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  • The shows follows Wyatt Cole played by (Tom Everett Scott)and his partner John Hallon AKA Sack played by(Omari Hardwick)thought the ups and downs of balancing family and a demanding job.

    I miss this show.I was watching Tom Everett Scott(who plays Cole in the t.v. show) In the movie Race to witch mountain.It made me start thinking about SAVED. I Loved this show I was so angry when it got canceled. I keep hoping thought that they would put it on DVD at least.Thought it's probably never going to happen.There's always HULU I keep hoping.Anyway what also made me think about this show is another show called The Listener(that shows more paranormal thought cause the main charter can hear people thoughts)that's also about Paramedics I heard it might be canceled and I have to wonder what does t.v. have against Paramedic shows.Anyway I loved Wyatt's character he was brave and defiant.He always stood up to his father who thinks he wasting his talent and should go back to school to become a doctor.I think I should stop talking now.I just loved the show. Every time I think about what other BAD SHOWS stay on the air I just get so mad.
  • Sad this got dropped.

    It is really sad this show got dropped. It was a great show, really, with nice characters and great stories going on. I like that EMT that fought to become a paramedic and that lesbian couple and the hot doctor he was into, and I liked how he became a paramedic against his rich father's will -- admittedly we have seen this kind of story before but it was very well done here. And the end of the first season was so exciting that it really, really made me want to watch the second one. But we've waited in vain, I guess.
  • I really hope this show comes back this season. I absolutely loved it. I watched every show and will continue to do so as soon as it comes back on. Please let us know when it will be back on.

    This had to be the best show I have seen besides ER. The characters were great. The acting was wonderful. The show was down to earth. I am in the Rescue field and this was a very good show. I have seen other shows like this one but have not been impressed like I was with this one. Please bring SAVED back on, I miss this show so bad. I keep asking my husband if he has heard anything about whether it is coming back on or not and my friends keep asking me if I know anything about it.
  • This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!

    This show is really great and Tom Everett Scott is wonderful!
  • Realistic, but unoriginal.

    I read in our local paper that saved was not picked up for another season. Please say it isn't so as it is the one show I look forward to!The show is riveting with fine performances given by all cast members.Working in the medical fields, the events and cases are true to life in most cases, and are much better presented than the slick medical shows that are in the mainstream. Tom Everett Scott once again has proved himself to be a better than average performer by allowing his character to be shown with the true-to-life flaws that make Wyatt so engaging. The rest of the cast does more than just act as a background for Scott, however, lending their talents to create rich characters that you truly care about. I hope this show will be back and continue on the air for a good long time.
  • One of the Best!!

    'Saved' is definitely one of the best dramas on television and TNT raved about it being the best last season. I don't understand why they would just throw that away. I have never watched any TV. show on that channel, until 'Saved'.
    Sure hope TNT will get it back on the air where it belongs!!
  • This show was the highlight of my summer.

    saved was great. the plots were more or less believable compared to what's on tv now. it started a little slow, but by the end of the season it made me want to keep an eye out for it this coming summer. The characters had a lot of personality and the writers knew what they were doing. It's better than ER and not as bloody. BRING IT BACK! I was really looking forward to seeing what would happen. What's the deal? give the show another chance tnt. the summers meant for saved. it was too good to let it go in the middle of the plot.
  • OF course... just like TNT of course....

    TNT tends to do this every year with a new series! I remember a show i few years ago, i can not recall the name, but i fell in love with the show and they had a SEASON finally, then all of a sudden it's not coming back!

    If they are going to cancel these shows out of the blue, can't they at least air an ending episode to rap up loose ends... i know that would at least make it easier to say goodbye to a good new show!

    I wish this show didn't end, espeically the way it ended! Why cant they continue this show! people loved this show and talked about it so much! WHY!
  • Great show-out of nowhere. Awesome characters. But what happened?

    I didn't mind The Closer, but thought this show was much more appealing. Maybe they didn't know where to go with the story line. Wyatt was just about to get back together with Alice; Harper was going to father a child for partner Angela; Sack and Wyatt still dealing with personal demons...Sure would like to see it back for at least another season, at least to tie up some loose ends and give it a proper finale. Well, I don't really know what else to say in these one hundred words but I sure am "Sorry to see it go."
  • Story of emt's saveing lives of strangers and their own

    I saw in the local newspaper TV guide, somebody wrote in and asked when saved was returning and the local TV guide said NO. Stating that the success of THE CLOSER has raised the bar for what is regarded as GOOD ratings on TNT, and although the fan support was there and the fact was that their was good ratings wasn't enough TNT stated they were not good enough and SAVED will not be returning.

    So just like WANTED all of the loyal fans will be left with and open ended story, with never any hope of closer, I guess it's ironic that two good shows that TNT have put out is left this way, simply because, TNT doesn't have a enough guts to listen to it's viewers and it keeps comparing it to THE CLOSER. This wasn't the first and it sure won't be the last time this happens. I personally think I’m going to give up on TNT all together until THE CLOSER is done then maybe after that TNT can finally concentrate on another show. But then again I have the same problem with FOX, take Keen Eddie and Firefly for example.
  • Undemanding, Pleasure, Gem

    This was a pretty good show, and a pleasure to watch. The show came on during the off season, so I'm a little surprised that it's not being renewed. It was supposedly the "Smash Hit of the Summer" ... Apparently it wasn't smashing enough. This is too bad, it was a gem of a show, sometimes dark and broody, sometimes light and funny. I enjoyed all of the characters, the storylines, the writers did a terrific job on the dialogue. It was believable and interesting. The characters were well developed. All in all the show was quick and undemanding. It's too bad we'll be losing this one!!!
  • Story follows Wyatt Cole a Medical School dropout, now paramedic. He has an amazing partner that is dealing with family issues as well as Wyatt. Alice is Wyatts ex-girlfriend that is a Doctor. Wyatt still loves her.

    I love SAVED. It is the best show TNT has been waiting for. I just hope that they pick it back up. It was the # 1 show of the summer. I love it that Wyatts character is very honest, he has a good heart but needs to when to use it sometimes. Sack is dealing with his sons mother and his soon and is forced to work overtime to meet ends meet. harper and Angela are perfect partners, her toughness and his softness really plays off of eachother. And Alice ( the writers really need to make up her mind does she love Wyat or this other doctor) But all and all I love SAVED, PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!
  • This is the best show I have seen in a long time. At first my friends didn\'t like it, but then once they watched at least a half of an episode they to were hooked. Our vote is to continue showing \"Saved\", and move it to the fall primetime.

    This is the first and only show I have ever seen that correctly and accuratly portrays the work and home life of EMT\'s that work for a private owned ambulance service. The only thing that isn\'t entirely true for all EMT\'s is the compulsive gambling habit of Wyatt. Although, I have known some EMT\'s who had, and still have, an extreme gambling habit. One thing is for sure about this business is that it is very hard on a family man. It can be done, but it is very difficult. Another thing is that this business will do is drive a person into a state of depression, and how they cope with it is up to them. Saved is a show that makes all the EMT\'s working for private based service that doesn\'t really have any perks, other than just to have a job, a feeling of belonging to an exclusive brotherhood. This show also helped to boost the morale of my fellow EMT\'s. Even if this show isn\'t put back on the air, they need to at least replace it with one just like it. I mean exactly, just like it.
  • Saved started and I fell in love with the show from the first time I saw it.

    I think this show is fantastic and I have missed it the last two weeks. I am hoping that Saved will be on again soon. I live in Canada and this country has a habit of letting the CRTC take all the good shows off and replacing them with Canadian content crap. (Sorry) I am a Paramedic myself and very proud of it and Saved is the first show in a long time that has some very real truths to what a medics life can be like in regards to calls etc. Bring it back please soon.
  • Been there done that

    I wanted to like this show but i just can't i've seen the first two episodes and i'm not impressed the central character while well played by Tom Everett Scott who i've liked when i've seen him before when he was Abby's brother on er for example but he alone can't save this show from being mediocre it feels to me that it has been all been seen so many times before he's the anti hero standing up to every thing that's wrong in his world he's got demons and a gambling problem father issues and an ex-girlfriend who's still in love with him and who he's still in love with but she's seeing the safe boring doctor the token black guy his only friend a former drug addict, it all just feels tired to me like they've taken every cliche from every other medical drama cop drama and put them in to this i know that almost every new show is gonna feel like it borrows form the great shows that came before it and sometimes they can still make something workable but i just can't be bothered to waste my time in the hope that this one might get better.
  • The life of a paramedic....

    When the usual shows of O.C, Smallville and Nip/Tuck ended i thought the summer would boring, no regular tv shows to watch. In a last grasp for some tv to watch during the summer i came across Saved, from the first episode i was gripped. This series is easily at the top of my favourites alongside the usuals.

    This was my Summer Medicine of TV alongside Kyle XY. Recommend it to anybody with a good sense of tv....
  • more then just partners more than just friends

    The new show "Saved" is one of the best new shows on TV. It embrasses you with it's storyline. It grips you into the lives of all the people's lives who play in the show. You want to learn more about each one. You want things to happen even though they may not. And what's most important is that you look forward to each and every next week that there is to find out what the next thing is that is going to happen. The characters are not your run of the mill parametics that entertain for an hour then you forget about them. These are character that bring you back again and again. A great start to a new show...
  • A great medical show.

    It is a great show to watch when you wait for the real shows to start. I really like it, it's humorous, exciting and off course there's some romantic things too. Tom Everett Scott is great in his role as Wyatt Cole, and all the other actors are just as great. I love all the medical shows, and this is one of many personal favourites. I hope they continue it to another season, because this one was very good so it would be a shame to just end it. And if they end it, I would miss it very much.
  • I really, really wanted to like this show.

    Ok, here's the thing. I really wanted to like this show; love even. The lead actor is a guy I have enjoyed since I saw him in "That Thing you Do." And have wanted him to get his own show since his guest-starring role in "ER." So, when I saw the previews for this show I couldn't wait. I'm a huge ER fan so I really hoped this would be on-par with that. But I think I've been let down slightly. The show is good, but for as much as TNT advertises that it is the network for "Drama," this show lacks it a little. This show needs two things. One, to drop that annoying jerky camera zoom-in and out technique; that went out with NYPD Blue. And to add a jolt of excitement to their ER scenes. I know that the way traumas are portrayed on "ER" are probably inaccurate, but I'm not a doctor so I won't know the difference. I just think "Saved" should take a cue from "ER" not "Emergency."
  • "Help I need sombody, help."

    This show is all that I thought it was going to be and way more than I imagined at the begining of this wonderful series. A show about an ambulance driver who has major debts with a gay booky and is very sly to one of the head doctors at the hospital. His partner in crime a divorced man with a son that he wants to get all the best for him so he gets him into a fancy pantcy school by sleeping with the assistant. This show is awsome and will hopefully not be pulled like all of the other 15 shows that got pulled.
  • Not as great as it's made out to be.

    I tried watching saved one night because my dad said I would like; he was very wrong about that, I nowhere near liked this show and I was being nice when I gave it a 5 on the ratings scale. I usually like shows like these, but this one just did not make sense and it was really slow paced, I was off of my couch in four minutes; which is a record time for me. I could not believe how pretty much awful the show was and I really wouldn't reccomend this show to anyone. I just didn't see how anyone could like the show, I mean for a medical drama show it had very little drama and even less medical stuff. I again would not reccomend this show to anybody.
  • Drama about a paramedic and his life.

    This show has become my new favorite. I now look forward to Monday night television. Tom Everett Scott has been a favorite of mine for years and I am thrilled to be seeing him on a weekly basis. The show gives you a glimpse into the lives, both personal and professional, of several paramedics. I like that when they go on a call it gives you a "flashback" type look at the patient's life. That way they are not just nameless faces we see getting treated and taken to the hospital. I hope this show is here to stay and I recommend to any of you who like medical type dramas to give this one a shot.

    Who would have thought that TNT of all networks would come up with a show that captures your attention and keeps you hooked. The story line is a little different, but it definately keeps you wanting more. The cast is not full of your typical A Liner Actors or Actresses, but they are good at roles they are playing. The stories are based on things that could really happen. If you think about it, or even try to place yourself in the shoes of one of those actors, could you do the role they are acting out? Its always amazing to watch a story about the day in the life of a person and everything they go though during the course of that day.
  • Way to go TNT!

    Saved is a great drama, fast paced, complete.

    The fast track scenes where you can see the story behind every victim are a very good idea because it’s a way to connect with this people and identify with their story, kind of let’s you in on how this people got to that situation.

    The characters are interesting people, with the problems that many people face in their lives. It’s interesting to see the complex relationships between each other. Father and son, lovers, coworkers, doctors, nurses, victims…

    Love Tom Everett Scott! Good acting.

    The music is very good and well selected, appropriate for the scenery. And the theme is great.

    I hope this show lasts a long time…so far it has been great, I’m really hooked to it, can’t wait till the next one.
  • Good Stuff.

    Everyone keeps calling it a ripoff of Rescue Me but there is much more to it. I think its fabulous! I\'m glad to see Tom Everett Scott back in something. I watched the first episode and knew this was something I could get into and watch ona regular basis. Its kind of got the Nip/Tuck meets Rescure me going on but its still stands on its own. Great music too by the way. It always has fabulous music playing during the episodes and promos. If anything you can watch to listen for some great tunes. Over all it beats alot of the other crap on TV.
  • This show is about the everyday life of a paramedic and all of the troubles that they have to go through with little pay. Wyatt was a medschool dropout whos family still wanted him to go because hes very smart to be a EMS.

    I gave this show a very high rating because I agree with it, my uncle is a EMS driver and his day revolves around it. He loves it and this show shows you exsactly how exciting it is. In this show Wyatt is a gambler who loves to take high risks. I absolutly love this new show I am excited to find out what they are coming up with next. I hope this show will be able to run as long as the drama ER. This show is really original we already know what happens when the patient gets to the emergency room what we do not know is how they get there.
  • Loved Loved LOVED This new show!!

    Loved Loved LOVED the show! I have missed "Third Watch\" since it was cancelled... this show is a great replacement for Paramedic show junkies. The \"life flashing before your eyes\" scenes are way cool and something very new from my perspective. It gives us a bit of background on the patient that we wouldn\'t NEED for the show\'s story but it is a neat perspective. I fell in love with Tom Everett Scott in \"That Thing You Do\" I was not at all disipointed in his performance or the role of Wyatt Cole itself. The relationship between Wyatt and his partner is good, very normal tv relationship, but the two have a good Hawkeye/BJ thing going on. There are a lot of side plots that are promising as furture story lines. As a self proclaimed tv addict I have to say that I will not be missing \"Saved\" any time soon.
  • Good actors, interesting characters and a very interesting pacing. This does remind me of Touching Evil, but like that series, some people might have some problem with the lack of urgency and action. Thing is, this series is all about the Feeling.

    I must say that I liked it. Probably because it reminded me about Touching Evil just a bit. There\'s this song (sung by John Cash, according to earlier poster) that plays in the episode..and has been since covered by Nine Inch Nails. And guess what music was used in the touching evil premiere?

    The pacing sure is odd in this one. You\'d expect this kind of series to be just a big hassle and to include a lot of shakycam shots, but neither are to be found. Instead of shouting and rushed actions while dealing with a patient, the series seems to slow down from it\'s normal pace... it shows the calming effect of the leading character\'s presence, I guess. That\'s part of why I liked this show. The quick flashbacks show what happened to victims but they do not judge. Neither do any of the characters. they are there to help, and that\'s what they do.

    Sure, it might not be realistic portrayal of the life of people like those that appear in the show, but I like the laid back attitude and the lack of evil plotters.

    Now, does this series have any potential? Only time will tell. I for one liked all the characters and the actors. They felt real enough but at the same time very interesting bunch. The romance angle is interesting too, mainly because I like the actor who plays the girl. Many people have said that the series is too much like \"rescue me\". I say ****. But then again, I could force myself to watch only two episodes of rescue me because the characters (and actors!) are simply annoying, and so are the plotlines. The premise might be the same, but these shows have very different feel to them.

    There are couple problems arising from the pilot, first one being the lack of (apparent) long-term storylines. And while I like the pacing, there could be a bit bigger range to it... now the fast driving scenes feel a bit... slow.

    But I\'d keep an eye on the series, just in case. :)