Saving Grace

Season 2 Episode 2

A Survivor Lives Here

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 2008 on TNT

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  • You got your naked guys butt and the food fight scenario (unoriginal). A meaningful ovation to the victims of McSatan and some young people ruining their lives with coke and sin. Of course there is crime to be solved and a missing girl to be found.

    Alright it's not "painful to watch" the whole episode, just the parts where the star is overindulging herself. Too much of her being slutty (okay we got all that in season one) with her married partner. Way over done on the "I want my Gussy" rolling on the floor bit. Miss Hunter needs to move back into the area of her better work and let some of he other actors stretch a little. Looks like there is enough time to fill on this show so why not? Doesn't have to be all about her sloppy relations with humans and spiritual beings. How is everyone else doing?
    The show is good though, I do enjoy it. Watching her hambone idea of acting is just not that much fun. Earl is good and so is Rhetta. The cops at the station all are top talents and could use a little more air time. Hope this is the right idea about a review. Good episode, good show with a great cast.
  • Grace and the team must investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl and the suspect is a kid Grace used to know. Clay loses Gus in the park and Rhetta meets Earl. Ham tells Grace he left his wife.

    So in this episode we find out that Ham has finally left his wife. However, he informs Grace that he had moved out two months earlier without telling her. This sparked the funny ketchup, mustard and milk scene which was pretty cute. Later on Ham asks his boss for the numbers of some good divorce lawyers that she offered to him. Clay is angry with Grace because he thinks that she is lying to him about seeing Ham who he believes to be married and all that. When Rhetta hears Clay tell her he thinks Grace is a liar, she gets upset. Clay also thinks that Grace lied to him about his mother. The connection in this episode is that the suspect Paul, lost his father in the same explosion that Grace lost her sister. This is how Grace gets him to come clean about what happened to his girlfriend, as he was involved with drugs. It was hard for Grace because she was friends with Paul's mother and the family. Clay loses Gus in the park to add even more stress to Grace's already very difficult day. She puts out an APB and has all her police friends out helping to look for Gus. This is where Rhetta meets Earl and that weird random dog with the overly long tongue. I thought Earl's part in this was mean. What was the point of him showing up and saying "i want what you want Grace, i want to find Gus." and then telling her that he doesn't know where Gus is. This seems like he is just tormenting her into trying to force her to ask for God's help by threatening her with the lost of something she cares about. Grace is not a horse and i don't think it's right of him to try to break her like one. Also if she was forced this way to ask for God's help, then would it really be coming from her? The scene was very sad when she was crying and calling out that she wanted her Gussy. Poor Grace, this one one of the only things she has left that she loves, that loves her back unconditionally. This is where i felt that tough as she is, Grace can still just be a scared little girl. In the end, Gus is found and brought back home, which i was happy for.