Saving Grace

Season 2 Episode 3

A Little Hometown Love

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2008 on TNT

Episode Recap

Grace and Earl are in a bar and Grace is dangling a spoon from her nose. Earl is unable to do it and tells her, "That ain't easy." Grace tells him that angels probably don't have any sebaceous glands so his skin isn't sticky. Leon is also in the bar and falls over due to his drunkenness. She tries to walk past Leon but he grabs her leg and doesn't let go.

Grace is at a bar recounting the aforementioned scene as a recurring dream she is having. Grace decides she has to stop eating Mexican food. Rhetta tells her she needs to go see Leon.

Ed Lagardi, the squad evidence supervisor, is in the bar (Louie's) and gets into a shoving match with Zeke. Zeke shoves Ed who bumps into Rhetta and Grace. Grace tells them to "save it for the office."

Rhetta and Grace go to a table where Bobby, Butch and Ham are. Rhetta complains about Ed and Grace mentions it is 38 days until his retirement. Bobby is videotaping the gathering and asks Grace what she is smiling about. Grace tells him, "the most gorgeous man I've ever seen". Ham looks over his shoulder to see who it is, smiles and grabs the guy in a hug. It's Ham's brother Ralph.

Ham and Grace disappear into a bathroom stall at Louie's. Ham tells her he has five minutes before he has to meet his brother.

They hear a commotion in the next stall and fall together giggling and shushing each other. Grace playfully wraps toilet paper around Ham's head. They hear another noise like a door slamming and Grace remarks, "that was fast." Looking down she sees blood pooling under the stall door. Ham races out of the bathroom after the culprit and Grace moves to the victim, Ed Lagardi. Ed's throat has been cut.

Rhetta is photographing the scene while Bobby questions the rest of the bar patrons. Grace tells Bobby there was an Asian delivery guy who had been in the bar, wanting to know if Bobby had seen him.

Ham is questioning Zeke who had shoved Ed earlier. Ham tells Grace that Zeke was right outside the bathroom door when he went through it. Zeke says he just had to go to the bathroom.

Grace finds a drop of blood on the floor. Rhetta comes over to take a photo of it and tells Grace she heard she was servicing Ham in the bathroom during the murder. There is horn honking outside that Grace complains about. Ham tells Grace it's Ed's wife waiting for him to drive her home.

Grace goes outside to speak to Mrs. Lagardi who is reading in the car. Mrs. Lagardi ignores her and honks the horn again. Grace puts her badge against the window so Mrs. Lagardi will know she is a detective. Mrs. Lagardi unlocks the door and Grace goes around the car to get into the driver's seat. Mrs. Lagardi states she has read seven chapters while waiting for Ed. She honks the horn again.

Grace tells her that Ed isn't coming out. He has been murdered. She assures the widow that none of them will do anything until Ed's murderer is caught. Mrs. Lagardi tells her, "You should sleep. And you should eat well too". She tells Grace she'd like to go home.

Bobby is going over his videotape. He tells Grace he is going to give it to the tech department hoping they can find something. Grace then goes to Ham and tells him to say they were in there setting up a practical joke by putting chocolate on the toilet seat.

The captain comes in and rips into them. She tells Grace and Ham to solve this thing, get themselves in check and she might not throw them off her squad.

Grace enters the briefing for Ed's murder and tells the rest of the squad that she and Ham were NOT screwing in the bathroom. She tells everyone they were setting up a joke. Butch tells her it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is finding out who killed one their own in their own house.

Butch, Bobby, Ham and Grace go over the details of the case trying to narrow down the suspects. Grace remarks that the kill was silent, fast so the killer has to be a pro.

They try to figure out a motive, perhaps it's tied to one of Ed's cases. Ham has discovered that Ed was going to fire Zeke so Zeke has a motive. Bobby remarks that if Ed was as well-loved outside of work as he was inside then it could have been a hired hit by a neighbor. The Asian delivery driver, Melvin Woo, has disappeared. He made none of his deliveries after he left Louie's.

Mrs. Lagardi comes to the station and she tells Grace that Ed loved ocean sounds. She shows Grace a sound therapy spa with ocean sounds. They go to the morgue where Grace tries to say that Ed was a great guy. The spa therapy is placed by Ed and is playing in the room. Mrs. Lagardi tells her that nobody liked him. She asks Grace if she liked Ed. Grace tells her that she respected his work ethic. Mrs. Lagardi tells Grace that Ed liked her. She tells Grace how Ed mentioned that she bought a round of drinks once and included Ed. She goes on to tell Grace that Ed didn't like Rhetta. Mrs. Lagardi goes to Ed, touches him and starts singing the song "Venus". Grace joins in when Mrs. Lagardi's voice falters.

Rhetta is back at Louie's processing the crime scene. Earl is in jail visiting Leon. Leon wakes up to find Earl shooting rubber bands at him. Earl wants to know if Leon was just gonna lay there till they kill him. He tells Earl maybe. Earl mentions that Leon hasn't been outside in a month. Leon tells Earl that when he goes outside and feels the sun then it makes it harder to come back inside. He tells Earl he traded his prayer mat for some smokes and has given up. Leon tells Earl he has been having weird dreams about Grace. He wants to know if Earl has been putting her in his head. Earl just laughs at him.

Grace goes to see Rhetta who tells her that she found Leon's fingerprints on the barstool at Louie's. She tells Grace it wasn't a dream that Leon was there. Grace tries to brush off the evidence and get Rhetta's attention back to Ed's murder.

Ham and the Captain are going over Bobby's videotape when Grace enters the room. The video shows a mystery guy walking past Ham and Ralph hugging. The tape later shows Ham running past with toilet paper wrapped around his head.

The Captain tells them both to be in her office for an IA meeting then leaves the room. Ham and Grace fall back laughing over the video then get serious and Grace states that they are so screwed.

Grace is eating, going over Ed's case and Earl appears. She tells him she doesn't have time for him. He mentions the chocolate on the toilet seat lie. He tells her he prefers tapioca to watch them really get upset. She laughs.

Ham is preparing for his meeting with the Captain and his brother Ralph is teasing him about Grace. Butch is on the phone trying to track down news on Ed's killer. They are still trying to track down their ghost/mystery guy in the video. Ralph remarks that a ghost is going to want big bucks to kill someone in a cop bar.

Ralph talks about how military personnel trained to kill might have murdered Ed. He tells Butch and Ham that they are trained to kill that way and perhaps someone who has come home has been unable to find compatible employment. He tells them to check VA hospitals. He cautions them about approaching some of them, warning that the way they are trained in the military is more advanced than police training. Ham takes it as a challenge and arm wrestles his brother. There is a snapping sound and Ham has broken Ralph's arm.

The IA investigator interrogates Grace. He doesn't buy the 'chocolate on the toilet seat' story. He shows Grace a picture of herself with her top off. She tells him Ed was bleeding out and she removed her shirt to press against the wound. He asks where the chocolate was. She says she threw it away. He shows her a photo of a condom on the floor. She tells him it could have fallen out of any guy's pocket. The investigator asks if she was drunk. Grace tells him no. He wants to know how much she had drank. She tells him two beers and one shot of whiskey. He tells Grace a lot of women would be drunk from that much. The Captain interrupts and asks the guy if he is done. He tells her, "For now".

Melvin Woo has been found. His body is in his delivery truck. Bobby and Butch are processing the scene. Butch is going over the delivery log and realizes the truck is in the opposite direction of where his next delivery after Louie's was. They surmise Melvin saw Ed's killer so the killer had to kill Melvin.

Grace is in Louie's when Ham comes in. Ham is on the phone with his brother. Ralph's ulna is snapped. Ralph wants a chili cheese dog from Sonic and Aspirin. Ralph is refusing to take his meds and is going for a run. Grace reminds Ham it was an accident. Ham agrees but admits that part of him thought a broken bone might keep his brother home. Grace tells him it would take a full body cast for that.

The two retrace the steps of the night of Ed's murder. She remarks how quiet it was after Ed was killed. Ham tells her he had the juke box unplugged. Grace plugs it in. "Venus" plays mid-song on the juke box.

Grace meets with Mrs. Lagardi and questions her about all her time spent in the parking lot waiting for Ed. She says she never minded. She would bring a book to read while she waited. Grace asks her how the marriage was going, if they were still in love. Mrs. Lagardi responds by telling Grace that Ed was allergic to dogs.

Grace remarks that she never asked why she sang "Venus" to Ed in the morgue. Mrs. Lagardi tells her it was the song playing when they first danced together at their wedding. Grace tells her it was the song on the juke box when Ed's throat was sliced open. Mrs. Lagardi tells Grace she did it. She hired someone to kill him. She says Ed was going to retire and she couldn't stand the thought of him being around all the time.

Grace puts Mrs. Gretchen Lagardi before a lineup to point out who she hired to kill her husband. Suspect #1 in the lineup is her gardener. She hired him to kill her husband. She paid him $75.00. Grace asks if there was any other form of compensation. Gretchen replies, "a tuna sandwich." Suspect #2 is a busboy she paid $50 and a carrot cake to kill her husband. Suspect #3 lives at the end of Gretchen's block. Gretchen doesn't remember the guy's name but gave him a certificate for a dozen tickets to the local cine-plex in exchange for killing Ed. Suspect #4 is a bank teller named Jason. Gretchen opened a checking account at his bank with the assurance that Jason would kill her husband.

The Captain asks Gretchen why she wanted these men to kill her husband. Gretchen replies, "Have you ever met Ed?"

Grace, Butch and Ham are going over the case. Grace tells the team that Gretchen's request was that the last thing Ed hears would be "Venus". The team try to figure out how Gretchen could afford a hit man. They are concerned that she will get away with the murder. (During the meeting Grace paints her finger with ink. She goes over to Butch and tells him he has something on his cheek. She licks her finger and runs it over his cheek, transferring all the ink from her finger across his cheek. He thinks his cheek is now clean and thanks her.)

Ham brings up Zeke again. Ed audited Zeke continually. Ham was only able to determine that Ed must have thought Zeke was taking money from evidence, coin change. Grace remembers that Ed and Zeke argued over coins in Louie's the night that Ed was killed.

Grace goes to the Captain to find out what she has heard from IA. The Captain tells her the guy is going to the lab looking for chocolate. She asks Grace if he will find some. Grace assures her he will. Grace tells the Captain that pillow talk with IA is dangerous and wants to know if the Captain still has their backs. Captain says yes and asks Grace if she still has hers. Grace nods and leaves the office.

Grace is at home going through some papers. She grabs a condom from a drawer and goes back to the station. She signs into the evidence room, asking if Ham is back there. She passes a box with Leon Cooley's name on it. Ham is logging through Zeke's cases. Grace tells Ham that Gretchen's financial is driving her crazy.

Leon has made a guitar of sorts out of rubber bands and a box. Rhetta has come to see him at the jail. She asks him if he has been having dreams about Grace. He admits he has. Rhetta asks if he ever grabbed onto the leg of a white barstool in one of his dreams. He says no, in his dreams they are flying kites. Grace's kite got stuck on the roof in the snow and Leon had to help get the kite down. In another dream he had to help Grace get an apple.

Grace still can't figure out how Gretchen paid for Ed's killer. Ham shows her some quarters wanting to know if she sees any difference in them. Grace notices they are different years. Zeke was taking rare coins from the evidence room, replacing them with newer coins of the same face value. He was collecting the coins and is not a killer.

Ralph comes to the station to say goodbye to Ham before heading back to service.

Grace remembers on her visit to Ed's home that he had a Civil War collection. The team realize that Ed probably inventoried that collection like he did evidence at work. They go Ed's home and Grace promises Gretchen they will someday catch her. She will find out who she sold memorabilia to so they would kill Ed.
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