Saved by the Bell

Season 4 Episode 10

Wrestling with the Future

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 10, 1992 on NBC

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  • Zack as Slater = Pure Comedy Genius

    The main focus of this episode is the gang and their quest to go to college. The main plot revolved around Slater and his relationship with his strict, military father. The episode starts off with Slater winning the city title. He gets offered a full wresting scholorship to The University of Iowa, which happens to be the best wresting college in the country. Unfortunately Slater's dad wants him to go to West Point and sets up an interview for him. This is when the fun begins. Zack poses as Slater, complete with the curly black-haired wig, for the interview in hopes of embarassing himself so that hed get rejected. Zack acting like a crazy version of Slater during the intewiew was the highlight of this episode IMO. He goes crazy, jumping on desks, using leg chairs as guns, etc. He fails the interview with flying colors. Unfortunately Belding finds out that Zack threw the interview for Slater and gets them "arrested" for violating federal acts. The whole thing turns out to be a scam because Belding wanted to teach them a lesson and it works as Zack and Slater made fools out of themselves. Finally Slater comes clean to his father about wanting to go to Iowa instead of West Point and his father shuns him by saying that hes not going to attend Slaters big wresting match the following day. Slater gets really bummed out at the pep ralley and doesnt seem at all motivated for the match. At the last minute, with a little help from Screech and Zack, Major Slater comes to Slater in the locker room before the match and he ends up apolozing and they end up forgiving and forgetting. The other plot of the story was Jessie upset because she had been getting rejected left and right to all the colleges she applied too. Finally at the end of the episode she gets accepted to Columbia and is overjoyed. Meanwhile Zack makes a startling revelation that hes going to Yale in light of his 1502 S.A.T. score. Lisa had already been accepted to F.I.T. in a previous episode and Kelly said she couldnt afford anything but community college. Screech had been getting acceptance letters from prestigous colleges left and right throughout the episode which made Jessie even more furious, until her acceptance to Columbia. All in all it was a great episode that finally showcased the realization that high school was ending its run for the lovable gang and that they will soon be apart from each other.
  • The gang needs to prepare to move on to college life. In this episode firmly establishes that he wants to wrestle in college. He also confirms that the military is not for him.

    This is episode, the writers move the story towards the end of the series. Too bad they did not use the same actor who played Slater's father in the earlier episode in which Slater's history is established. It is pretty sad that they could not justify Slater attending a college in California on a sports scholarship. Addtionally, FIT should state for Fashion Institute of something that starts with T. That was weak that they were not able to define the acronym. If they really wanted the series to continue, they should have thought about mentioning realistic institutes of higher learning.
  • The gang comes to grips with the looming college life.

    The episode starts off with the gang having a discussion about college. Of course, Screech gets accepted to a number of very popular schools, and Jessie is freaking out because she is worried she won't be accepted to any of her Ivy League schools.

    Slater becomes the city champ in wrestling, and, as such, a coach from the University of Iowa comes in and offers Slater a full ride. Slater's dad, however, has already set up a meeting for AC with a West Point recruiter.

    Since Slater doesn't want to join the military, he enlists the help of Zack to act as AC for the West Point recruiter. Zack of course does his best to pursuade the recruiter from picking Slater.

    Meanwhile, Jessie continues to get rejected by more Ivy League schools and continues her junk food binge.

    Once Slater and Zack are found out, Belding pulls a Zack-style stunt and brings in the military police to arrest the pair in the classroom.

    The pair, as predicted, freak when confronted with the thought of 10 years in prison and a phone call to Slater's father. They of course learn their lesson, and the recruiter then offers Slater another interview if he wants it.

    Belding lets Zack go, and then has a heart to heart with Slater. Slater heads off to meet up his dad, and lets him know about the Iowa scholarship. His dad doesn't like the idea, then tells Slater he's got to ship off early and will be missing Slater's state wrestling finals.

    Back at the pep rally at the Max, Jessie finally gets accepted to Columbia. Zack drops the bombshell that he's going to Yale. Slater walks in just before his match, all depressed and gives an emotional speech: "Win."

    While moping in the dressing room, just moments before the big match, Slater's dad walks in, led by Zack. The older Slater comes in and lets his son know that he doesn't care if he attends Iowa, and the episode ends.

    Not quite up to par with some of the earlier episodes, as unfortunately by this point in the series they had begun to get rid of some of the campy style that made the show great.
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