Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 28

Wedding in Las Vegas (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 07, 1994 on NBC

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  • zack and kelly get engaged; the gang heads to las vegas and a bet ends up being wagered

    sorry that is a very short summary but yeah heres a spoiler..i was so happy about zack and kelly finally getting engaged..i was of course like aww..and then when his dad was totally upset about it im like oh come on listen to him..let him make his own mistakes (his dad sounds like my stepmom lol)..the trip looked interesting so far as they set up and it was hilarious how everyone groaned like every time kelly and zack would talk sweet to each other..and then thats why they had to take separate cars lol..i liked when they bet each other that they could beat one another there..good start to the movie/ep
  • zack morris,kell kapowski, screech powers, lisa turtle, a.c slater, cala, mr. belding, jessie spano, mr. & mrs. morris

    the end of an era,the wedding between kelly and zach. this episode had to guest appearences by mr. belding (dennis hokins) and jessie spano (elizabeth berkley). during, this television movie/series finale, you have some pretty unexciting drama. until the end when they finally get married. it was a reunion, reall. i really do belieive that this t.v movie should've just been like an hour long epidoe of saved by the bell/ college years. sure, i liked it and all but, why male escorting and mobsters? do kids really understand that stuff? too babd saved by the bell had to end though.
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