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  • This is the best show I have seen in a long time. At first my friends didn\'t like it, but then once they watched at least a half of an episode they to were hooked. Our vote is to continue showing \"Saved\", and move it to the fall primetime.

    This is the first and only show I have ever seen that correctly and accuratly portrays the work and home life of EMT\'s that work for a private owned ambulance service. The only thing that isn\'t entirely true for all EMT\'s is the compulsive gambling habit of Wyatt. Although, I have known some EMT\'s who had, and still have, an extreme gambling habit. One thing is for sure about this business is that it is very hard on a family man. It can be done, but it is very difficult. Another thing is that this business will do is drive a person into a state of depression, and how they cope with it is up to them. Saved is a show that makes all the EMT\'s working for private based service that doesn\'t really have any perks, other than just to have a job, a feeling of belonging to an exclusive brotherhood. This show also helped to boost the morale of my fellow EMT\'s. Even if this show isn\'t put back on the air, they need to at least replace it with one just like it. I mean exactly, just like it.