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  • Good actors, interesting characters and a very interesting pacing. This does remind me of Touching Evil, but like that series, some people might have some problem with the lack of urgency and action. Thing is, this series is all about the Feeling.

    I must say that I liked it. Probably because it reminded me about Touching Evil just a bit. There\'s this song (sung by John Cash, according to earlier poster) that plays in the episode..and has been since covered by Nine Inch Nails. And guess what music was used in the touching evil premiere?

    The pacing sure is odd in this one. You\'d expect this kind of series to be just a big hassle and to include a lot of shakycam shots, but neither are to be found. Instead of shouting and rushed actions while dealing with a patient, the series seems to slow down from it\'s normal pace... it shows the calming effect of the leading character\'s presence, I guess. That\'s part of why I liked this show. The quick flashbacks show what happened to victims but they do not judge. Neither do any of the characters. they are there to help, and that\'s what they do.

    Sure, it might not be realistic portrayal of the life of people like those that appear in the show, but I like the laid back attitude and the lack of evil plotters.

    Now, does this series have any potential? Only time will tell. I for one liked all the characters and the actors. They felt real enough but at the same time very interesting bunch. The romance angle is interesting too, mainly because I like the actor who plays the girl. Many people have said that the series is too much like \"rescue me\". I say ****. But then again, I could force myself to watch only two episodes of rescue me because the characters (and actors!) are simply annoying, and so are the plotlines. The premise might be the same, but these shows have very different feel to them.

    There are couple problems arising from the pilot, first one being the lack of (apparent) long-term storylines. And while I like the pacing, there could be a bit bigger range to it... now the fast driving scenes feel a bit... slow.

    But I\'d keep an eye on the series, just in case. :)