Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 2

Zack's War

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 15, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Screech is infatuated with yet another girl at Bayside, this time her name is Molly. He tries to talk to her, but is quickly chased away by her bully boyfriend, Butch.

The same day, Mr. Belding introduces Lt. Adams from the California Cadet Corps. to the class. Lt. Adams is bringing an Army ROTC-like program to Bayside, and he sells the program as being a lot of fun, as well as offering career training and the opportunity to get college scholarships. Zack, of course, mouths off through the entire presentation, and winds up in Mr. Belding's office. Mr. Belding punishes him with thirty Saturday detentions, then offers Zack an alternative: since he wants the Cadet Corps. program to be a success, if Zack can fill up the class, then he can get out of the detentions. Zack manages to convince everyone that being in the Corps. would be a great idea.

When Lt. Adams starts the class, he seems like the friendly guy they met earlier. But once the bell rings, he becomes like a stern drill sergeant. He doesn't take nonsense from anyone, and when Zack mouths off again, he happily makes him do a hundred pushups. The next day Zack decides to quit, so Lt. Adams offers him a deal: there's an athletic competition coming up, for which he can choose the teams, and if his team wins, he can get out of the Corps. no questions asked. Zack jumps at the chance, and puts together a team make up of jocks for himself, and puts together a team of the not-so-athletically inclined for Slater. Slater protests that the teams aren't evenly matched, but Zack insists that they are, so Lt. Adams gives Zack the less athletic team.

Slater's team moves like a well disciplined unit, while Zack's is very clumsy and uncoordinated. As they begin training for the competition, Zack's team fails miserably, so he walks out. Later Screech goes to him and asks him to come back, but Zack refuses, not wanting to be on a team of losers. Screech is very disappointed in Zack, and lets him know so. The next day Zack returns to the Corps. but Lt. Adams won't let him back. Instead, he says that Zack's team has to decide whether or not to accept him. They do, and the athletic competition begins. After four events it winds up tied, so they run a super obstacle course. Butch runs for Slater's team, while to everyone's surprise Zack chooses Screech to do it. Screech winds up winning, shocking Butch and impressing Molly enough that she leaves with him. Zack, meanwhile, decides not to leave the Corps. after all, which pleases Lt. Adams greatly.