Season 1 Episode 7

Who Do You Trust?

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2006 on TNT

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  • Interesting, Compassionate, Poignant

    Interesting episode. When our girl Lexie arrived on scene she was moody, irascible, and disconcerting to say the least. Sometimes, she was even plain mean!! However, we see the beginnings of friendship and compassion coming from our fearless hero, Wyatt. He seemed humored by her spiteful nature. In this episode I think the writers did a fantastic job in making the storyline interesting, without drawing it out. So, Finally our girl Lexie moves on to a less painful plane of existence. Yes ... I mean she passes on. I think the writers did a very good job showing the compassionate side of our Heros, Wyatt obviously had become attached to the sarcastic teen, and she to him. Who-da-thunk-it. The ending, with them taking her to see the beauty of the out-of-doors, which had probably been a long time coming for her. (At least a place that wasn't the courtyard of her Convelescent home) It was a very poignant scene, peaceful and full of passion. That's good writing folks. I have to say that for a while there, some of the eppies were getting dull. Eppies for character development often do. However, this episode I think is the beginning of some very exciting times for our characters of "Saved" Looking forward to more.