Saved by the Bell

Season 2 Episode 2

Zack's War

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 15, 1990 on NBC

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  • Quitting is for quitters.

    Well this episode was unexpected. A very unexpected plot about the military, I haven't seen one school with a military club with an actual veteran or Sergeant. Anyways based on this whole plot, Zack quits after he joins the military club cause his team sucks, intentionally supposed to be Slater's team, but of course it has to be a Hallmark moment, in the end they win. You could see Screech was really upset when Zack quit, I just rolled my eyes just to see bad acting. I can't believe when I was smaller I thought they were the greatest actor's in the world, but now it is different. Anyways a good episode.
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    What happens when you put A bunch of nerds, Jocks, and Zack all together in an army corp.? Well, you get this episode. This episode was hilarious for many reasons, and teaches you an important lesson that you should always remember. Never give up. If you lose, who gives a hoopadiddle? Just try again, and if you fail that time, who cares? At least you tried. That's the important part. Zack learns that lesson in this episode, and I thought it was a very great episode for having that moral or lesson.

    Zack is forced to join the army corps after he gets in trouble by the principal. By doing this, he avoids a months worth of detention or what the principal says 30 days.
  • Zack faces a dilemma. He either has to endure a bunch of Saturday detentions for lewd behavior or to convinve everyone in his class to join this one week Army Cadet Training course that is being held at Bayside. He suceeds in getting the class to join.

    The episode starts off with a Lt. from the Army (who Lisa has the hots for) introducing a new Army Training course here at Bayside. The course lasts a week. During the Lt.'s speech Zack makes a couple typical Zack Morris wise remarks which catches the attention of Belding who wants to see Zack in his office. While in the office Belding makes a threat that if Zack doesnt join the Army Training Course that he will instead have to enjoy a months worth of Saturday detentions. The only stipulation is that Zack has to convince the other members of the class to join since they need a full class.

    The other side plot of the episode is Screechs obsession towatds this girl who had a big, huge boyfriend named Butch. Everyime Screech gets close enough to talk to her that good ole redneck Butch steps in with a stupid ass growl that scares Screech away. After Zack uses his charm he gets the entire gang to join using clever ideas in the process. Screech is the last one thats hesitant to join but once Zack convinces him that joining will get him the girl hes always wanted he obliges. Before i move on the blue team consists of power house athletes like Slater and that guy named Butch thus making them the odds on favorite. Zack ends up with the red team which is nerd cetral, like Screech, as his team. Fast foward to the practices and actual competitons. First off the practices for the blue team were as good as they shouldve been while on the other hand, rhe red team looks totally lost and hopeless. After a few practice runs through the obstical course Zack gets fed up with the team, calls them a bunch of losers, and quits the team. Screech gives Zack some lame "ive always looked up to you" type speech and Zack then re-joins the team. The day of the competition arrives and the first event is timed monkey bars crossing. Jessie beats Lisa so the red teams ahead but the lead goes away quick. Slater crushes nerdette Louise in the rope climb to even the score. The third event was Butch going against Screech in a tire race which Butch wins with ease while thet idiot Screech trips over like the second f'n tire and lands on his face...LOL. The fourth event was my favorite as both Kelly and Zack each take turns facing off against Belding in a padded jousting type of event. They both beat the crap out of Belding but with Zack having the faster time he wins the competion nodding it at two apiece. To determine the final winner they do a tug of war but in the middle of the tug it snaps in half elimiating that event. They decide to end it once and for all with a super duper obsticale course where winner takes all. Of course the blue team chooses Butch since he owned Screech earlier in the contest. Ultimately however they choose Screech to go for the win and while he was reluctant at first he agrees to do it. The contest starts off even with Screech having a slight lead entering the final stretch with the tire race off but in the end the underdog Screech came through and ultimately wins both the race and the girl. Zack showed his maturity throughout this episode as towards the start he couldnt stand being in the cadets but by the end after learning how things work it looks like he obliged and is going to be all that he can be and decides to stay in the Cadet Course.