Season 1 Episode 2

Lady & the Tiger

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2006 on TNT

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    Love this show and Tom Everett Scott in it. He does a great, truly \'real\' performance... He seems very natural and all the characters in the show seem to really click with each other.. even after such a short time.
    I\'ve watched this episode about 6 times ( I\'m not hooked!)... and cant wait for the 3rd one.
    Yea the flashbacks are a little much, maybe should only have one character a show that they present that with, and maybe lessen \'the flashback somewhat\'--- but overall, like the way the show is presented...
    I hope this show lasts for a long, long time!
  • Second episode of the series does better

    So I watched episode 2. I liked this episode alot. Reminded me of the way ER used to be. They lost some of its weridness but made up for it with more complex storyline and characters. I love Harper. He's has some real potential as character as well as Anita. Loved Michael Weston's guest stint( I remember him as the pysco from the "That's My Dog" episode of Six Feet Under). The storyline with Wyatt's partner's son may get a bit old and I'm confused as to what his history is. The son, Cam, is a bit of a bratt. I'm curious as to how this show is doing. Hope it sticks around for a while. The only thing they may need to work on is to make it more beleivable. They all move pretty slow for EMTs.