $10,000 check.

    I enjoyed this episode becuase it showed that Zacks schemes dont always work the way he hopes they would. It also shows how big of an idiot Screech really is by basically giving away the money by showing up at The Max with the fake knob. If i was Zack i wouldve disowned that trickboy by now but thats just me...LOL.