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  • The shows follows Wyatt Cole played by (Tom Everett Scott)and his partner John Hallon AKA Sack played by(Omari Hardwick)thought the ups and downs of balancing family and a demanding job.

    I miss this show.I was watching Tom Everett Scott(who plays Cole in the t.v. show) In the movie Race to witch mountain.It made me start thinking about SAVED. I Loved this show I was so angry when it got canceled. I keep hoping thought that they would put it on DVD at least.Thought it's probably never going to happen.There's always HULU I keep hoping.Anyway what also made me think about this show is another show called The Listener(that shows more paranormal thought cause the main charter can hear people thoughts)that's also about Paramedics I heard it might be canceled and I have to wonder what does t.v. have against Paramedic shows.Anyway I loved Wyatt's character he was brave and defiant.He always stood up to his father who thinks he wasting his talent and should go back to school to become a doctor.I think I should stop talking now.I just loved the show. Every time I think about what other BAD SHOWS stay on the air I just get so mad.